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Food Alert

There are too many conflicting mesages and the Senate is out until April 20th. I saw a message saying fast food and groceries are receiving pressure to close. To combat hunger issues, mentors and community leaders can go to the nearest food distribution facility and purchase 50 pound bags of flour, beans, and select among 10,000 food and restaurant products at bulk discount. It must also be noted one milk cow can produce 20 gallons of milk a day and the pasteurization process is simple and areas with high infant rates can benefit from an investment in this infrastructure. I do not have any idea why government is suggesting closing food retailers but here is a hedge against food shortages. No farming or agriculture operation should stop and the current sanitary measures being taken at my local WalMart are superior to AIDs hospitals and Leprocy hospitals and I recommend reading Mr. Ayyadurai's assessment on COVID-19.

1. There is a maximum containment threshold that has been surpassed.

2. People who have become sick have treatment regimes offered by leading scientist; vitamins over chemicals.

3. The economy will suffer enormously if the people do not return to normal daily activities and if people are separated into categories and enabled to return to normal operations based on health and fitness the national recovery will begin.

Hospitals and health facilities appear to be the main spreader of the virus and health workers should be kept away from grocers and food retailers and eat at home or at work with food furnished from their work and avoid interaction with the public in any capacity when exposed to the virus. A nurse, doctor, or other worker exposed to the virus and selecting groceries or touching restaurant doors enables spread. Health executives should work from home.

I am not currently in contact with Performance Food Service, US Foods, or Sysco but I urge these, including BeneKeith and McClane and others to strategize appropriately to maintain value chain and reduce shrink from spoilage. In a state of emergency, make new deals to stabilize. Sell Zaxbys chicken and fries to McDonalds, sell produce or donate to hospitals, work with your customers and keep the buyers busy and the night warehouse moving. We will settle accounts later and we will not lose because we were reactive; food distribution is crucial and collaborate as one food distribution facility as we recover from this pandemic; selling product to the people will decrease shrink and offer lucrative street margins that will help offset losses.

I am observing a 60% reduction in inventories and I know that is hitting the food distributors and we have to prevent further downstream chaos by taking initiative and moving our product around more strategically.

Consult with your customers and have them advertise sanitary food establishments, refuse health workers temporarily. Consult with Governors and their task forces. Be proactive. 

Every health worker exposed to the virus is a new patient zero in the community. This is truth and you must honor your obligations to the people and protect them by removing yourselves until the virus is contained; this order includes removing yourselves from people you live with temporarily. How can we begin to contain a virus when there is a constant flow of new cases coming from delivering care? Contain the virus, do not contain the people.

*It must also be noted that leading global scientist have writen to the Trump Administration with treatment regimines and return to daily operation guidelines and they have been ignored and instead, arbitrary treatments and protocol promoted. In my humble opinion, the Trump Administration is ignoring science to promote a selfish agenda that does not satisfy scientifically backed solutions in the hopes of increasing approval ratings. The danger is the widespread media coverage of these arbitrary solutions by the Administration and the suppression of science.

We need the government to asses food inventories and evaluate daily caloric needs for the population and ensure security of these needs. Assuming we have the capability to nourish 330 million people all the time is complete ignorance and the senate is out until the 20th. Per my recollection, we lost millions of acres of farmland due to flooding and other natural disaters and this must be a priority. This does not include the Trump instigated trade war and the commodity loss from his ignorance in global economics.

If the government feeds us like communist back in the Great Depression, we lose. I am readily available to take charge and mobilize any resources to ensure food stability in this nation. We will not see our people in lines for nourishment by the spoonful and this is proaction.

I studied history, we all did. Remember the Hoover Flag? The empty pocket hanging from the pants. Or the Hoover blanket? A newspaper used for warmth after rent was not paid and people became homeless. We have a problen to solve and it is time to remove those incapable and take action. This is not rocket science, it is government; the similarity is that both present problems that have a solution and this government is bringing ruin to the United States of America, and they are doing it with orange tans and gaveling when we need them.

Two weeks without the Senate is another pay period without pay for Americans and we cannot afford that while you recive your salary that we paid for. Businesses are not getting loans promised. This is a big screw up D.C. One that will go down in history.

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