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The State Problem

*This came across my desk so I'll address it now. I have not seen nor heard of any Chinese infiltration in Oklahoma but I will absolutely inform the authorities if I do. Also, throughout my campaign I receive strange emails for campaign support that I ignore, but I responded to some early on critically without response. Perhaps begin the investigations by examining those who did accept campaign assistance from a strange foreign email? Probably the same people with  generic mail campaigns and irrelevant ideas. Thank you for the update Secretary Pompeo!

Hooah, Oorah, Hooyah, Booyah in respect to the forces. When it comes to Federal matters, states must work together for a particular uniform interest. Otherwise, the states can decide amongst themselves individually, without reservation, as Constitutionally provided. 

The situation at present is who else from the states knows what their community needs, knows the changes that must be made, and will communicate as a candidate?

The sooner we focus on what is best for our states, the sooner we thrive as a nation.

I need to speak with Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia first about new deals. We may need to organize a conference to present the economic potential of organizing trade and working together writing federal legislation. I cannot wait to work with the Senators and I promise I am easy going and will bring new energy to the North Wing; I will also run, jump, swim or fly anywhere the Senators need me to in search of answers, because I'm young and I still want to.

Kentucky, you have an election coming up and 90% captive railroads, very bad for the economy and a red flag for instability and/or corruption. I have a Democratic solution for this and I don't need anyone Tabling the people's Amendments to Title 45, not when this Country's economy depends on it;C 5 - Government Aided Railroads. And we must also consider the competency of the STB and consult with the Law Counsel about making these changes Positive Law for our upcoming industrial revolution. We have a lot of land available to plant, but nothing will happen if the people cannot move their production profitably. If nothing gets planted, no new manufacturing processes will manifest and we will have a slower 2020.

Colorado, it is undeniable that you have the corridors West, but Oklahoma is the Heart of our National Supply Chain. 

Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas, we need to collaborate on a few projects dealing with wind energy production, zinc smelting, meat processing, fertilizers and new markets.

Tennessee, I will see you in April.

Georgia, is there any gold left in New Echota?

Something interesting I would like to share with the people is a unique aspect of mergers and acquisitions. One requirement for an industry leader in acquisitions and divestitures is for a company to have flaws in their supply chain; something for all of us to ponder.

I will continue expanding upon this idea.


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