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YouTube Channel

I created a YouTube Channel called Bevon Rogers and the link is on my homepage. 

I hope to reach the public and give them a better idea of who I am as well as form an open dialogue for citizens to express their ideas and comment on the ideas expressed throughout my campaign page. 

At some point, we got very detached from our politicians and I want to restore that closeness: closeness entails a level of trust. I want the people to know me and trust me to represent their needs above all else. 

I also want the people of Oklahoma to know that politics is not just for a select few. Politics is for everyone and politics is fun. 

I am at a unique position in my life; I have a real opportunity to use my intelligence and my personal values to restore trust in our nation's politics. We can make serious changes in 2020 and with your support, I will be the person with the pen in Washington D.C. that writes for all Oklahomans.

This is not a short term commitment I am making to the people. I am choosing to make this my life's mission and I will never stop improving the state of Oklahoma. 

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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