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Azerbaijan, Oklahoma, and a little Peru

The Oklahoma-Azerbaijan meet and greet went really well last night. Minister Karimov commended Oklahoma on the quality of our agriculture products and we all certainly welcomed the highest ranking Azerbaijani official to ever visit the state.

The first person I met at this meeting was a Peruvian who represents many interests back in his home country. He was concerned about the protests in Chile; they are disrupting their commerce and the gentleman was anxious to make new contacts to help his situation.

Luckily there were Oklahomans to help create a sense of support and offer expertise to illicit clarity in how we will pursue commerce moving forward. Present were Generals, Lt. Colonels, Majors, and a Lieutenant from the Army. I had not seen Lieutenant Webster since our college days and it was great to reconnect with an old friend. Colonels from the Air Force also attended to offer advice and support to our foreign friends.

The meeting was primarily aimed at sharing agriculture knowledge: technology, equipment, and cultivation methods. OSU is heavily involved and a professor from the institution is working diligently expanding our relations with Azerbaijan. 

The take home from the meeting is that the state is expanding our commerce and we are building new relationships with some incredible cultures. Also, Oklahoma is now number three in cotton production and we are the 9th fastest growing economy in the nation. 

We are doing very well and all Oklahoman's should be proud of the momentum we are building. We will continue this trajectory and continuously improve. 

Azerbaijan is a beautiful country in a very special place and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to build new relationships with this Nation.

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