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The Will of the People

I am having a difficult time clearing the land; my chainsaw won't start, the brush won't burn, and I am sitting here looking out the old farm house window at all the possibilities: if only I had more capital and equipment.

I requested funds and use of my grandfather's tractor to help me get off the ground, but I have not heard back from him. He may still see me as a city boy, or "Yankee Doodle" as he used to call me.

As our state continues to expand, and your grandchildren come to you for help getting started, take a chance on them. Remember who helped you when you were getting started. Do not create anymore barriers than my generation already faces building industry.

Agrarian communities, like ours in Choctaw County, thrive when the people come together. When we pool our resources and knowledge, we grow and we expand as an industrial force. No agrarian culture has ever been successful when there has not been a concentrated effort among the community.

Brazil is a perfect example. Their community came together, recognized opportunity, then shared resources to become one of the fastest growing agriculture communities in the world.

So I sit here, breathing fresh southeast air, and meditate. I was reflecting on all the conversations I have been having with people throughout the state of Oklahoma and there is something I realized; the will of the people is not a wide spectrum as one would think.

The people want the same things. Our capacity to give the people what they want is all too often undermined by conflicting interest.

Something I wish for all Oklahomans to know is that we all have just about the same wants and the same needs; our state is much more unified than is seen in our national politics.

As a United States Senator, I will represent the will of the people exclusively. And the closer we get to the elections, the more I discover exactly what the will is. In Oklahoma, it's finding your industry, building your economy, protecting your environment, and improving your health and focusing on your

Something I also would like to mention is age in politics. Our politicians are often much older to the extent that they are parents or grandparents of the country. What is special about a young candidate is that he or she is like the child of the country. We listen to and respect our elders and we would never undermine their health and well-being.

I would be delighted to be Oklahoma's son; I will listen to and respect my elders and their wishes while looking out for our children in the home.

There is no suit I won't put on, no crevice I won't shine light into, nor a situation I will not investigate. I will be everywhere listening to everyone that has a concern about Oklahoma.

The days of black curtains hiding secrets and sweeping things under the rug to worry about later are over. When you see something you don't like, something that hurts Oklahoma, tell me and we'll fix it.

This state is only going one place, and that is all the way up.

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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