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A Question for the Elders

In my most recent federal legislative research, I came across something I am concerned about regarding committed grant resources and whether or not they were disbursed appropriately. I cannot speak for other states, but for those outside of Oklahoma, this may be worth looking into for your communities. 

My curiosity was sparked when reading about the National Commission on Intermodal Transportation, they had three objectives in 1991. First, they were to determine the status of problems surrounding intermodal transportation and to identify resources needed to enhance intermodal transportation. Finally, recommendations were to be made on how to achieve an efficient intermodal transportation system. The commission was terminated after a report was submitted in 1994. Here is a link to some of these reports: Commission Reports

It appeared the nation had a grasp on the issues surrounding our distribution operations, but we did not and the country continued on a downward spiral. 15 years later the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was passed and 1,072 grants were awarded and $8.78 billion was committed to stimulating communities throughout the United States. Oklahoma had grants in Tulsa, OKC, Norman, and Lawton and the five grants totaled about $30,000,000. The projects included security upgrades, transportation investments, and other critical community enhancements. The grant recipients were required to fully disclose information such as job creations, completion progress, and general comments on the success of the program.

However, the reporting stopped and it has been over a decade since these projects were to be completed. My question to the elders in Oklahoma is whether or not these projects were finished and whether or not our state has records of receipts from the grants. In the United States government, when a grant is awarded the funds are committed and there should not be any issues receiving funds to complete a project that the federal government approved and signed off on.

If the projects were in fact completed, just not reported, please disregard. Otherwise, make some phone calls. I believe we need to exchange a few abacuses for a few millennials on Capitol Hill; $700 billion for a handful of companies and less than $10 billion for the rest of the nation appears to be the result of one of two things: the calculator, or the Calculator.

P.S. Governor Stitt, I read your Executive Order 2020-03 and will email the costly, ineffective, duplicative and outdated regulations I find to Mr. Kline; I agree with the necessity of being succinct and relevant when it comes to Oklahoma legislation. 

Law that is well written is like reading a poem; there is a natural flow and it follows a pattern. Law that is not written well is like being in a labyrinth.

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