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Money and Politics

When I first decided to run for US Senate, I was sure I would need a lot of money; all the top senators had millions at their disposal.

That is far from true. Utilizing technology, family connections, and being at the right place at the right time has proved invaluable.

I doubt I will have to raise any money, in fact. I may try to raise a thousand for bill boards before the election to direct people to my website. But at 30,000 visitors with an average time on the website as high as 20 minutes, by June, a billboard may be unnecessary.

You must be curious as to why money is so important to other campaigns. I am too. I suppose when you have to employ people to do your job for you, it gets expensive.

Right now I am just below $500 in total spending. That is used for transportation, my website, and my US Senate cards. Have you seen one yet?

I have been trying to explain how this is a new era in democracy, and it is. I am just concerned why some organizations value candidacy by the amount of capital they raise; it makes you wonder what's in it for them.

We are trying to take the money out of politics; political power comes from compassion, influence comes from money. A strong candidate in 2020 puts money in the pockets of his or her constituents, not the other way around.

I have reached out to LULAC, I made many friends with Latin Americans at their conferences growing up and am wanting to host the organization in OKC to further expand trade in South America; Peru was thrilled at the resources we offered them and the word will get around.

I have several multi-billion dollar projects being organized for the state and am constantly promoting health and education.

What are you doing with all that money being raised? I see no other candidates at critical Oklahoma events and meetings. I hear no ideas nor research presented. Perhaps some of the senatorial candidates should seek state offices because the industrial train has left, and your are all still waiting at the station.

If gun control is a pillar of your campaign, address it at the state level. The second amendment is going nowhere for a long time.

If economic reform is a pillar of your campaign, do something for the Oklahoma economy. Teach people how to make money, how to start a business and how to seek assistance.

If climate control is a pillar of your campaign, talk to the Ivy League research scientists then try again.

Campaigning is more than tshirts and free food. It's raising up the spirits of every single Oklahoman and ensuring them that there will be a better tomorrow.

*The greatest part of this campaign? It's being done on an American designed smartphone, BLU. It stands for Bold Like Us.

*Update 11/13/2019: I spoke with a big appraisal firm run out of Tulsa to get sponsored for my license and the former State Representative said absolutely not because after I was trained, I would compete in his market. That's fair, in a way I thought. But the conversation continued and he went on about how politicians often run simply to raise money for themselves or some other goal. That, now, is not fair. By the way, sir, I'm a lion, not a tiger.

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