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Trade Deficit and Medicare for All

I'm a perfectionist and I want Oklahoma perfect; I don't like holes in my people's economy. You don't have to be on the same committee to collaborate with each other's state's. You're a Senator, not a defense contractor. If you want to be a defense contractor come home and do it. Raytheon will pay you a million dollars a year for your connections. You will never make that much from your investments in the company, not in a time of peace. Plus it's less "je ne se qua" when you don't work for the United States government for your personal interest, literally. Not when Oklahomans have major health issues and you have yet to write a bill helping citizens in years. I know you strategically purchase at market lows. But I laugh because you know nothing about Wall Steet. No smart money making man pays market price for stock. You head the defense committee and had market control, yet you forgot about the rule; it's not about who you know, it's about what you know. You could be a billionaire if you were smarter. You could have broken Raytheon then bought the whole company and rebuilt it during your 26 years. You might have even been richer than Trump during our time in Iraq and Afghanistan. But you don't think. You just thought. Instead you're just going to get your money's worth, market value. And we're in a time of peace, defense spending has to come down, it's economics. Our Air Force is doing an excellent job watching down on us from space. By the way, your people are now my people, in every branch and every sister city. It's been that way for a while now. We're growing together. You're not. People, I don't participate in the market because I know it's rigged and people will steal my money; it's happened my whole life. But I watch everything that is going on and I know where all the money is flowing every day. I'm going to fix the rules and be the umpire so we can have fun in Mr. Rogers neighborhood and do what we love without interference. To be successful in this new game, Step 1: turn off your TV Step 2: start reading step 3: apply what you read to your life Do you not realize when you say "raise defense spending" what you're really saying is "make me money"? To my people? You won't even write on a piece of paper "help save children from cancer" and submit a bill at work. None of you do.we have record cases of juvenile cancer, we found out elephants fight cancer, there are thousands of free elephants in Zimbabwe but my cell won't reach out the US and we have a major problem with our budget and funding our corrupt health system? There's crickets in the Capitol. Where is everyone? Russia? Donate your campaign funds to Oklahoma research and let's have some fun. Shuffle the kids around and get me on the foreign relations committee. I need to talk to China, Azerbaijan, Peru, Zimbabwe. I can't do that broke and with just my cellphone waiting on an election. If we don't adjust this trade agreement with China, we're going to lose a lot of money. Speaking Mandarin will make the process go faster. I will balance agriculture exports with our tech imports. I don't know who's doing it, but they need a lesson in math because it's completely unbalanced and probably because they're self interested. Get me up there and let me loose so I can put a stop to people who think it's ok to profit at the expense of the American people. I want to be a Senator now, not in a year. I need more resources to bring greatness to the country. North Wing, my bill today is "Health Assessment Tax of 10% on all nicotine products effective immediately. Funds to be deposited in Medicaid Account. Whatever nicotine products you have registered and distributed will be counted and the invoice prepared and sent quarterly starting Jan 1 2020. 10% assessment will be applied to gross expected sales from distribution." Sponsor this instead of grooming your hair for the camera and I'll get out my calculator. We need those who create health expenses to pay those health expenses. That's good business. W *Update later: no switch fees and no v *Update 11/20/2019: I proposed these items, today Congress sponsored a bill for more cartoon characters. Do you guys not understand that you have to go home next month and tell your constituents why our nation is suffering tremendously and you're drawing cartoons while the judiciary committee is beating a dead horse? I bet a lot of you won't come home. That's why we never see you. People, this is not the president's job; this responsibility falls on the legislature. The president, executive branch, agrees or disagrees on what we write and the judicial branch helps our government enforce it. This is the way Democracy works and this is what we're supposed to be showing the world when we expect them to govern their own people. If the greatest Republic on Earth falls short, so does every other Democratic Nation.

Some may be in disbelief, but solving our trade deficit is not rocket science; it is pure economics. I came up with these plans by myself, but I am sure if I had my colleagues in Capitol Hill we could find tune the steps and implementation process. The world is a fun place so long as we all play fair and work together. 

