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Wednesday, November 20, 2019 1:01 AM

Trade Deficit and Medicare for All

**Update later later: I don't get upset messages much. But someone was upset that I ruined their company. As patriotic as I am, I bet I did a good thing. I probably broke a barrier that was holding my people back. If I broke your company, I meant to. Otherwise I don't know who you are or what you're talking about and I'd recommend reading Warren Buffet or President Trump's biographies so you'd be more successful and not whine when you see competition. Success is about being able to adapt. If I took your five miles of controlled distribution to make 2,500, I don't feel sorry. Open a motel or a restaurant. *Update later: no switch fees and no cart fees. Just be safe on the BNSF and communicate. This is a trial. Act stupid and we lose our Class 1 privileges due to safety. Just state your engine and your destination at crossing. You know the drill. It's funny because he laughed at .17 a cart and said "mail the check to Trump, he'll cash it." Do something special for papaw Warren and he'll supply our needed 9 months of gasoline. Tweet him or whatever he does. *Update 11/20/2019: I proposed these items, today Congress sponsored a bill for more cartoon characters. Do you guys not understand that you have to go home next month and tell your constituents why our nation is suffering tremendously and you're drawing cartoons while the judiciary committee is beating a dead horse? I bet a lot of you won't come home. That's why we never see you. People, this is not the president's job; this responsibility falls on the legislature. The president, executive branch, agrees or disagrees on what we write and the judicial branch helps our government enforce it. This is the way Democracy works and this is what we're supposed to be showing the world when we expect them to govern their own people. If the greatest Republic on Earth falls short, so does every other Democratic Nation.

Some may be in disbelief, but solving our trade deficit is not rocket science; it is pure economics. I came up with these plans by myself, but I am sure if I had my colleagues in Capitol Hill we could find tune the steps and implementation process. The world is a fun place so long as we all play fair and work together. 

Step 1: Enforce US Code and make the national supply chain useable: Railways and waterways. I want $0.17, just to cover your expenses per cart period anywhere I want federal rate. You got by with $5 a cart leaving hazardous waste. After I clean up your mess we'll call it almost square. You'll be in court next year if I'm forced to pay $900 per cart. I made about that much off GEICO by the way. The boys taught me in Bossier City that USAA was the way to go. No disrespect, Mr. Buffet, just good old fashioned competition. I drink Pepsi too, my ex Peruvian girlfriend refused me to have coke. If you want me to organize a deal for that Saudi Oil company let me know. We can make a mutually beneficial arrangement for multiple nations and I've been practicing up on my Arabic. We need to secure 3,000,000 barrels a day of gasoline until the electric motor takes off. Let's make an option agreement for three years and get out with some cheese. Option being crude hits $30, we back out. Then when we're ready, we flood the market and drop the price and get out. That's how we roll right? Put up $10 billion in escrow and I'll fly to China. They can take the risk with their excess capital and undeveloped risk management protocol. We'll be in and out faster than you can try to learn Chinese. We need 6-9 months of that gasoline to manufacture enough electric motors to compensate the gap. We'll be solving an economic situation and I'll control risk through diplomacy. Sweet talk the prince and get it started for 1.5 trillion and I'll convince President Xi Jingping the importance of energy dependency. It's just chess, no need to cry over a checker game we weren't even playing.*Industrialist have a unique sense of humor. Please do not take offense if you're employed by Berkshire Hathaway. I'm going to take all of Warren's money before he can say White Owl, but through competition and finesse. As American industrialist competition, not enemies. I love Warren Buffet, I studied him for decades. He just met me.

Step 2: Collaborate with Dell's liquid crystal display, Texas Instruments interior technology, and whoever else wants to save our economy and immediately manufacture broadcasting equipment for Christmas shoppers. 

Step 3: Stop importing refined products, expand our existing refining and develop environmentally friendly metal refining.

Step 4: Expand trade with Middle East and South America and Africa and the small, damaged, former USSR nations. Better yet, out compete German broadcasting tech that is distributed along European supply chains.

Step 5: Stop importing food and allow the people to farm anything they like in any quantity they can sustain. The people are not dumb, they will make profits buy stocking our grocery stores.

Step 6: Encourage adaptation of electric motors with a systematic approach to first eliminating reliance on gasoline imports, then the steady and controlled phasing out of combustion engines and the creation of a massive nation wide electric grid.

