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Oklahoma Legislature

I write endlessly about Federal Legislature because I am a Federal candidate. But I want to address Oklahoma efforts and relay some information that illustrates the struggles we face being a state forgotten by D.C.

Today a bill was passed enabling measures to be taken to handle the many repercussions of COVID-19. I would like to know which laws specifically were waived, but that is a matter of due dilligence. 

What specifically needs to be addressed is the amount we are taking from the rainy day fund to keep our Agencys operating and how we are self-sustaining through this pandemic with no Federal assistance.

We are strong in Oklahoma, we are resilient. This does not mean we should exhaust our financial resources because none of the trillions upon trillions of Federal allocations will reach this state. We have 7 Federal offices in this state and not one is publically, or in Congress, advocating for Oklahoma.

My constituents must wake up to this fact because instead of reaching into our own pockets for half a billion dollars, we should have had an Article in any one of the D.C. Bills that helped our state. That is what we elected them for, but that is not what they are doing.

I want to thank the Oklahoma legislature for keeping our wheels turning and I hope you read these words and understand that we must send stronger, more capable representatives to Washington D.C. so we can get our piece of the pie and stop restricting our security and growth potential because Oklahoma has no voice in the Federal Government.

Are we to believe they said no to assitance in Oklahoma? Or did no one demand assitance in Oklahoma? As your Senator, I will fight for Oklahoma, rally the states, and get what we need for the people. We will not see this shuffling of money from the people's taxes, to private pockets. I will not allow it and I will be actively engaged with all 50 states to ensure balance is restored and the people are protected, and our state legislatures are not stretched in this manner.

To put it in perspective, the money we squeezed to make ends meet accounts for roughly .0027% of the money the Federal Government allocated. The  most recent, not all of them. Who can tell me we do not have a problem? I am tired of seeing our state in this predicament and I wish to have your support in fighting for a voice in D.C.

You better believe Governor Stitt will be on speed dial and he tells me the amount we need, and that amount will be written with my pen. How? Because my pen is not paid for by industry. Inhofe is MIA, Lankford is hiding from the Indians and Ethics Committee and our Representatives are all scared of confronting Pelosi and her reign of chaos. This is a real problem we have in Oklahoma guys, we have no Federal representation.

As a matter of fact, the only thing I have seen written by our Federal offices was an apology letter from Kendra Horn for missing an important meeting with one of my mentors, honest to God. That is what we are facing.

They are paid out of federal taxes to work for our state. What are they working on? What are they voting on, if they even vote? We are the leaders of Oklahoma and we have an opportunity this year to elect 6 offices and we must collaborate on the Representatives because I know I am going to be your Senator and I am confident I can help guide Lankford to reasonable behavior.

We need a Senator and Representatives that write faster than Charlie Daniels plats the fiddle. I can do that.

Call our Congress people in D.C. and ask "Yes or no, can you  write in an Aricle for Oklahoma in the Cares 2 Bill" and see what they say. 

If yes, Great! We need 500 million. If No, then they need to go back to school or find a new job by December. That is my rainy day fund, your rainy day fund, and our childrens' rainy day fund and our federal tax dollars. Time to cowboy up Oklahoma.

How our state legislatiure came together and keep our government running is how the federal legislature needs to come together and keep the whole country running. You guys did not call it quits for two weeks during a pandemic. Why are they?

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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