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Trade with China: A Breakup Story

*Mild humor to lighten the day. I saw I.T. 2 and was traumatized when the little girl met the Clown. 

I feel like our trade with China is like a bad break up. We are upset with them because we tried to help them out, but they took all of our money. 

Now we're upset but it is ok. We're better off without them.

We just need to say: "China, I think we should stop trading with each other for a while." "It's not you, it's me."

"中国,我认为我们应该停止彼此交易一段时间." "不是你,是我."

Add a violinist to play while the letter is being read. 

Invite Xi Jingpin to the White House. If he says no then offer Maui. I know a state judge that could help arrange things. 

It's good manners to break up with a gift.

100 bushels of pecans, 100 bails of our finest cotton and whatever else you guys think will be genuine.

It would be special if we made the bails of cotton into giant Teddy Bears of various colors and characteristics.

And leave it at that.

It's better to not trade, than to trade with a deficit. 

Then we focus on ourselves for a while. Get our economy swole. 

Swole: millennial term for being physically fit and aesthetically appealing through the swelling of muscle tissue. 

Then when we're ready, we will hit the market again. 

Sure, some of our friendship dynamics will change; they will keep some of their friends, we will keep all of our friends. 

In no time we will be friends again and watching Chinese movies. The dubbed kind like old school Jackie Chan. 

In the meantime, let's let our Air Force focus on space, Our Navy focus on marine exploration, our Army do some ground exploration throughout the world or build railroads, and our Marines stay home and make their rounds around our boarders. 


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