Step 7: Vertical integration of our raw materials from production, through manufacturing, to retail. This is especially important for our cotton and new hemp industries.

Step 8: Absolutely not, under any condition, can a person outside the legislative, executive, or judicial branches of our government alter these steps or interfere with their development.

Step 9: we will have to stop the flow of imports into our nation should we not be able to balance trade quick enough. We will have to call China and let them know that another 3,000 containers of clothes, toys, and technology will devastate our economy and to turn back to their home port, the goods will not be accepted until further notice. Step 10: until we can get the deficit under control, produce and export coal to South America and new and developing African nation's. We will have to ensure they're facilities meet our standards of environmental conscience before we can ethically supply them. Step 11: Have the SBA seek out and assist new market participants reach new external markets. Step 12: allow funding for manufacturing expansion, especially in cotton and hemp. We can humbly ask our richest class to lend a million here, 50 million there, and enjoy watching the nation Excell from their accumulated hard work and savings. Step 13: invigorate our Drug Enforcement Agency to immediately eliminate all known distribution channels with military assistance. Collaborate with Mexico President Obrador and other Latin American leaders. Step 14: No more one sided trade deals. Until we heal financially, we will make deals in our best interest and out of need. We will not engage in import agreements that causes us to lose. An example is foreign operating equipment that we manufacture: John Deere, CAT, and Ditch Witch and such. Step 15: Invest in large scale production and exportation of the incredibly strong, incredibly durable rock paper made from limestone. Step 16: Manufacture oil and gas production equipment; stop buying European parts or do semi annual agreements. We have to heal ourselves, but we have to be cognizant on others economic well being. Step 17: stop importing construction materials. Once railways become affordable, we will produce all necessary lumber and drywall and the like. Step 18: market Ford electric motor to global car markets. Step 19: sponsor the bill I proposed to protect US manufacturing; require goods with US patents to be manufactured in US. Facilitate factory relocation. Step 20: eliminate economic redundancy: do not waste chicken manure fertilizer then sell anhydrous fertilizer to the farmers less that 100 miles away that need to reduce food production per acre costs. Step 21: companies like Seaboard in Guymon Oklahoma need production levels mitigated to increase market participants in hog production. Poultry too. And flour mills. Their market control results in US citizens being locked out of economic opportunity while all funds are risked over seas. Read their financial reports. Step 22: create federal mobile network and affordable plans utilizing US satellites. Step 23: allow foreign relations committee members to establish new supply chains with military assistance. Step 24: construct large scale recyclable reclamation facilities with products marketed globally. Step 25: eliminate subsidized farming, do not pay people to do nothing with their land. Equip county labor force and establish state share cropping on the millions of acres of prime American farmland. Step 26: eliminate tariff rate quotas that allow agriculture product quality to fade due to market control and lack of continuous improvement sparked by competition. This enables more participants and stimulates economies. Step 27: take advantage of wind energy right away. To help coal industry, develop new export markets. Better yet, require "most efficient and effective" practice. Step 28: have the SBA hire black belt six sigma team to assist struggling start up and established operations improve processes; this creates higher wages and increased output and enhances safety. Step 29: allow FDA approved venison to be sold on a wild game market for restaurants. Duck, quail, and the like. Step 30: require colleges with substantial endowments to parlay investment returns into lower tuition. Step 31: require ratios for retail inventory. Penalize businesses with less than 50%, or other specified inventory ratio, of US produced good being retailed. Step 32: replace the sugar industry that was stolen in Hawaii with another agriculture product. They loose billions doing nothing with the land and not enough people, equipment, and knowledge to redevelop. Step 33: enhance cyber security to include internet transactions. Incorporate buffer process that gives the consumer more time to think about their purchase to a foreign con artist. Step 34: enforce credit rates. Goldman Sachs can charge 30% interest no problem but my state bank gets phone calls above 4%. Anything higher than 9% is brutal on the target consumer. Step 35: establish and enforce volume buying limits on Wall Street to reduce price manipulation and false performance, misleading the average investor who would otherwise actually be making good investment decisions. Step 36: fix retirement planning and the sharks that ravage 401k accounts. They make fortunes playing our money, then take an abhorrent percentage. That's to help ease our elder years and most of us just lose 50% of what we put in, sometimes more. Step 37: popularize equestrian culture to stimulate horsemanship, get people active, and create a market for our top level thoroughbreds among the upper middle class. Step 38: prevent credit scoring bias that makes the lower class pay significantly more for credit versus the privileged. Make the process easier to build and do away with penalizing our scores for inquiring at a dealer. They sometimes run our number with 7 banks before we can say we're just browsing. With technology, by the 7th bank, we're already knocked down over 20 points. Step 39: develop fungi market. Billions consume various species as a diet staple and Pushmataha County has suitable acreage for cultivation in commercial quantities. Step 40: develop large scale indoor agriculture for commercial distribution of fruit and vegetables year round to reduce seasonal imports. Step 41: build scaled homeless shelters to relocate the homeless population to areas that need human capital for industrial expansion. Step 42: set huge penalties for cell phone companies that refuse to unlock mobile devices. Investigate insurance fraud and protect the consumer from extortion. These companies evolve faster than the FCC can adapt and the people are being extorted. Step 43: foster growth in food manufacturing participants by monitoring and limiting conglomerates like Kelloggs. Reduce the requirements to begin an operation and do not allow litigation to push out smaller operations. Step 44: investigate commodities trading fraud. There appears to be a gap that keeps opening when large volumes of commodities get caught with a tariff and the loss is passed on to farmers and the government pays for it. Step 45: help regulate our precious beef market prices. The ranchers should observe another 1000 pounds when the livestock is butchered but the business is rigged so if we built a processing plant in Oklahoma, the market price should remain the same based off supply and demand. Step 46: encourage mineral interest owners with large land tracts to either sharecrop or farm themselves. The rise of oil and gas money has led to a decrease in agriculture production. Step 47: manufacture laundry detergent for a price more affordable to the average family. The markup is too high based on the raw materials. Step 48: create American cheeses of exceptional quality and originality. We illegally copy Italian blue cheese and parmesan and this hurts the Italian economy. We need to be original and let them have their market while expanding our dairy production among a larger number of farmers. Step 49: reopen the asphalt mines in Pushmataha County and locate a buyer, preferably in South America or Mexico. Step 50: create a market valuation for precious stones. They're highly desired and the US has an abundance in Appalachia, but there is no market established for buying and selling precious stones.

