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The Economy through 2021

Time for real news. The 1% of wealth owners do not care about how the 99% will be affected from disbursing trillions into the economy. Buying a home or a car will remain equivalent to buying a piece of bubble gum. When Congress creates money on the scale they are now, the 99% get squished to pieces, and I mean pieces. 

In 2019, the GDP in the USA was $21.5 trillion more or less. We can assign a value of X the for every United States Dollar, with me?

This value X will remain constant assuming our GDP is the same, it will increase or decrease in value in an amount proportionate to the GDP in 2020. We will label this the coefficient of growth/decline and call it Y. Thus the value becomes Y(X), with me?

The GDP will fall slightly, given the impact of the Coronavirus and we can quantify this as a variable C and now we have Y(X) -C as our value for the USD, OK? 

Now this is normal, and rather predictable until Congress gets their hands dirty. By injecting trillions of dollars, that do not enter the GDP, our dollar value decreases by the quotient of the variable P, denoting the amount of liquidity injected. So now our value becomes (Y(X)-C)/P.

Now, if you are a money man, and a math man, do you increase P, or leave P alone and attack C and increase Y when your country is locking down? 


Figure it out? We will have a very weak dollar soon thanks to Congress. What does this mean? Working harder and able to do less, the consistent trend in the USA. O yea, and our taxes will increase. Now how does living on an island sound and forgetting money exist?

I lost money to inflation by saving it, 99% of us did since the 2008 collapse. Once upon of time, we could make money with money. Not anymore. Especially not now. It seems almost as if our government is punishing us for uniting. That sounds like Tyranny to me. 

Go ahead, prove me wrong or prove me right. We still do not have a guaranteed federal election. Welcome to the United States of America. Home of Tyranny by tricking the brave, praising the wicked, and stealing from the poor. This is not my United States of America, which is why I will write until I see change.

How did I arrive at this formula, because I think. Stanford finance wasted a semester of my life teaching me to use complex excel formulas to purchase securities and bonds for banks like JP Morgan. People do not get taught how money is valued and the tricks of Congress. You have to teach yourself. But now that I have published this formula, any man or woman can see the truth. 

The dollar is what we live with. We do not spend 8 hours a day strategically purchasing assets and it is so simple, they jump right pass it and get it confused. Just like Article I of the Oklahoma Constitution.

There is damage, severe damage to the economy and we will now have to increase Y over the course of decades to reverse the P injected. What Congress and the Trump Administration did to our country is criminal.

Do you know whats worse? The 1% will still be buying land, homes, and cars and boats like buying a piece of bubble gum. They will send our troops to maintain control, illegally, of foreign assets, and the media will continue making us feel like we are safe and the politicians are doing everything they can for you and I and our children. 

The truth, people of the United States of America, we can get by just fine without them, new federal law, a 5% tax rate, and a focus on building industry, economy, protecting environment, improving health, and focusing on education.

The world needs a strong USA. We have to recover our nation and work with the world toward peace. We have to. We cannot allow this to continue. How can $2.2 trillion after $1.5 trillion not be enough when no one has received money? How? You are all morally insane that passed those Bills. How does the SBA website crash? Why is our one agency for small business so inept that it shuts down and deletes all the applications? 

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