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Project D2 is Taking Shape

I have examined 7 out of the 26 counties in the scope of Project D2, the economic project for Oklahoma's second congressional district. The northeastern part of the state is much stronger economically than congressional district three. I believe this is due in part to the organized electricity production seen with the Grand River Dam Authority. The organization is focused on electricity production across multiple platforms and thus competition is not inherent between wind and coal, rather the goal to provide efficient and environmentally appropriate energy to the communities. This is something that must be considered in Project D3, an organized approach to energy. 

As far as the objective for Project D2, it is less involved with industrial development so far, but rather on industrial maintenance. This includes the reconditioning project of our state mining operation in Ottawa County. We need to ensure our industrial participants are taken care of as well and I aspire to be their representative in Washington D.C. 

So as we begin to close up the northeastern portion of the state and move further south we will keep an open mind, but for the objective thus far, it is to maintain the economic condition as well as close some gaps that may be present with out of state investment properties. 

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