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A Message to My Constituents

I am thrilled with the amount of responses and increasing levels of engagement, especially among our young adults. We all have to learn how our government works and due to some of the questions I receive, I can tell there is a slight disconnect between roles of government officials so I hope to add more clarity for our new enthusiast. 

This Campaign Page is for United States Senate and I will be working with the other 99 Senators and 435 Representatives from the rest of our country to create laws, amend laws, and regulate commerce to benefit all United States Citizens. I will readily answer questions regarding Oklahoma legislation, and offer my opinions, but Oklahoma Senators and Oklahoma Representatives work exclusively with Oklahoma laws and are located in Oklahoma City and work on Oklahoma Code; US Senators and US Representatives work in Washington D.C. and work with US Code.

We have an incredible team of Senators and Representatives working diligently on our State needs, and a strong Governor to enforce our laws, but we have barriers that must be addressed on the federal level and that is where I come in. I am rallying the people of our state to come together so our voices can be heard and the barriers that prevent our state from reaching its true potential lifted. I am running as a Democrat because the party allows me to focus 100% on Oklahoma: our industry, economies, environment, health and education. Upon wining the Primary Election, my platform becomes part of the Democratic Party. I do not focus on walls, more defense spending or issues that redirect national resources outside of our state; I advocate a stronger United Nations to help global issues so we can harness our efforts internally as we move forward in 2020. 

I must articulate on my statement to focus internally, not on defense. For those who read defense news, you see the billions moving now in the form of new contracts. I do not see recommendations anywhere by our military leaders and as we strive to create more jobs and restore lost industries, we must look into our process for assigning our dollars to these massive defense contractors. When we see our economy falling on Wall Street and the only money moving is in defense, and our defense leaders are not deliberately illustrating need, then who is commanding these investments? We will never see our men and women underequipped, but we must be able to say the same of our farmers and industrialist. Many would blame the Military-Industrial Complex, but how can we blame when we own our dollars and we own their disbursement? How can we as a people demonstrate our need and award dollars accordingly? This is undoubtedly a question to be answered in the 2020 elections. 

Imagine what we could do for our state if we had just one billion dollars to invest in our needs? 20% to industry, 20% to developing economies, 20% to the environment, 20% to health, and 20% to education. We would shape our future for the better over night and this is what we need to focus on. In Congress, we can write One Billion Dollars, print it, and deliver it, we have that power, but we the people must wield that power, and by placing the quill in my hand, we will have that power. 

We need to focus on decreasing the per acreage cost for our farmers, establishing fair market prices for their production, and I can go on for days discussing politics, but the bottom line is this: our needs are not being met and it is my life mission to meet these needs for our people. 

Orrin Hatch has the record for the most laws passed in Congress at 742 over 42 years. The average year in Congress passes roughly 175 Bills. These Bills do not write themselves and as a voter you must ask yourself, who is going to write for you? Who will write endlessly for improvements and never lay down the quill when there is work to be done? 

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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