This will all but resolve our trade deficit and set the nation up for continued success shall we stay strong and united for this purpose.

Now for healthcare for all. First, the people must know and understand that there will be no health insurance. The government will cover your health expenses and the days of health as a business will be over. When we wake up in the morning, the world will still be here, and you will have stopped worrying about medical expenses. As I continue searching for the answer, the more I realize we have to really dig in and asses operating expenses nationwide. We really need to create an agency to consolidate this information and help provide avenues and techniques to provide the most service for the lowest cost. Many healthcare facilities and doctors service cosmetic operations and we have to really decide what we will cover.

Step 1: Tally budget for current Medicaid and all health related expenses as listed in the Omnibus Appropriations. This is our nest egg.

Step 2: Create a Health Enforcement Agency that is responsible for: Enforcing unique patient identifier numbers so all health data can be obtained. Consolidating health financials across the board. We will need an agent for every state and one director. As soon as we have a working figure on actual costs, we will strategically set pricing limits on services that allow very moderate profits for expansion in equipment, facility, research. 

Step 3: There must be a title in the US code created to set penalties for citizen health decline, case number increases, and a standard operating procedure for processing and eliminating environmental hazards linked to illness. Rewards will be given to significant citizen health improvements.

Step 4: Allow non profit organizations that operate on donations to continue but with strict financial reporting.

Step 5: Once all healthcare costs tallied nationwide, determine coverage sponsorship and determine appropriate facility depreciation scales, for equipment too. We will likely have to extend the depreciation schedule over 30 years depending on debt/equity assessments. If the company is engaged in healthcare technology sales, factor the sales into facility depreciation first, decreasing federal healthcare expense. We will have to determine what to do about existing facility debt.

Step 6: After first assessing civilian budget for all observed reallocations, collaborate with military leaders posted in the 150 countries we are present and scale back, enhance supply chain through allowing open sharing of resources across the branches. Once every establishment submits their recommendations we will transfer all available monies into the civilian budget for health.

Step 7: Redirect overseas investment funds of 100 billion or greater into a healthcare fund for equipment, facility, and personnel expansion as we try this model. We must also create a global effort to eradicate cancer growth and chronic illness. This procedure is more for recouping the mass volumes of cash that has been taken from the US health system

Step 8: Quarterly health assessments showing the decline in cases, especially those involving children and young adults. Focus efforts on areas that are struggling improving citizen health.