Step 1: Enforce US Code and make the national supply chain useable: Railways and waterways. I want $0.17, just to cover your expenses per cart period anywhere I want federal rate. You got by with $5 a cart leaving hazardous waste. After I clean up your mess we'll call it almost square. You'll be in court next year if I'm forced to pay $900 per cart. I made about that much off GEICO by the way. The boys taught me in Bossier City that USAA was the way to go. No disrespect, Mr. Buffet, just good old fashioned competition. I drink Pepsi too, my ex Peruvian girlfriend refused me to have coke. If you want me to organize a deal for that Saudi Oil company let me know. We can make a mutually beneficial arrangement for multiple nations and I've been practicing up on my Arabic. We need to secure 3,000,000 barrels a day of gasoline until the electric motor takes off. Let's make an option agreement for three years and get out with some cheese. Option being crude hits $30, we back out. Then when we're ready, we flood the market and drop the price and get out. That's how we roll right? Put up $10 billion in escrow and I'll fly to China. They can take the risk with their excess capital and undeveloped risk management protocol. We'll be in and out faster than you can try to learn Chinese. We need 6-9 months of that gasoline to manufacture enough electric motors to compensate the gap. We'll be solving an economic situation and I'll control risk through diplomacy. Sweet talk the prince and get it started for 1.5 trillion and I'll convince President Xi Jingping the importance of energy dependency. It's just chess, no need to cry over a checker game we weren't even playing.*Industrialist have a unique sense of humor. Please do not take offense if you're employed by Berkshire Hathaway. I'm going to take all of Warren's money before he can say White Owl, but through competition and finesse. As American industrialist competition, not enemies. I love Warren Buffet, I studied him for decades. He just met me.

Step 2: Collaborate with Dell's liquid crystal display, Texas Instruments interior technology, and whoever else wants to save our economy and immediately manufacture broadcasting equipment for Christmas shoppers. 

Step 3: Stop importing refined products, expand our existing refining and develop environmentally friendly metal refining.

Step 4: Expand trade with Middle East and South America and Africa and the small, damaged, former USSR nations. Better yet, out compete German broadcasting tech that is distributed along European supply chains.

Step 5: Stop importing food and allow the people to farm anything they like in any quantity they can sustain. The people are not dumb, they will make profits buy stocking our grocery stores.

Step 6: Encourage adaptation of electric motors with a systematic approach to first eliminating reliance on gasoline imports, then the steady and controlled phasing out of combustion engines and the creation of a massive nation wide electric grid.

Step 7: Vertical integration of our raw materials from production, through manufacturing, to retail. This is especially important for our cotton and new hemp industries.

Step 8: Absolutely not, under any condition, can a person outside the legislative, executive, or judicial branches of our government alter these steps or interfere with their development.

