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Happy Holy Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a day observed by Christians but is not in any way limited in scope to Christianity and is a Holy day everyone can observe and feast on. We have so much going on in our world today and we can all use any chance to gather in Holy communion, no matter how far apart we are.

We have leaders saying this week will be equivalent to 9-11, Pearl Harbor even. We have fingers pointing every which way and today, let us all point in one direction, to heaven and ask for deliverance through these chaotic times and entrance into a better day, with stability, peace, and prosperity.

Our God,

We are experiencing pulls on our hearts and our minds in every direction. Our jobs, health, businesses and relationships suffer. We ask that you take over, and pull us toward Holiness and righteousness, to remove our suffering and deliver us to a new day in which we can all be safe and comfortable in our lives. We ask this humbly and in unison on this Palm Sunday. In all that is Holy and righteous we pray,


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