Step 9: Under no circumstances can a person or entity interfere with the transition from private health enterprise to public health service.

Step 10: the healthcare enforcement agency will also need to assess total job loss from this transition and prepare companies for disengagement. Step 11: board members from every health care facility, clinic operators, and essentially every executive level personnel must sign acknowledgements of acceptance and willingness to abide by the new US Health Codes and full cooperation of the healthcare enforcement officers. Step 12: repeal any other healthcare legislation and reallocate existing accounts to the new agency. Step 13: if budget deficits continue or underfunding is experienced after all other options are exhausted, then consider an income based assessment for healthcare. Something like $200 a year for income under $20,000. Essentially a 1% health assessment. Step 14: extreme utilities discounts, or no charge for facility electric and water by provider. Step 15: home health will be reimbursed by salary expense, travel, supplies, and vehicle depreciation. Step 16: assess state's capability of healthcare contributions. Enforcement agents will handle state and federal funding distributions cleared by director. Step 17: medical malpractice suits will be criminal offenses tried in judicial system.

Step 18: ambulance and helicopter transportation will be salary expense for operation and equipment depreciation only. Step 19: healthcare professionals will have to become government employees, or civil servants on a set pay scale. With one million doctors of medicine in the US, at 100,000 a year, that's a trillion alone. We don't have wiggle room with an excess of service providers with our current federal revenue. Instead of raise taxes, build federal industry, for the people. Step 20: calculate and determine existing equity and debts in sponsored health systems. Step 21: establish food and materials resource supply chain to cut third party expenses under agency administration. Source competitively. Step 22: incorporate human capital management technology to decrease overhead expenses and facilitate operations. Step 23: incentivize healthcare professionals to switch to civil service by reducing their taxes, income and property. Step 24: investigate all medical procedures in search for redundant processes and waste of time and resources. The healthcare enforcement agency will know what to look for. Step 25: purchase and use medical equipment based on effectiveness and cost efficiency. Do not buy equipment designed to rack up billing. The healthcare Enforcement agents will know what their looking for. Step 26: after unique patient identifier is enforced and data is consolidated, treat based on effectiveness and trace illnesses to their root cause. Attack patterns and eliminate ineffective treatments. Step 27: use medicine as a last resort to encourage healing. Do not administer blood pressure medication to a 40 year old with 150/80. Encourage better lifestyle choices and educate rather than medicate and make the patient dependent for another 50 years. Always try to reduce prescriptions rather than stack medicine after medicine over time. Make patients drug independent. Step 28: establish healing standards: require healthcare staff to heal what data analysis deems as curable illnesses. Penalize operations that fail to have successful healing rates to known successful procedures. Step 29: immediately enforce SEC reporting of all hospitals and health care operations. Step 30: assess health care professionals salaries. Rethink paying a radiologist $700,000 a year to review imaging from multiple locations with less effort than a radiology technician. Never reimburse expenses for imaging, they are free. Step 31: have health enforcement agents monitor beds in private health. Establish new controls to prevent expired patients from remaining hooked up to equipment keeping them alive completely artificially. Step 32: review cardiovascular procedures to determine more effective treatments. Decrease bypass numbers and focus on healing cardiovascular patients from the inside. Step 33: in long-term acute care hospitals, often patients are there from accidents. Health enforcement agents must ensure healthcare costs are paid by the appropriate insurance company. Follow through until treatment is finished and do not leave the recently rehabilitated person confused, out of work, and covered in debt that is not rightfully theirs, or the government's. Step 34: develop better screening procedures to catch illnesses before the exacerbate. Step 35: establish internal health network for doctors to review health data to better diagnose and treat their patients. Step 36: inventory healthcare professionals and their patient healing rates. Remove license from those who fail to meet determined criteria. Across the board, nurses too. Step 37: encourage healthcare Enforcement agents to learn black belt six sigma methods for continuously improving. Focus on variance and eliminate defects using appropriate data points. Treat faster, more effectively, continuously improving. Step 38: Investigate dental billing and apply all mentioned processes to eliminate Medicaid extortion and enhance dental care. Encourage children to be satisfied with who they are and be less adament about braces and other corrective operations. Step 39: investigate vision costs and eliminate need to re exam yearly before prescription is released. Reimburse small percentage above lense manufacturing cost. Step 40: train school teachers to identify early signs of chronic illness and immediately report to designated health authority. Step 41: take behavioral health seriously. This is only words and medication. Be more liberal about medicating to ease mental suffering and establish routine visits to asses treatment success techniques and record and archive all data in accordance to health reporting requirements. Step 42: incorporate alternative medical practices in health care systems. Require medical students to study medicine from around the world. Step 43: develop process to recognize and prevent diabetes utilizing education, diet, and exercise before the disease sets in. We have to prevent lifelong ailments. Step 44: in treatment, diet and vitamins can be used more frequently to heal. Coach healthy lifestyles before administering synthetic prescriptions. Step 45: include violence and crime related hospitalization in data recording for better crime statistics. Those are not properly represented currently and the last data set showed the youth being the most victimized. We must address this and correct this trend. Step 46: report drug related hospitalization in data collection. Step 47: treat allergies naturally by exposing the patient to natural antihistamines instead of loading them up with expensive allergy medications. Step 48: develop strategies to repair tRNA in cells using supplements to repair transcription related illness. Step 49: research elephant blood and how it fights of cancer. Step 50: I'll leave the last one for Congress. This will enable Medicare for All. Before I started digging in, I admit I underestimated the total healthcare costs. I referenced a model that works before, but in that model, industry and health are interwined and the focus is on healing. In a free market model, we have a lot of healing to do before healthcare can be truly free and we will also need to resolve our budget deficit and experience industrial expansion. But we can do this together. We will have to create the agency and collect a great deal of data first, but it's there, right in front of us. The moment we focus on health and not money we will see substantial improvements. Right now, it is a complete mess but with some guts, a tough legislature, and an even tougher president, we can sign this. The cookie will crumble as it will, but the dust will settle and our nation will be greater for it. 