Step 9: we will have to stop the flow of imports into our nation should we not be able to balance trade quick enough. We will have to call China and let them know that another 3,000 containers of clothes, toys, and technology will devastate our economy and to turn back to their home port, the goods will not be accepted until further notice. Step 10: until we can get the deficit under control, produce and export coal to South America and new and developing African nation's. We will have to ensure they're facilities meet our standards of environmental conscience before we can ethically supply them. Step 11: Have the SBA seek out and assist new market participants reach new external markets. Step 12: allow funding for manufacturing expansion, especially in cotton and hemp. We can humbly ask our richest class to lend a million here, 50 million there, and enjoy watching the nation Excell from their accumulated hard work and savings. Step 13: invigorate our Drug Enforcement Agency to immediately eliminate all known distribution channels with military assistance. Collaborate with Mexico President Obrador and other Latin American leaders. Step 14: No more one sided trade deals. Until we heal financially, we will make deals in our best interest and out of need. We will not engage in import agreements that causes us to lose. An example is foreign operating equipment that we manufacture: John Deere, CAT, and Ditch Witch and such. Step 15: Invest in large scale production and exportation of the incredibly strong, incredibly durable rock paper made from limestone. Step 16: Manufacture oil and gas production equipment; stop buying European parts or do semi annual agreements. We have to heal ourselves, but we have to be cognizant on others economic well being. Step 17: stop importing construction materials. Once railways become affordable, we will produce all necessary lumber and drywall and the like. Step 18: market Ford electric motor to global car markets. Step 19: sponsor the bill I proposed to protect US manufacturing; require goods with US patents to be manufactured in US. Facilitate factory relocation. Step 20: eliminate economic redundancy: do not waste chicken manure fertilizer then sell anhydrous fertilizer to the farmers less that 100 miles away that need to reduce food production per acre costs. Step 21: companies like Seaboard in Guymon Oklahoma need production levels mitigated to increase market participants in hog production. Poultry too. And flour mills. Their market control results in US citizens being locked out of economic opportunity while all funds are risked over seas. Read their financial reports. Step 22: create federal mobile network and affordable plans utilizing US satellites. Step 23: allow foreign relations committee members to establish new supply chains with military assistance. Step 24: construct large scale recyclable reclamation facilities with products marketed globally. Step 25: eliminate subsidized farming, do not pay people to do nothing with their land. Equip county labor force and establish state share cropping on the millions of acres of prime American farmland. Step 26: eliminate tariff rate quotas that allow agriculture product quality to fade due to market control and lack of continuous improvement sparked by competition. This enables more participants and stimulates economies. Step 27: take advantage of wind energy right away. To help coal industry, develop new export markets. Better yet, require "most efficient and effective" practice. Step 28: have the SBA hire black belt six sigma team to assist struggling start up and established operations improve processes; this creates higher wages and increased output and enhances safety. Step 29: allow FDA approved venison to be sold on a wild game market for restaurants. Duck, quail, and the like. Step 30: require colleges with substantial endowments to parlay investment returns into lower tuition. Step 31: require ratios for retail inventory. Penalize businesses with less than 50%, or other specified inventory ratio, of US produced good being retailed. Step 32: replace the sugar industry that was stolen in Hawaii with another agriculture product. They loose billions doing nothing with the land and not enough people, equipment, and knowledge to redevelop. Step 33: enhance cyber security to include internet transactions. Incorporate buffer process that gives the consumer more time to think about their purchase to a foreign con artist. Step 34: enforce credit rates. Goldman Sachs can charge 30% interest no problem but my state bank gets phone calls above 4%. Anything higher than 9% is brutal on the target consumer. Step 35: establish and enforce volume buying limits on Wall Street to reduce price manipulation and false performance, misleading the average investor who would otherwise actually be making good investment decisions. Step 36: fix retirement planning and the sharks that ravage 401k accounts. They make fortunes playing our money, then take an abhorrent percentage. That's to help ease our elder years and most of us just lose 50% of what we put in, sometimes more. Step 37: popularize equestrian culture to stimulate horsemanship, get people active, and create a market for our top level thoroughbreds among the upper middle class. Step 38: prevent credit scoring bias that makes the lower class pay significantly more for credit versus the privileged. Make the process easier to build and do away with penalizing our scores for inquiring at a dealer. They sometimes run our number with 7 banks before we can say we're just browsing. With technology, by the 7th bank, we're already knocked down over 20 points. Step 39: develop fungi market. Billions consume various species as a diet staple and Pushmataha County has suitable acreage for cultivation in commercial quantities. Step 40: develop large scale indoor agriculture for commercial distribution of fruit and vegetables year round to reduce seasonal imports. Step 41: build scaled homeless shelters to relocate the homeless population to areas that need human capital for industrial expansion. Step 42: set huge penalties for cell phone companies that refuse to unlock mobile devices. Investigate insurance fraud and protect the consumer from extortion. These companies evolve faster than the FCC can adapt and the people are being extorted. Step 43: foster growth in food manufacturing participants by monitoring and limiting conglomerates like Kelloggs. Reduce the requirements to begin an operation and do not allow litigation to push out smaller operations. Step 44: investigate commodities trading fraud. There appears to be a gap that keeps opening when large volumes of commodities get caught with a tariff and the loss is passed on to farmers and the government pays for it. Step 45: help regulate our precious beef market prices. The ranchers should observe another 1000 pounds when the livestock is butchered but the business is rigged so if we built a processing plant in Oklahoma, the market price should remain the same based off supply and demand. Step 46: encourage mineral interest owners with large land tracts to either sharecrop or farm themselves. The rise of oil and gas money has led to a decrease in agriculture production. Step 47: manufacture laundry detergent for a price more affordable to the average family. The markup is too high based on the raw materials. Step 48: create American cheeses of exceptional quality and originality. We illegally copy Italian blue cheese and parmesan and this hurts the Italian economy. We need to be original and let them have their market while expanding our dairy production among a larger number of farmers. Step 49: reopen the asphalt mines in Pushmataha County and locate a buyer, preferably in South America or Mexico. Step 50: create a market valuation for precious stones. They're highly desired and the US has an abundance in Appalachia, but there is no market established for buying and selling precious stones.

