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Wall Street Won't Like Me; But That Is Ok

We should not allow Wall Street to piggy back on our way to Congress. 

There are a lot of changes coming to banking, finance, and insurance in the United States; I hope Warren is a good accountant.

That is what our president needs to be doing. 

We congressmen and congresswoman are starting to see the vision and it is important that we are not influenced by Wall Street, or any other concern over health insurance, we will not be using this in the near future, and it scares some people, but we have lots of good jobs in the United States and more coming. 

Also, it would be wise for these establishments to be on the lookout for state bonds for industry development; they may not be the 20% expected by our savvy investors, but they will help our country and yield sufficient interest bearing coupons.

Last note: once we cut defense spending and we have an influx of former military transferring to civilian status, we will need to make sure they have access to business building capital and help with property ownership; I have a plan for that as well. 

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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