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Super Tuesday

Congratulations Joe Biden!  


What a day. I am registered to vote in Choctaw County and did my rounds through the state; we have a lot of projects going on and everywhere I stopped the people were happy and optimistic about the future. That is exactly where we want to be.

I also noticed a lot more bulls, controlled burning, show pigs, and new businesses off Highway 70. Durant also appears to be experimenting with solar and I was thrilled to see that. The turbines off 35 look strong too and I noticed some new gas lines of exceptional quality in Southeast Oklahoma. I am not sure whose they were but all of our lines should be blasted and painted similarly; I get frustrated when I see active lines and facilities with rust when there's enough money flowing to pay for proper maintenance. For those less familiar with oil and gas, rust is evidence of iron oxidizing. What this means is that Fe (Iron) is disappearing and our asset is depreciating when a two-part epoxy can be applied after sand-blasting to immediately stop the corrosion. We do not deal with high sulfide content like in South Texas, nor high salt content like the Gulf Coast. This arises from years and years of neglect in our region and must be on our radar. 

For those who are familiar with oil and gas, you do not decrease your production cost by decreasing maintenance in this state. You cannot get away with this anywhere else and Oklahoma is not an exception. You need to have your lease operators verifying appropriate standards. Call a NACE Coating Inspector if you have questions concerning industry standards. 

My only recommendations are creating jobs to maintain highway cleanliness and expanding our agriculture operations. Our horse farms appeared at about 35% and many of our pastures looked light; I would like to introduce several breeds of cattle and we could write a grant for this as well: something like 1,000 head and give them to ranchers who have the room, but lack the capital. The feed stores have ample inventory and I have an idea to help our businesses. We can create funds for improvements in our structures in the form of grants; our structures are our assets and it does not matter if they are private our public, our balance sheet grows positively when we maintain our buildings. We also need to be in touch with our land owners and see what we can do to expand agriculture; there is probably 40,000 acres that are lame. There is no good reason for this considering we have every resource in our state to prepare world class soil.

I enjoy working on the state and seeing how the United States Government can apply its resources to strengthen our communities. This is called stewardship and is what our statesmen do and is a crucial component of a strong and healthy nation. I plan on serving the interest of our state for the next 50 years and many of my aspirations will require such an extended timeline. As our economies develop I do see promise in an environmental sector with skilled professionals who maintain, preserve, and restore environments. 

The lakes and rivers are clean but I cannot resist the desire to verify through chemical analysis. I know the Choctaw Nation is on top of their water resources and I want to ensure the rest of our state is on par; I want us to be able to grab a handful of water anywhere in this state and drink it comfortably like we did for 10,000 years. Speaking of the Choctaw Nation, I admire your new stores and how clean they are and the quality of your inventories. Your staff are clearly happy to work there and I was happy to shop there.

I hope everyone had a good experience voting and I want to give a special thank you to the women at the Ambulance Authority in Hugo.

On a last note, there are allegations online about the Federal Election Commission. People are saying that President Trump has not appointed chairs and that hundreds of polls were closed in minority dense areas. These allegations are arising mostly from Texas, but members of the online community from Michigan confirmed the validity. Currently, I am under the presumption that the FEC is completely functional and I know that we have eyes like never before over voting in the United States. I will thoroughly investigate and write what I discover to be true and shed light on possible gaps. Once again, we are all adults and crying wolf is inappropriate. With that being said if you are a federally elected official and your constituents are encountering discrimination when voting by the FEC, you are failing your people and completely neglecting your duty.  

*Update: FEC has three vacancies that need to be filled to satisfy its six member board. There are over 300 employees with a budget approaching $100 million and given the gravity of the upcoming elections, this poses imminent threats to the integrity of our elections. Spreading the responsibilities among three chairpersons creates unnecessary hardships and these seats must be filled. It is the people's FEC, we pay for its operation and our hard work guarantees its functionality. The FEC is not a tool for the establishment to control our voice. The President needs to nominate three more people for the Senate to confirm and the people need to begin demanding this critical gap to be filled. Before we listen to another word from these Senators and President claiming to be working for the people, we need our Federal Election Commission whole. That is their responsibility and as a candidate, all I can do is shed light where we are broken. But if we do not fix the FEC, candidates like me do not have a shot. No official commission action can be taken without four votes! This needs to be resolved TODAY and the fact that three Senators have a presidential platform and have not addressed this is more than alarming, but a disgrace to our people. Sanders, you can call this in. Warren, you can call this in. President Trump, you can nominate three people today. And Biden, you were president of the Senate for 8 years, you know how to make this happen. One Google of this FEC situation and the public outrage is more than apparent and from your tweets you share our network so this is not new to any of you. Without a functioning FEC, we cannot stop voting discrimination, we cannot stop campaign finance violations, and we cannot stop corruption. But guess what? We are fixing our country and this will not be tolerated. 

From a millennial, life is about competition. It hurts to lose, and it feels good to win. But we play by the rules, we compete to win, and we accept the outcome and move on. In this game we are playing, every legal voter has a voice and it is against every law known to humankind to suppress this voice. In 2020, you win or lose by the voice of the people and any interference will not be tolerated. 


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