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Big Things Happening in Oklahoma

From the Oklahoma Department of Libraries website, I was able to sign up and receive newsletters from just about every organization and agency that operates for the state of Oklahoma. I am so thankful for this service because I am able to stay on top of all developments made in the state.

I want to share some of these developments because they are incredible and are reflecting the momentum we are building as a state.

1. Oklahoma State Department of Education approves $3.29 billion for our education. This is about $220 million more than last year and we are definitely showing the world where our priorities lay.

2. $1.7 million in school safety grants to help ensure our students are safe on campus. This includes developing a task force that seeks out and remedies behaviors exhibited by students that would otherwise evolve into trouble. 

3. Oklahoma's credit is on the rise and we were upgraded from stable, to positive. We all know how difficult and daunting increasing credit scores are so this is a major development for Oklahoma world wide and will make us more competitive in global finance. 

4. Oklahoma City police are training Oklahoma businesses and other organizations how to detect terrorist activity and to help the state keep out entities who wish to do harm to the nation. This is really special as our police force are taking on another responsibility; they are helping us keep out the bad guys. 

This is the real Oklahoma and we should all be proud of our state officials and legislators for working so diligently to reveal Oklahoma's true magnificence. 


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