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Random Thoughts

1. I am working on Hughes County right now, but having discovered the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention, I am finding myself floored by Oklahoma history leading up into statehood. 

It is no wonder the state constitution is so ambiguous with numerous appeals and amendments; there was an enormous amount going on and I believe we should have split the Twin Territories into two states, but then again, that would have been worse for the Native Americans in 1907. 

2. Also, I wanted to say that a seat in the United States Congress is something earned. It is earned by a matriculation process beginning when you experience enough life to know what it means to reflect. Then you must take the conclusions from those reflections, and then decide to make a change.

I am far from ordinary and I reflect deeper than you can imagine. I volunteered my mind for expansion through a state funded program and graduated. I have reached unprecedented levels of success in oil and gas; from buying the minerals to producing them and then selling them. I successfully fine tuned commercial food distribution facilities that serviced tens of millions of people daily. I am an industrialist with expertise in global supply chain management, six sigma, and economic theory; plus I mastered Human Capital Management technology, block-chain, cloud foundry, and everything in between. I also speak more languages than I can keep up with. And I wrote a book about it. 

With that being said, I wish to utilize these skills to selflessly help my people through creating legislation that enables our nation's industry to thrive on a global scale. My only interest is my Country's interest, from now until I retire.  

I want the United States of America to be the best nation in the world, bar none. I want the U.S. to be so incredible that European Nations, African Nations, Oriental Nations, Islamic Nations and Russia strive to be like us; I want them to try to keep up with our pace as world leaders. I want them to engage in democracy and enjoy their republics as much as we love ours.

I believe I have what it takes, and that is why I am running for US Senate.

3. Also, I have friends at Google and if their search engine favors me, that's good looking out. 

If they sway 20,000,000 votes, then that's good campaigning. Why doesn't yahoo or bing favor you? Everyone has algorithms. 

4. Also, I think Dr. Phil is a genius; like Sigmund Freud was a genius. I believe Dr. Phil has had the highest influence on American Psychology; not one other institution in the world can compare to his expertise in the field. His name will go down in history as Dr. Phillip Calvin McGraw though, as is appropriate for recording history.

He should be revered as a hero in my opinion and his methods used as instruction for our young psychologists and social workers. I will nominate him for a Nobel Prize when I make it to United States Congress. 

His perpetual uplifting of American spirit has helped entire generations of United States citizens across a full spectrum of handicapping psychological disorders, nuclear family incongruities, and internal personal struggles.

Any American issue in the realm of psychology can be solved through Dr. McGraw's work, or from building upon the foundation which he has created in the field of Modern American Psychology. 

For this endeavor, he deserves to be a world renowned psychologist; he very well may be the top psychologist the world has ever known. 

5. Also, there is no power in money; there is only power in compassion. The more we care about money, the less we focus on our people. The more we care about our people, the less we care about making money for ourselves. 

When you choose your representative, you must ensure they care for the people; you must ensure they have compassion.

Compassion is my middle name. 

Compassion comes from wearing everyone's shoes; from the poorest, to the richest. I have tried on every pair and the one's that fit are in Washington D.C.

Money buys influence. Compassion buys power. 

6. Also, any chance I get, I would rather build railway than road. I like road maintenance, but I love railway development; it is lower risk and higher reward.

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