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Why we need a Strong United Nations in 2020, and on.

Hooah, Oorah, Hooyah, Booyah in respect to the forces. We need as many participants as possible as we restore our lost industry, help other nations build markets, and enjoy a time of peace. I recently went to a finance conference and the presentation on the global economy was alarming and will take collaboration to stabilize. Currently, there is no other organization as well organized, and committed, to stabilizing the world and I believe that a strong United Nations will help the United States fill gaps that either we lack jurisdiction to fill, or we are under equipped in such a region requiring stability.

Through collaboration, we can extend further our resources as we develop new supply chains and strengthen the weakest links in the global economy. By accomplishing this, we can help developing states maintain economic gains, pursue entrance into new markets, and enjoy protection from the larger, most notably the five permanent, member states. We must all work in unison for this goal of global economic stability and like most issues of our time, will require a single, unified vision to manifest our desires of peace and prosperity. 

The current issues we face in the world economy are almost exclusively tied to poor financial structure, application, regulation, and implementation. There are rates that should be tied to natural market tendencies, not arbitrarily assigned to provide favorable financial opportunities at the cost of 3/4 of the Global Central Banks. Furthermore, we cannot manipulate data designed to standardize market prices. For example, the Consumer Price Index is a powerful tool that drives market prices, but when it is not allowed to naturally reach market equilibrium, the consumer loses because our dollar is far weaker than purported; it hurts the people when financial data is manipulated and according to the data, the people can afford purchases that they actually cannot, yet they are given credit to make purchases that under true market conditions, they cannot afford. 

As a United States Senator, I can work closely with the federal legislation needed to strengthen our financial situation. But when it comes to the rest of the world, we must ensure everyone plays their part and for this, we need a strong United Nations. It will be fruitless to write new legislation for the US, but have other countries writing counter-productive legislation in their domains. By developing a strong relationship with both the ICJ and the UN, we will have an additional layer of protection against these financial games that hurt the people, to help a few. 

*An important note for observers is that the original Charter required the five permanent members. The question I ask the United Nations is the relevance of the five permanent members in 2020 and the viability of amending the Charter to allow for a rotation of 15 Security Council Members and not 10. We have 193 member states and this question can easily be addressed in the September General Assembly Meeting, and a motion to vote on the amendment initiated. 

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