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52 Trillion is Inaccurate and Arbitrary

I am studying Azerbaijani in preparation for the Oklahoma-Azerbaijan commerce meeting to expand trade. Being back in OKC for a couple days, I have internet and Fox News. I have no technology on the farm right now so I try to catch up on global events when I can.

I do not wish to undermine my Democratic friends, but please do not promote awfully high Healthcare costs when you discuss Medicare for all. This is a complex topic, but I will explain.

First, we cannot tally up the operating costs right now. Several large health systems do NOT report properly to the SEC and we do not know what they need. So giving the number of $52 trillion is a guess unless St. Jude is whispering their financials to you.

Secondly, Medicare accounting is COMPLETELY different than current accounting. Hospitals bill thousands of dollars for X-rays, CAT scans, and even more for surgery that are actually free once the equipment is purchased. These will not be reimbursed under Medicare for all so you must take that into consideration.

Also, we will not pay more than manufacturing costs for medicine. Possibly a couple points more to encourage economic growth. But we will not pay big pharmaceutical companies 3000% markups to fund healthcare.

With this being said, take another approach to your figure; 52 trillion is just plain wrong here.

Also, when your are discussing Medicare for all, make sure insurance, big pharma, and big health are not in the room. Medicare for all is going to upset a lot of people that make their money by extorting the healthcare system in the United States.


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