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You're a Yellowdog Democrat if:

1. You're money is older than Donald Trump's money.

2. You're money is greener than Donald Trump's money.

3. You make more in retirement each year than you did while you were working.

4. You have traveled the world; probably a few times by now. Also, you actually took your children to the beach on vacation.  

5. You have real estate investments in multiple states to diversify your risk.

6. You have owned businesses, land, law firms, clinics, hospitals, banks and insurance; everything in your town was/is owned and operated by one of you. 

7. You know your grandchildren and great grandchildren are the future, but you just do not know how yet. Your grandchildren play polo and wonder why it's not more popular; we are trying to get more players by building the economy. 

8. You like to play dominoes or card games; some of you have slot machines in your game room for practice or arcade games for the children and an indoor pool. 

9. College sports are preferred over professional sports. We like boxing because it reminds us of the Golden Glove days. 

10. You may not like them, but you know what fried frog legs taste like, you like oysters on a half shell over ice, we stopped eating caviar when it was beluga caviar, and people just like us for who we are; we are compassionate. 

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