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Campaign Still Being Developed

Hello everyone. I am still doing my due diligence and am deeply involved in research; I am studying Oklahoma's economy, legislation since 1776, and global trade. As soon as the 77 Series are complete, I will engage in Social Media and be more active publically. Until I have completed my industrial agenda, I cannot be distracted. Should you have any questions about my life before this campaign, read my book on Amazon: Sometimes it is. (The prose is unedited and I have not reviewed it, it is for story telling purposes and the reader's amusement) I have 30/77 counties researched thus far and Project D3 is nearly wrapped up. Please keep in mind that this endeavor is unfolding before us and is constantly evolving. By the time the dust settles this campaign will be a perfectly faceted stone. 

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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