This will all but resolve our trade deficit and set the nation up for continued success shall we stay strong and united for this purpose.

Now for healthcare for all. First, the people must know and understand that there will be no health insurance. The government will cover your health expenses and the days of health as a business will be over. When we wake up in the morning, the world will still be here, and you will have stopped worrying about medical expenses. As I continue searching for the answer, the more I realize we have to really dig in and asses operating expenses nationwide. We really need to create an agency to consolidate this information and help provide avenues and techniques to provide the most service for the lowest cost. Many healthcare facilities and doctors service cosmetic operations and we have to really decide what we will cover.

Step 1: Tally budget for current Medicaid and all health related expenses as listed in the Omnibus Appropriations. This is our nest egg.

Step 2: Create a Health Enforcement Agency that is responsible for: Enforcing unique patient identifier numbers so all health data can be obtained. Consolidating health financials across the board. We will need an agent for every state and one director. As soon as we have a working figure on actual costs, we will strategically set pricing limits on services that allow very moderate profits for expansion in equipment, facility, research. 

Step 3: There must be a title in the US code created to set penalties for citizen health decline, case number increases, and a standard operating procedure for processing and eliminating environmental hazards linked to illness. Rewards will be given to significant citizen health improvements.

Step 4: Allow non profit organizations that operate on donations to continue but with strict financial reporting.

Step 5: Once all healthcare costs tallied nationwide, determine coverage sponsorship and determine appropriate facility depreciation scales, for equipment too. We will likely have to extend the depreciation schedule over 30 years depending on debt/equity assessments. If the company is engaged in healthcare technology sales, factor the sales into facility depreciation first, decreasing federal healthcare expense. We will have to determine what to do about existing facility debt.

Step 6: After first assessing civilian budget for all observed reallocations, collaborate with military leaders posted in the 150 countries we are present and scale back, enhance supply chain through allowing open sharing of resources across the branches. Once every establishment submits their recommendations we will transfer all available monies into the civilian budget for health.

Step 7: Redirect overseas investment funds of 100 billion or greater into a healthcare fund for equipment, facility, and personnel expansion as we try this model. We must also create a global effort to eradicate cancer growth and chronic illness. This procedure is more for recouping the mass volumes of cash that has been taken from the US health system

Step 8: Quarterly health assessments showing the decline in cases, especially those involving children and young adults. Focus efforts on areas that are struggling improving citizen health.

Step 9: Under no circumstances can a person or entity interfere with the transition from private health enterprise to public health service.

