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*1:27 PM CST USA I cannot ethically charge for using my mind to help the people. But my mentors are ethically obligated to allow me to do so in comfort and peace. The Federal Government set me back a decade and I want to catch up. My only requirements to acquiesce my writing skills are these:

1. 2013 White Ford F-350 6.7 Liter with a tool box and a diesel drag up tank, 4 wheels, not 6. Back hoe only weight 15,000-17,000.

2. 5 heifers and 1 bull.

3. $20,000 credit line at TH ROGERS in Hugo, $5,000 credit line at the feed store. 

4. 1 broke horse older than 10, but less than 15, with saddle and tack.

5. Back hoe with bucket accessory.

6. Goose neck trailer, flat bed, with ramps. 

7. My great-grandfather's house with the acreage; the place Earl Rogers built. If anyone is working on it, do not take the wood from the staircase out, Earl had to travel the world to find someone to build that for my great grandmother. Same for all the beams in the living room. Those were custom made. 

Then I will write anything you need me to. But you will need to give me a satellite phone and a military grade out door laptop because I will be out and about. I will take any Tribal case in exchange for seeds, crystals, feathers, beads, tobacco, skins, turtle shells, cloth, or wood from a lightning struck tree; I offer this as a Cherokee and to maintain congruency with our customs.

*It should be called the "Dr. Edwin Ellis International Airport" if it has not already been passed in Congress. If not, then H.R. 100000004 is to name the Antler's Municipal Airport after Dr. Ellis and should read "Dr. Edwin Ellis International Airport". The landing strip should accommodate international flights and provide appropriate fuel selections. Dr. Ellis will oversee all modifications and will set expectations for project completion, without restriction to resources to finance and complete the project per Dr. Ellis' expectations. 

So, the Federal Government is pretty much bankrupt, broken, corrupt, and just non-existent for the people. I have thoroughly examined the US Federal Government and the best course of action is to get with the International Court of Justice, and make a new one. Seriously, it is that simple. 

I am going to take a much needed vacation and get my body active and see what nature has in store for me. I will be ready to write a new Constitution or create any sophisticated government structure document. I can also work with the ICJ when the states want a fresh slate. This is fairly common in this era and people are doing it all around the world. 

The service I want to provide to the United States is my writing ability. If we all group together, Governors, Military, the executive branch essentially, the International Court of Justice is our judicial branch, and I am your legislator, we can create a solid federal government model, based on Democracy, and it will replace the current system. I can navigate, collaborate, and build the same United States Territory, but with a brand new federal government. We cannot do this without unanimous yay from Governors and the United States Military across all Branches. But when we come together, I can write for us all in what will become the new law, new US Code. The States should be stable and prepared to ride this wave for the greater good tomorrow. Plus this is looking like an incredible time to start planting and I am heading to Hugo. I haven't even had time to plow my fields. 

To quote one of my favorite actors:

*On a health note, my diet changed when I came back from Maui and I developed reoccurring heart burn and I tried medication that "stops acid ducts" and what I noticed is that it stopped while taking the medication, but came back stronger off the medication. I had to eat tums all day and drink those chalky formulas but the heartburn was still reoccurring. So I explored a better cure for my heartburn and what I have found is eating a big bowl of fresh vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, as soon as I noticed the symptoms immediately quelled the onslaught of acid production and since I have began this routine I no longer get heartburn. This should help men in their 30's and older because from what my mentors told me, that is usually when it begins. 

*5:04 PM CST USA My Quarter 1 Campaign Receipts are $0. Disbursements $130. Cash $100. I have no requirement to file FEC because I have not surpassed the $5,000 threshold; ethics recommends recording any way. But I think I will just leave it there. 


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