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The Coronavirus has hit and what is going on?


This is a consolidated synopsis of what is happening from my sources in the military, biomedical manufacturing, and global disease control.


The first documented cases were in China near a large global seafood market. Cruise lines serving tainted food developed cases and cruise lines were isolated and the patients protected. All International airports are screening for the virus to prevent spreading and the sick and immediately detained. 


The Chinese first did not allow leading global experts to facilitate efforts to find patient zero, but on pressures from other countries and desperation for resolve, the scientist entered China and began work tracing down the Coronavirus. 


It appears that we are winning against the spread of this virus due to the sharp decline in new cases. For your safety, avoid raw seafood, International travel, and pay attention to your local news.


As of now, we are still working on the source of the virus and are investigating the many possibilities. No declarative statement will be made until investigation is complete.


Our God,

Please watch over the people and guide the minds of our scientist as they stop the spread of the Coronavirus and find cures to this sickness. Please have mercy on those infected and ease their suffering. We are in a delicate time and as we continue striving for peace and prosperity, we will not detach from our trust in you. In all that is Holy and Righteous we pray, Amen.

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