Step 10: the healthcare enforcement agency will also need to assess total job loss from this transition and prepare companies for disengagement. Step 11: board members from every health care facility, clinic operators, and essentially every executive level personnel must sign acknowledgements of acceptance and willingness to abide by the new US Health Codes and full cooperation of the healthcare enforcement officers. Step 12: repeal any other healthcare legislation and reallocate existing accounts to the new agency. Step 13: if budget deficits continue or underfunding is experienced after all other options are exhausted, then consider an income based assessment for healthcare. Something like $200 a year for income under $20,000. Essentially a 1% health assessment. Step 14: extreme utilities discounts, or no charge for facility electric and water by provider. Step 15: home health will be reimbursed by salary expense, travel, supplies, and vehicle depreciation. Step 16: assess state's capability of healthcare contributions. Enforcement agents will handle state and federal funding distributions cleared by director. Step 17: medical malpractice suits will be criminal offenses tried in judicial system.

Step 18: ambulance and helicopter transportation will be salary expense for operation and equipment depreciation only. Step 19: healthcare professionals will have to become government employees, or civil servants on a set pay scale. With one million doctors of medicine in the US, at 100,000 a year, that's a trillion alone. We don't have wiggle room with an excess of service providers with our current federal revenue. Instead of raise taxes, build federal industry, for the people. Step 20: calculate and determine existing equity and debts in sponsored health systems. Step 21: establish food and materials resource supply chain to cut third party expenses under agency administration. Source competitively. Step 22: incorporate human capital management technology to decrease overhead expenses and facilitate operations. Step 23: incentivize healthcare professionals to switch to civil service by reducing their taxes, income and property. Step 24: investigate all medical procedures in search for redundant processes and waste of time and resources. The healthcare enforcement agency will know what to look for. Step 25: purchase and use medical equipment based on effectiveness and cost efficiency. Do not buy equipment designed to rack up billing. The healthcare Enforcement agents will know what their looking for. Step 26: after unique patient identifier is enforced and data is consolidated, treat based on effectiveness and trace illnesses to their root cause. Attack patterns and eliminate ineffective treatments. Step 27: use medicine as a last resort to encourage healing. Do not administer blood pressure medication to a 40 year old with 150/80. Encourage better lifestyle choices and educate rather than medicate and make the patient dependent for another 50 years. Always try to reduce prescriptions rather than stack medicine after medicine over time. Make patients drug independent. Step 28: establish healing standards: require healthcare staff to heal what data analysis deems as curable illnesses. Penalize operations that fail to have successful healing rates to known successful procedures. Step 29: immediately enforce SEC reporting of all hospitals and health care operations. Step 30: assess health care professionals salaries. Rethink paying a radiologist $700,000 a year to review imaging from multiple locations with less effort than a radiology technician. Never reimburse expenses for imaging, they are free. Step 31: have health enforcement agents monitor beds in private health. Establish new controls to prevent expired patients from remaining hooked up to equipment keeping them alive completely artificially. Step 32: review cardiovascular procedures to determine more effective treatments. Decrease bypass numbers and focus on healing cardiovascular patients from the inside. Step 33: in long-term acute care hospitals, often patients are there from accidents. Health enforcement agents must ensure healthcare costs are paid by the appropriate insurance company. Follow through until treatment is finished and do not leave the recently rehabilitated person confused, out of work, and covered in debt that is not rightfully theirs, or the government's. Step 34: develop better screening procedures to catch illnesses before the exacerbate. Step 35: establish internal health network for doctors to review health data to better diagnose and treat their patients. Step 36: inventory healthcare professionals and their patient healing rates. Remove license from those who fail to meet determined criteria. Across the board, nurses too. Step 37: encourage healthcare Enforcement agents to learn black belt six sigma methods for continuously improving. Focus on variance and eliminate defects using appropriate data points. Treat faster, more effectively, continuously improving. Step 38: Investigate dental billing and apply all mentioned processes to eliminate Medicaid extortion and enhance dental care. Encourage children to be satisfied with who they are and be less adament about braces and other corrective operations. Step 39: investigate vision costs and eliminate need to re exam yearly before prescription is released. Reimburse small percentage above lense manufacturing cost. Step 40: train school teachers to identify early signs of chronic illness and immediately report to designated health authority. Step 41: take behavioral health seriously. This is only words and medication. Be more liberal about medicating to ease mental suffering and establish routine visits to asses treatment success techniques and record and archive all data in accordance to health reporting requirements. Step 42: incorporate alternative medical practices in health care systems. Require medical students to study medicine from around the world. Step 43: develop process to recognize and prevent diabetes utilizing education, diet, and exercise before the disease sets in. We have to prevent lifelong ailments. Step 44: in treatment, diet and vitamins can be used more frequently to heal. Coach healthy lifestyles before administering synthetic prescriptions. Step 45: include violence and crime related hospitalization in data recording for better crime statistics. Those are not properly represented currently and the last data set showed the youth being the most victimized. We must address this and correct this trend. Step 46: report drug related hospitalization in data collection. Step 47: treat allergies naturally by exposing the patient to natural antihistamines instead of loading them up with expensive allergy medications. Step 48: develop strategies to repair tRNA in cells using supplements to repair transcription related illness. Step 49: research elephant blood and how it fights of cancer. Step 50: I'll leave the last one for Congress. This will enable Medicare for All. Before I started digging in, I admit I underestimated the total healthcare costs. I referenced a model that works before, but in that model, industry and health are interwined and the focus is on healing. In a free market model, we have a lot of healing to do before healthcare can be truly free and we will also need to resolve our budget deficit and experience industrial expansion. But we can do this together. We will have to create the agency and collect a great deal of data first, but it's there, right in front of us. The moment we focus on health and not money we will see substantial improvements. Right now, it is a complete mess but with some guts, a tough legislature, and an even tougher president, we can sign this. The cookie will crumble as it will, but the dust will settle and our nation will be greater for it. 

