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The Formula for Success

I hear that our national economy is booming. I implore you to take a look at the counties in your state. If they are struggling as much as mine, then no, our economy is not booming. 

Just because you and your friends and family have bank accounts with more than six zeroes does not mean our economy is booming.

I do not mean to digress from my research, but I must address the funding of our national economy. 

We will not make larger corporations pay more, we will direct their overseas investments back home. They will see dividends on their investment in the United States and it will help fuel our industrial expansion.

We will not make our government pay more for our healthcare, not right now. We will break our nation if we stress it any more financially without making more money as a nation; we must build our industry and produce and refine our raw materials. 

We will not raise taxes, we will have to keep them the same. It is a formula and we know our constants, we must change our variables. As soon as our government pays less and less for all of our programs that keep our people out of starvation and homelessness, we can start redirecting those funds into free healthcare.

For us to have free healthcare we need two things: significantly higher levels of citizen health and enough capital to fund the hospitals' operations. We can achieve this, but we need a legislator like me to expand our nation's industry and bring about the world we all know we can create; we can create a United States with free healthcare and low taxes. 

First we must expand our industry, and fix our economy. Then we will make free health care and decrease federal taxes. It is a process and we cannot keep promoting ideologies that skip step one. 

Last note: Texas is about to have a million more acres for cotton production, once we finish the boll weevil extermination, and it is has more oil and gas than you can shake a stick at; Texas economy will never see a dark day, no matter who is in the oval office. 

*Someone please address the SEC issues, this is President Trump's obligation as president. I cannot assess how much it will cost to provide free health care without financials from the large hospitals. I need 10K SEC annual reports for the past two years; I need 2017 completely redone with thorough explanations on their business operations; just like our oil and gas does, and everyone else.

They may be hard for you to find so here are the links:

2015 Annual Report - St. Jude

2017 Annual Report - St. Jude

Notice the difference between a true SEC annual report and a Trump Administration SEC annual report. This must be addressed.

In order to design a free health care system, I will need to know how much we spend as a nation. I can then create a plan to arrive at those funding thresholds. But like production and industry, one goes up or down. For healthcare to be free, we must be healthier; healthier eating, healthier living. 

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