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Oil, Gas, and Metals: Truth by the Numbers

The US is doing well, true. But we can always improve and if Oklahoma builds its metal refining industry and we expand our refining capacity, our state will seize this economic opportunity. What is stopping us? Funding? We can sell bonds. Legislation? I am running for US Senate and I see the economic potential and will not stop pushing for these multi-billion dollar opportunities for Oklahoma. 

I hope the voters are with me. It is not in our interest to allow the nation to give away money when our engineers are capable of designing and building these facilities. 

It is important that our state begins seizing opportunity where it exists. I fear that another state will fill these gaps before long and I am tired of seeing Texas and Louisiana dominate the crude refining industry when Oklahoma's third congressional district could benefit greatly from industrial expansion.

I promise you our Devon engineers can refine crude oil from national production cheaper than it can be refined and shipped thousands of miles across the ocean. 

I promise you we can organize Oklahoma engineers and build a zinc smelter that is environmentally friendly.

I promise you that if we underwrite $25 billion dollars in bonds they will sell and the state will build these facilities and pay out the coupons and when the bonds reach maturity, Oklahoma will have new assets in its balance sheet and a whole lot of cash flow.

But I also promise you that we will have to fight for this because powerful people will stand in our way. That does not bother me because I am younger than they are, I am smarter than they are, and when I am 50, I will still be pushing for Oklahoma and they will not be here.


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