Something does not sit right in me knowing God is watching us and the highest death rates among children are cancer related and with our attention, we can stop this. We are the greatest nation on Earth and this is our destiny to end corruption and choose people over money.

An example of this model is a small county hospital with 10 doctors on a set salary, along with all necessary nursing staff and such with equipment and this is how we will reimburse: salary expense, quarterly equipment and facility depreciation, medicine and supplies. There will be no service charges or service billing in state run facility. For private, government purchase of healthcare technology and equipment will be factored into reimbursement. Same salaries expense with no service billing. As for pharmaceuticals, reimbursements will have a set rate of markup based on gathered operating financials obtained by the healthcare enforcement agency. In my experience, indigent care delivered a significant blow to the healthcare system. Under this model, the volume of care does not undermine the funding. *Last note: we may have to start small and scale up. We can begin by replacing lost rural hospitals with Federal healthcare and advance upward. We could start with a discipline as well, like ER care for all and tackle general care, long term acute care and such as we progress. Businesses that cover their employees health insurance can opt to pay the 1% assessment. We could also do a 1% health assessment as a national sales tax. And a 10% health assessment on marijuana, alcohol and tobacco products. Assess satellite TV, cellphones, video games, anything that deteriorates health. The manufacturers and retailers health deteriorating products will pay the health assessment, not the people. Place hefty fines on pollution. Real pollution, not a small amount of paraffin from a gathering system that can be dug up without affecting more than 6" of soil. Big pollution like hazardous waste leaks on old Oklahoma railroads. If we start out with this process, and allow everything else to remain constant, we will not have to undermine private healths right to a free market economy. We will, however, outcompete them and completely take over the US healthcare industry by providing high volume quality care and restricting Medicaid reimbursements according to the agency bylaws. All assessments will be used toward the United States Health Enterprise. Should private health choose to become a federal service, they can join the team. Big insurance gloats about 120 billion dollar third world investment funds, and 200,000 oil and gas workers were laid off in the Eagle Ford alone and we had to survive, and we did. I see the collapse of the current health system with lion eyes. *Checkmate*

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