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*For Oklahoma readers: Governor Stitt looked great yesterday and Oklahoma Politics aside, he is the right man for the job and I look forward to working with him protecting Oklahoma interest and building our industry. With the appropriate federal assistance, and the momentum we're building in the South Central States, our budgets will soon resolve themselves and we will cease our continuous struggle to squeeze juice from rocks.

I also believe it is essential for success that all 5 of our US Representatives and our 2 US Senators meet with the Oklahoma Governor before our sessions begin and define our State and Federal agendas. We must agree on our differences, then focus on our weaknesses and the matters we can address together combining federal and state resources.

I wrote the Governor my full intentions as US Senator and I believe every strong candidate must do so as well.

Politics is actually very rewarding and requires special people who care endlessly for the people and without reservation. Before, campaigns were very expensive and a seat in Congress required the right people bringing you in. In 2020, it appears to be more need oriented and I want to share my strategy for those interested in making political changes where changes need to be made.

Also, I have an international audience so I explain my campaign in great detail and most languages for participants in other democracies to see how well our structure works in the United States.

It's never too early to start a campaign, but the sooner, the better. Ideally, you want your constituents well informed so that when mail comes in promoting "invisible walls of protection" that protect ourselves from our many enemies, then asks for a $1,000, they know better. This requires trust and is built from constantly providing real solutions to real problems. Begin building trust and stacking leverage with your constituents with these steps, and never ask constituents within broken economies for money unless it is absolutely necessary and with well defined purpose. I would prefer seeing the millions being deposited into campaign accounts and not reported seized and used to fill our education gaps. Whatever happened to banks filling out Suspicious Activity Reports and recording transactions up to $3500 and the mandatory recording of transactions of $10,000 or more?

There are three reasons why someone failed to record:
1. They simply forgot or have no idea what's going on; the FEC won't come over and hold your hand while you complete campaign accounting homework, you get one email reminder.
2. They don't want people to see where their money and resources are coming from.
3. They don't want people to see where their money and resources are going to.

But I digress,

1. Identify unmet needs of your community; be time specific and state scope of impact and length of time unaddressed.
2. Read all written law: State, Federal, World, Treaties and Tribal Laws in your domain. Tie needs in Step 1 to broken, unwritten or unenforced laws.
3. Tell everyone you can anytime you can about what you know, but schedule appointments, some you will need luck to approach, to tell the most important people in your community the full extent of your findings and how you will fix the problems with pen and paper and intellect, never lie, and hold yourself accountable to God. For US Senate and close to 4,000,000 inhabitants, 500 critical community members from every class and without discrimination was necessary to fully communicate a platform with close to 2,000,000 registered voters. Critical Community Members are most often our community elders who watch over the people behind the scenes and rely on solid Politicians to fulfill responsibilities to the people.
4. Patiently wait for your seat in Congress, stay current on local events and floor activity; it helps to isolate yourself and focus completely on the Senate. Particularly, wait for current members and candidates to decline needs of the people, promote strange and irrelevant ideas, ignore constituents, and fail to meet FEC reporting deadlines for campaign finance. Everyday that goes by and you're right, your opponent is wrong, and you do not back down, is another day closer to winning an election.
5. Utilize established community network and only spend money traveling, for a website, and writing supplies. Stay away from large operations requiring real estate, salaries, large media expenses; always report on time and accurately to the FEC. If I were older and less connected, this campaign could have easily been much more expensive. I am fortunate to have such deep roots in the state and my appearance is expected at many community events, mostly those involving health and finance, but I try and attend as many events as possible; I have never seen a candidate nor sitting member of US Congress in any Oklahoma, US, or World Event other than a commerce meeting with Azerbaijan, where I saw one US Representative.
6. Never speak contrary to fact, truth, and law; begin building relationships based on trust and take these relationships with you to Congress.
7. Understand that youth is an asset in politics, let no one discourage your ability to bring necessary change based on age or experience; change comes from pen and paper, not words and handshakes.
*This one is for everyone: it does not matter if you're Republican or Democrat or Independent, the goal is to serve the people, not some based on a party preference. I am Democrat because of my mentors and friends who helped me navigate the political jungle and best vocalize my platform. That just means my favorite color is blue and I have a donkey mascot. When it comes to being a Senator, I am of no party, but 100% servant of the people.

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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