Something does not sit right in me knowing God is watching us and the highest death rates among children are cancer related and with our attention, we can stop this. We are the greatest nation on Earth and this is our destiny to end corruption and choose people over money.

An example of this model is a small county hospital with 10 doctors on a set salary, along with all necessary nursing staff and such with equipment and this is how we will reimburse: salary expense, quarterly equipment and facility depreciation, medicine and supplies. There will be no service charges or service billing in state run facility. For private, government purchase of healthcare technology and equipment will be factored into reimbursement. Same salaries expense with no service billing. As for pharmaceuticals, reimbursements will have a set rate of markup based on gathered operating financials obtained by the healthcare enforcement agency. In my experience, indigent care delivered a significant blow to the healthcare system. Under this model, the volume of care does not undermine the funding. *Last note: we may have to start small and scale up. We can begin by replacing lost rural hospitals with Federal healthcare and advance upward. We could start with a discipline as well, like ER care for all and tackle general care, long term acute care and such as we progress. Businesses that cover their employees health insurance can opt to pay the 1% assessment. We could also do a 1% health assessment as a national sales tax. And a 10% health assessment on marijuana, alcohol and tobacco products. Assess satellite TV, cellphones, video games, anything that deteriorates health. The manufacturers and retailers health deteriorating products will pay the health assessment, not the people. Place hefty fines on pollution. Real pollution, not a small amount of paraffin from a gathering system that can be dug up without affecting more than 6" of soil. Big pollution like hazardous waste leaks on old Oklahoma railroads. If we start out with this process, and allow everything else to remain constant, we will not have to undermine private healths right to a free market economy. We will, however, outcompete them and completely take over the US healthcare industry by providing high volume quality care and restricting Medicaid reimbursements according to the agency bylaws. All assessments will be used toward the United States Health Enterprise. Should private health choose to become a federal service, they can join the team. Big insurance gloats about 120 billion dollar third world investment funds, and 200,000 oil and gas workers were laid off in the Eagle Ford alone and we had to survive, and we did. I see the collapse of the current health system with lion eyes. *Checkmate*

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 8:35 PM

LeFlore County Democrats Meeting

The Democrats of LeFlore County are a wonderful group of people; they love their country and are concerned about our Democracy.

But this story has more to do about humble generosity and people believing in Democracy. You see, I am a poor politician seeking office and I only want to raise money to travel and I do not wish to hire a team and rent an office; my party does this. But this is dangerous when you have a 400 mole round trip and your father is in Washington DC. I had to accept the need to raise money and carry on my political campaign, LeFlore County was waiting on me.

