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I am in the midst of an internal debate.

Having read my states constitution, seeing all the contradicting paragraphs, repealed legislation, and superfluous articles, I am beginning to wonder if it may be better for me to start within; to start from scratch. Should I spend a term or two within my state's legislature, I could rewrite the document to solidify our economic position and ensure our state's integrity for all posterity. Then, knowing my home body of legislature was secure, I could tackle the task of homogenizing sound economics throughout the nation. It would require trust in my fellow legislators in the District of Columbia; no longer could complacency reside within. Rather, they must acquiesce to sound economic principle. Shall my elders put pen to paper on their parchment out east, I would do the same back home. Nonetheless, that is my conundrum.

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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