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New Trade Routes, New Trade Partners

"The purpose of trade is so that we never have to travel to our destination with an empty vessel." - A 1600's Dutch Captain

I have discovered 12 countries that we need to expand trade with in lieu of China. I believe we are already working on Australia, because President Trump was visiting with the Prime Minister and it was clear that the Australian government views the United States as a brother country. 

The European nations include: Austria, Poland, Den Mark, Norway, and Finland. We need to figure out what they need and supply that demand competitively. I will explore the European economy and see where Oklahoma can improve a process in their industry; this will likely require innovation, but we are that innovation.

*I am anxious to see what the IR Spectroscopy results yield for the composition of our chat piles in Ottawa County; there are various minerals in the chat and perhaps they could use some. This would help fund our clean up project and reduce the volume in which we must dispose. I believe OSSM's chemistry department can have the students run the samples from the chat piles in lab and produce the results; there is no need to spend a fortune on discovery.

The South American partners include: Chile, Peru and Ecuador. These are developing countries and we can easily supply them with cheap coal through Oklahoma ports or via railroad; the furthest we can go by railcar is the southern tip of Mexico. So for now we will need a barge to cross the Gulf of Mexico. These markets will prove to be most valuable when we provide them with cheap electricity; we will ensure their facilities create clean energy and the environment is not impacted. 

South Africa is the tenth new market we can expand into. We may need to invest in large ships for transporting large quantities of building materials to the African Continent. Perhaps the Navy will allow us to temporarily use an Aircraft Carrier. We can stack our shipping crates on the deck and your captain and crew can operate the vessel. One thing we need from South Africa is its cardboard reclaiming facility and box manufacturer. We need their engineers to build us a copy of their equipment for use in Oklahoma. 

The last two countries will require the reader to have an open mind; the last two countries are Iraq and Turkey. We will not trade weapons or exacerbating elements with them; we will only trade food, textiles, building materials, and natural resources. I understand that these are unstable nations, but what better way to bring stability to a nation than through developing its economy? We have the best middle man in the world who can assist us; Dubai will handle all of our trade between the two countries; we will not use U.S. supply chain, we will use the Dubai supply chain, using U.S. goods. We will limit their cut to 3.5%; they will take 99.9% if you let them, you have to be assertive. 

We can easily focus on developing these markets once we know what dominoes we have; I can tell you right now that we have all the good ones. 

We will have to take a break from China and stack up several trillion dollars before we tangle with dragon again. Ten trillion dollars or so is nothing for the United States. Once our industry expands to capacity and we plug all the wholes in our economic vessel, we will be the only ship in the industrial sea. 

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