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In the Senate, the Navy will be my business; will the DOD see why Captain Crozier broke the chain of command? Were his prior messages ignored? If so he had 5000 reasons to send an email outside the network; what could he have done 100 years ago?

I want to say thank you to Mr. Shiva Ayyadurai for entering American politics. You are a hero of mine and I cannot thank you enough for volunteering your mind and your heart to enhance this nation. 

I pour my soul into this website through words and I am in tears because someone with a network and a platform has risen up to help redirect politics in the United States of America with truth and science. Because of Shiva I know I am not alone and I wish the people of Massachusetts will embrace his candidacy.

Government is never supposed to be about personal games or power moves or money accumulation. It is to secure the best life possible for the people. The ones that founded this country were scientist, true law experts and innovators. What do we have now? TV personalities, representatives of industry, ethics violators. Where are the men and women of the people? I am utterly appalled there are people in Congress who blatantly defy ethics without remorse, and you should be too; in my eyes, that is on par with sending our troops to fight an illegal war, and they do that too. It is not inaccuarte to say our current Federal Government is the biggest threat to our health and security and I wish someone would prove me wrong, but you cannot.

We return to greatness when people like Mr. Ayyadurai stand up and take the reigns because there is always a right answer and we, the people of the United States of America, only need the right answers. 

Thank you Mr. Shiva Ayyadurai for putting yourself in the running for United States Senate. I wish you the best of luck and God willing, we will accomplish incredible things together.

We need healthcare reform, Mr. Ayyadurai reforms healthacre globally. He is a genius and six years of like minded people will change this country for the better and at this point in the political revolution, Democrat and Republican is more of a color preference and where your friends live; it is no longer a deep rooted, country dividing, excuse to argue.

We need help people; we need more true leaders to come forward and speak the truth and turn this country around. It is fun and rewarding to defend the people. You do not need much more than a website and a vision. I have friends in Ireland, Japan, Peru and many places that say "I thought running for Senate was rather an expensive ordeal?" No, not when you speak the truth and adhere to the rule of law. It is only expensive to influence the people and distract them. The truth is free and a person only needs to hear truth once whereas they have to be fed lies day in and day out to achieve the same impact of one well written truth.

Bernie Sanders had to pay young people struggling with college loans and no job opportunity to knock on doors in Oklahoma to spread his platform. One person reads my literature and I get called in for an interview. Another person reads and tells their friends and family. Next thing I know I have 38 Sovereign Nations and 77 counties trusting my words in Oklahoma alone. You can be like me, or you can be like Bernie. You can represent a people, or you can have 5,000 doors knocked on and a million dollars in expenses. This is not to be rude, it is to shed light on the fact that this man makes promises as president that he has never even attempted in senate; a slap in the face to anyone listening.

One of my best friends is a Judge on Maui and he got me started thinking about law and how it is made. One thing he told me that I want to share with New Politicians is that truth is like a pill that once you swallow, can never be undone. Lies  are ephemeral; they last only until the next one, and the next, and so on.

A few close friends and mentors call me a "dreamer" and that my ideas are great, but lack realism. The realism they speak of is the way they have had to learn to accept corruption and work around it. As a millenial and a young father, I demand realism to be congruent with the law and allow for dreams to become reality because this is our life and we own our reality and we will not have our dreams subjugated due to corruption among our leaders. 

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