The people who got me to Poteau were Hindu and we discussed a little religion. We talked about the brothers Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. I gave them some Native American healing crystals and they gave me gas. I left them a handful of Senate cards and implored them to visit my website; Hindu immigrants have much to learn about our republic and I am confident they can learn everything they need to from me webpage.

I made it to the meeting on time and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with them about the changes needed and how we will proceed with carrying out our mission: to find industry, build economy, protect the environment, improve health, and focus on education.

A representative for the Bernie Sanders campaign was present, and the presidential candidate seems to be pursuing exactly what we need in Oklahoma. I support his candidacy.

The fun part began after the meeting, however, when I realized I was out of gas, out of money, but not out of luck. My fundraising began the moment I was forced to ask my constituents for help to travel home. And help they did.

The first place I asked for help to travel was a massage parlor. I thought it odd because it was after 8:00 pm but I needed to get home. There was an old retired man who refused to speak with me because I was Democrat. Why would he think I don't believe in God, I want to take his guns, and I want to destroy America? I have never met a Democrat like that in my life, I have only heard about them on Fox News. I am a strong believer in God, I respect the Constitution and I am working harder than any candidate to preserve my country. But hey, he was in a massage parlor after hours blind as a bat; a prayer for him is the best that will come from that encounter with a republican.

The next place was a Mexican restaurant about to clean up for the night. In Spanish, I greeted them and we spoke of my campaign. Bless her heart, Ms. Yesenia Martinez offered me food and all she could give at the time, $10. I ensured her I will do everything in my power to restore immigrant confidence; our new American brothers and sisters deserve a fair chance to enter the republic and make a life for themselves.

But I still needed $20 more to make it home. I continued walking to the next building, a gas station, where I met another two beautiful and humble Oklahoman woman. They listened to what I had to say, asked questions, then Ms. Gabby Robins and Ms. Lisa helped me with the remaining $20 and wished me safe travels.

My fellow Americans helped me. They listened to me, and then helped me pursue this mission. I cannot believe my experience in Poteau. There is hope in our Democracy when people will open their minds and open their hearts to a true American Politician.

I love my country, I love my people. Even if they don't respect my party because they have been trained to believe Democrats are evil, I still love them and will make their lives the greatest they can be by representing not just Democratic values, but human values.

God bless you LeFlore County and thank you for the new friendships and an unforgettable experience in American Politics.

Monday, November 18, 2019 8:57 AM

Economy and Healthcare and a little Alexander Hamilton rant


Politics is a lot like chess; you think about your next move, then your opponent's. Luckily I am very very good at the game. The longer you think about your next move, the more ways I find out to win. We're also playing a rigged game; I have no Queen until after the primaries. Yet I have taken your rooks, bishops, and knights. Play a short game with your pawns or resign and allow the next player to challenge an International Master of chess.

That room in the North Wing of the Capitol is for the 100 best and brightest, most compassionate people from each state in the republic. Not for the old and self interested retired politicians. This will be an expensive election for you, not for me. It will cost you $25,000,000 to pretend your heart is bigger than mine. And I know you didn't raise that with your first $50,000 mail campaign. Trying to increase defense spending and intimidating the people with false boarder concerns. How about visiting the homeless population in your home district and explain to them why industry was allowed to ravage our state, break our homes, and starve our people? I already told them my side, let them hear yours. Sending letters to registered Republicans isn't going to work in 2020. There's hardly any left in Oklahoma now.

Before I begin, how about for one day our politicians talk about the 330 something million citizens and not each other's political party? One day where we do not have to believe you are representing us, then be misled. One day where it is not about the Ukraine or Russia or China. One day where everything that comes out of your mouth is progress for the people. I am addressing the legislature, not the executive nor the judicial branches. The president has shifted focus to Healthcare, and you guys are sponsoring one irrelevant bill after another. I heard Senator McConnell holds up progress. I watch Representative Pelosi hold up progress, I have for a long time. These people have to be elected in 2020. Will you choose people who hold up progress? 

