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I must implore local news outlets to establish better connections with our fellow members of the United Nations, especially Russia and China, France and the UK. The five of us are what keeps this world spinning; we are the five permanent members of the UN. I advocate strongly for the UN because in World War II, my great grandfather was a rocket scientist and his mind helped us win at the cost of terrible, terrible bloodshed. Now after we won, we kept getting caught up in one conflict after another and it is time to set the record straight and tell the people the real story. 

We have good and bad people with the five of our governments and we must give the power to the good. Imagine a good trade deal with 2 billion people in China and the opportunity for us? Or more stability in the oil market with Russia coorperating and not competing for supremacy; in oil, we have more than we can imagine and without stability, we can wake up and have an ocean when we only need a pond, or a lake. 

China and Russia are big countries and we have a right to call them and get real news stories. They speak great English too. So what I propose local news to do is establish a connection and make friends with the Chinse and Russians, but only with their Democratic governments. In China, call Guangzhou and simply ask for an email update on their people, economy, environment, health and education; share this with the people. Soon we will become close friends and our people will better be able to assess their needs and offer them goods and services, and vice versa. 

I hope the local news will expand on this idea and break down the barriers we have regarding information with our brothers and sisters and cousins from these countries. This is cheap, safe, fun, and gives us more insight. We simply cannot move forward tearing other countries down. 

I say Guangzhou because I love this city. Take a moment to Google and learn about it. The people there want what we all want, peace and stability but we need an exchange of accurate information about each other and this can be accomplished by breaking free from the big news companies and establishing our own. 

We also need to be better about educating the people on vocabulary because words can be used to construe different meanings much like a graph portraying data in different ways. The first of which is a recession and a depression; they are the same with the only difference being time. When we hear recession, that enables six months to underplay the severity of economic conditions before it is officially labeled a depression. In reality, if you expect the economy to take longer than six months to recover, it is a depression and we should not be giving false information by playing words. 

We must ensure our news is accurate, informative, and educational. Not everyone wants $100,000 in student loans or to read 500 page books on economics, history, or science and it is our job to bridge the gap and provide the people with informatiom they can use to better lead their lives.

Now, local news does a good job and I like local news. What I do not like and what we do not need is inaccurate global information and believing friends are enemies or misrepresenting economic information to give a false sense of security. When we get down to it, we need truth, definitions, and explanations so all the people can paint the real picture of the world we live in.

I write a lot, and I do so to set records straight. I want to mention how Trump bullies India and it must stop. He forced them to take in his promoted virus medicine aginst their wishes and in his presidency armed them and attempts to militarize their country. In defense news, his goal is to capture the Chinese silk route and we have absolutely no business there; Trump constantly fires people, humiliates world leaders, and tries to control the world when what he should be focused on is Making America Great Again. Though this is difficult when the Commander and Chief is on a continuous downward spiral with rapport among the branches. The latest being his assertion to devalue honor within the Navy by interfering with the SEALs and most recently, the Navy Captain whose service was publically devalued; something that no great militarized nation allows in histroy. There is a veil among our armed services; we see their uniforms and know they are preserving our safety from threats to life. Never are we to devalue this honor and prestige by removing this veil and devaluing them. What transpires behind the veil is so far removed from civilians that we are better not knowing and it is essential we see the military as strict, refined, and dedicated. The military handles their business. We must not take away their integrity by publically shaming officers and heroes, that is ludicrous. Now with that being said, if the civilians are upset with military actions around the world, the people must take these concerns to Washington D.C. because that is where their authorization and orders come from and is why I am so aggresssive in my march to take a seat in the North Wing.

The military is not a New York City gang. They are bred, educated, trained, as an elite class of warriors organized through hundreds of years of development and are led by the finest people. I write to maintain this truth about the United States Military. I know because my lineage has been there from day one.

It is tough when you have a family member who fought as a Colonel in the Civil War, but when the same family fought in the Revolutionary War, it is easier to admit. 

Enough of that, we have a multi trillion dollar gap to fill in this country and we will do it by making peace with the United Nations and building global trade for our goods and services. We will not fill it by illegally holding assets in other countries. Your support is crucial in this endeavor because honestly, I feel as though it is you and I against Washington D.C. to restore balance.

Another $1.5 trillion is to be released and we still have not received much of anything from the first $1.5 trillion or the subsequent trillions. I am surprised Trump and Mnuchin have any ink left in their pen. The longer they stay in power, the higher the mountain becomes that we must climb; I hope you have your climbing gear because I have mine and I can summit Haleakala in one day. 

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