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President's do not make Acts?

It is inappropriate for a presidential candidate to claim that he or she will make Acts. That is not in their constitutional capabilities.

You can persuade Congress to do something, but you will not make any Act that we have not written out, agreed on in the House of Congress, then submitted to you for signature.

In my opinion, I believe the only things that presidential candidates should be campaigning about is how well they will do their job.

What is the president's job?

They are the executive branch. They focus on foreign relations, the military, and enforcing legislation. They look out for our economy and run the nation as if it were a business. 

How about enforcing the SEC reporting of corporations? Then legislators like myself can plug the holes that are making us poor.

Too many companies have gotten away with not filing their annual reports with the SEC starting with 2017 reports and there is a dark cloud of secrecy looming on top of the healthcare industry. 

This is a good campaign point for presidential candidates, as the president is responsible for enforcing SEC reporting. 

*For research help, look into the professional advisory board of St. Jude, there is a Trump in there. 

The St. Jude's 2017 financial report is unusable. It is forty or so pages of pictures and one superficial balance sheet on the last page. This is a multi-billion dollar company and given the healthcare climate, there needs to be full disclose. 

What I did notice about St. Jude was that they were losing a lot of money due to currency fluctuations. Basically, what was happening is that when we sold our goods in Asian markets, by the time we deposited the money and transferred it into U.S. Dollars, we lost money.

Had I been in legislature at the time, I would have made it to where the Asians buy our healthcare products via futures contract. This is how commodity traders prevent from losing money in the same manner. 

Should I be able to see the large hospitals' 10K SEC reports, I could campaign on how I can help them. I do not know if this problem persists. In reality, we cannot determine anything healthcare related when the largest providers in the country do not disclose all financial information. 

Last note on this topic: Impeaching is a fancy word for firing the president. Should he be fired? Yes. Should we be firing him now? No. We need to be better about prioritizing and we need to find someone who is capable of handling the presidential position. We need someone focused on the duties of the president. Your campaign is an application for your job, essentially. It is not about media hype, let that go. You are persuading your electoral college. 

*Sorry, I heard Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi threaten the president and Republicans if President Trump did not sign the bill for new gun legislation. "They will have hell to pay". Actually, he can sign it or not; fascism does not exist in the United States. She needs to be fired as well and all you have to do is vote another Representative in from the 12th congressional district of California. Be 25, a United States citizen for seven years, and a resident of the state from which you are running. 

The president is under a lot of stress right now, and the House of Congress is pushing a bill on the 2nd amendment. That is not appropriate political behavior; they will wait until after our government is shutdown to make a budget. We have a lot of work to do in our country. 

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