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United States Cotton Conclusions

We are presented with many obstacles as a nation in our agriculture industry. I have researched deeply and have ran into some of these hurdles as I outline an industrial agenda for Oklahoma; we will overcome these together in the near future.

Without a doubt, there is economic opportunity in cotton. The economic opportunities are going to be in growth and manufacturing of cotton, from the cotton gin to the dye processes and all the stringing and weaving in between.

We will have to adjust legislation to ensure fair market participation in this industry and to fully seize the economic opportunities inherent, especially in Oklahoma. 

As a whole, the United States is performing very strongly in this industry as we approach the last quarter of 2019; we are exporting more textile than the cotton we produce and are quickly becoming industry leaders in the textile industry, from the bottom to the top. 

However, we can make improvements now that will enhance the economic impact of our cotton industry.

This year, we will produce roughly 1/8 of cotton globally. However, we will account for nearly 70% of the cotton wasted in the world. It is essential that our processes are more efficient as this is an unacceptable amount of "shrink" in our cotton industry. This may be in our shipping methods or possibly in our production, only the industry participants can determine where the 45 metric tons, nearly 100,000 pounds, are being lost.

It is not about the $0.80 per pound of raw cotton being wasted indiscriminately, it is in the $12 per linear foot of fabric or in the $100 denim jeans that the loss reveals the true economic impact; a pound of cotton in America is worth so much more.

Cotton and agriculture as a whole are now a foundation of my candidacy for U.S. Senate; I want to ensure that the industry is open, and fair, and that we are effectively seizing the economic opportunities present in the agriculture sector of the United States economy.

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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