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U.S. Manufacturing, Production, and Cultivation Protection Act

A new piece of legislation that I thought about is the U.S. Manufacturing Protection Act; this will require U.S. Patented products to be manufactured in the United States. 

A product with a U.S. Patent cannot be imported from overseas. 

This will be economically stimulating and create new jobs without harming the United States image world wide. 

We should also not allow toys manufactured overseas to be served with our meals. This is primarily focused on children and their various selection of establishments that serve a toy, typically with a youth meal.

Also, toys served with the meal must achieve the same health standards as a pass afire or a child's teething toy; I thought of this when I saw my nephew with a wind up Snoopy in his mouth; the toy was made in China.

I am in no way accusing China toys of carrying toxins, but I would feel safer if they were U.S. toys, and it would help our economy. 

*I also need to expand on this Bill and include a section for our seed situation. I cannot propagate any seeds extracted from any fruit or vegetable I have purchased or have been given. Nor can I find access to them.

I am trying to start a ten acre garden with a couple orchards on our family property and it is more difficult than anticipated; I need to find apple tree clones and orange tree clones. I am thinking of opening a county store for a variety of cloned fruit trees and offering an entire variety of fruit, vegetable, flower, and tree seeds.

I could clone our family pecans and pears, but I am trying to expand our portfolio of family food resources. 

As always in my suggestions, proceed with caution. I may run into an obstacle that forbids me from possessing an apple tree. 




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