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I was thinking.

We need to attack cancer like it's the number one terrorist threat to our nation. We need to take this demon out of our homes and out of our children. We can take cancer our of the US if we fight hard enough.

Cancer can be cured by tracing the exacerbating elements in our environment and eliminating them. I believe cancer can be treated by researching elephant blood and biochemistry. I believe investing in this program is part of Medicaid for All. My Medicaid plan is high volume, low cost, health focused, data driven, and federally backed.

I want all the children in St. Jude healed. I want that hospital gone. I will never stop focusing on that. It's all I can think about.

Our current health model prevents this. We do not have complete records to research, we are for pursuing world research, and we focus on money over people. In my health model, we focus on people and utilize data and technology to improve health.

I was thinking about cancer and we do know that radioactivity is a cause. If any trains have carried radioactive materials they can still be cancerous.

I am new to the game, but if any of you older guys know about the transportation of radio active materials in Oklahoma or anywhere else in the United States, we need to talk about it.
*Update: Uranium mines all over the western US that were in operation during 1950-1980 and those trains must be evaluated. They will continue to release isotopes for a long long time. All isotopes of uranium are unstable and we will have to examine health data from areas we locate the Uranium mine trains. I'm applying for a health science job to gain access to Electronic Health Records to begin data tracing of particular illnesses. I'm going to trace everything I can access, then start connecting the dots that were not enforced through the unique patient identifier legislation, giving the future health enforcement agency a solid workable health data base complete with doctors, procedures, locations, and ailments. Not names, because that violates HIPPA. But the future agency will have the names.

If those old trains still carry radio active debris, that is what our children are absorbing.

Did we buy any trains from Russia? Or Japan? We need to check those first.

ALLL SHIPPING CONTAINERS MUST BE CHECKED FOR RADIOACTIVITY. We could be spreading radioactive isotopes all over Canada, United States and Mexico.

Cancer is not falling from heaven, I promise you. It's somewhere in our environment.

We need to check stationary trains for radioactivity throughout the rural United States.

That's my bill for tomorrow. We need standard operating procedure for screening our environment for isotopes.

Are you guys going to keep drawing cartoons?

Also, now that we have access to Class 1 rail system, thank you Mr. Buffet, Oklahoma has the cleanest trains and carts in the country.

I hope someone already started building new ones, we have about 10,000 BNFS engines to replace should they be responsible for spreading the radioactive isotopes.

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