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Major Issue for an Economist

Upon close examination of the definition of per capita income, based on the census provided by the United States, a major issue has surfaced. It is impossible to hone in on our economic issues with the metrics currently being used. An economist cannot evaluate an economy based on national production divided by a population. We must be more accurate in our census information. We need per capita income to be a quotient of state production divided by population; an even better metric would be county production divided by county population. The problem that was noticed in Adair County is that there is abundant industry, but the population against national production completely skewed the population's per capita income. Without having more precise data, we are less equip to make the right changes. Nonetheless, areas without industry clearly need some, but it is difficult to decipher true economic need without better data for our economist. 

*Project Objectives Are Under Construction Until Better Data Is Obtained. Some Areas Are Much Better Economically, Some Are Much Worse (I anticipate some areas with under $5,000 per capita income). 

***I do not have access to a research center, I need someone from the US Census Bureau to publish a list of County Production divided by County Population, please. You can easily use previous Census Data and it will greatly enhance economic research for everyone. Thank you.

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