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Chinese Chess

INTERNATIONAL CHESS GAMES REQUIRE GUTS, STRATEGY, AND FINESSE. You must have these to compete or International Grand Masters will beat you every time. 

There is no Chinese Chess. There is only chess and we are playing an intense game with China right now.

We are in the middle game right now, but we are at a disadvantage because we tried to take their rook and instead lost a bishop and two pawns. 

It is ok though, because they weakened their defense with the trade and they goofed by placing tariffs. 

We need to apply offensive pressure on their king in order to level the playing field and take the rook we were after, and a bishop and several pawns.

Should we refuse any Chinese broadcasting equipment and begin manufacturing our own right now, today, we will take the lead position in the chess match. 

We can worry about the tariffs later.

*Broadcasting equipment is TVs, radios, Bluetooth devices and anything that sends and receives signal. 

1. We will need to pull together manufacturers of dozens of components and establish an assembly plant. (Texas Instruments + someone with injection molding capabilities + Liquid Crystal Display from Dell + IBM = a good start)

2. We should make the assembly plant a Just in Time facility. (Call Arkansas at 1-479-273-4000, cancel the current orders from China, and fill the orders with U.S. products)

3. Legislation must not disturb the collaboration as it will likely involve numerous states.



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