Trim the defense budget according to the law of diminishing marginal product, create a health enforcement agency, compensate 2.5% Healthcare service markups, and give the people Healthcare. We can do this now, or wait until this 30 year old patriot comes to Capitol Hill January 2021 and does it for you. I have solved calculus problems more difficult then solving the healthcare conundrum. For starters, a bypass surgery costs an hour of labor for the crew performing it and a one night stay in the hospital. When I'm paying your bills, I'm only reimbursing the hospital for prorated labor, equipment depreciation, and food and medicine. You're not going to be cashing $250,000 checks for each of the 50 people who had surgery that day. The system broke by doing that to the government. If the government buys your equipment, you will not charge for it's use. Medicine for all is possible, but it will take guts. There is no secret folder that DC has that the people can't read. We all have access to the resources needed to resolve national issues. I read more and process more information each day on this cell phone than 100 Senators did all week. Maybe if you added up all their tweets for a day it would equal one of my essays.

Wall Street saw record numbers last week; people were not buying computers and a number of other goods that were off the shelves during the tariff wars with China. Money was flowing around the US economy in record volumes for around a month or so.

The tariffs have been lifted and the computers are back on the shelves. This will result in Wall Street shrinking over the upcoming months until the market restabilizes, likely after the Holiday season. 

This is an inevitable reality until we begin manufacturing our own broadcasting equipment, which is a project I will carry with me into Senate.

The commodities markets are the ones who struggled during this time; the billions paid to compensate their losses stung a bit. But as Wall Street shrinks, the commodities markets will fatten up with increased supplying to Chinese citizens. The economic theorems and formulas to measure the exact economic impact become complex due to the amount of Pacific Trade, but the Walt Disney version is that our economy will weaken when for every $100 that go to China, we receive $15 in return. Also, it is winter here; holiday shopping is under way while food production will halt until the next growing season.

If Oklahoma built a broadcasting manufacturing complex, a large crude refinery, doubled the federal reserve oil supply, and built a zinc smelter, over night we would resolve our financial issues. Then with strong federal representation, we would get cheap rail rates making our pipeline material and other heavy building material offer rather attractive margins. O yea, and we can sell bonds to China or whoever ever else we want and finance this project.

China does not want to keep winning in our international trade game; they want us to quit beating ourselves. All we have to do is take action and seize economic opportunity readily available in our own country. Fortunately for the Republic, our Democracy will make this happen for us; it is the will of the people to live in the number one country. So we will give the people what they want.

Furthermore, Oklahoma will become the number one state; we will need improved state legislation to protect and develop our railroads. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission is extremely busy; they are more busy than the Democrats trying to impeach President Trump. We need an Oklahoma Rail Association to properly asses and govern our state supply chains. Texas has the Texas Railroad Commission.

President Trump started making real progress in health reform. I was surprised at this because I was sure this would be a Democratic Platform but it appears Republicans desire Medicare for all as well.

The question now is how do we cut costs? I still say to cover salaries, facility and equipment only with marginal room for markup. Once we eliminate x-ray, CAT scan, and surgical upcharges and enormous pharmaceutical markups we will begin making Medicare for all a reality. My experience comes from both rural Healthcare and a Fortune 500 operation; I know a thing or two about Health. I witnessed the collapse of Pushmataha County Hospital first hand and I witnessed through my father's career the development of "Big Health" during the Obama Administration. The strongest leaders in my community and the best bankers in the state, arguably the nation could not save the dissolution of the economic driver for the poorest county in Oklahoma. What about the thousands of others that are on the cusp of suffering this same fate, and do not have those resources?

On the other hand, I am also witnessing first hand the evolution of Healthcare and I observe models that work and I know the people capable of scaling this model up to provide Medicare for all.

I say this often and truthfully, no one is to blame. We just have to correct what we know now to be broken. If the current Establishment cannot perform this task, they are either corrupt or incapable of performing their obligations to the people; that is grounds for replacement. There are candidates like me who know what to do, and are capable of doing it.

I am pleased that we are managing to work on something other than an impeachment. Imagine what all we could do in this time? It will be over before we know it though and we'll be on to bigger and better things.

*I digress here, Biden appeared on my screen with more anti-American propaganda. Remember this fellow Americans, we move forward as a nation, we move forward together. Anything regressive is anti-American. Tax increases are regressive, poor foreign policy is regressive, increases in health problems and poverty is regressive. Once we decide to continuously improve, and refuse regression, we are the strongest nation on Earth. If your Senator tells you we have to take more money from a class of citizenry to fund something or simply "we do not have the funds," I implore you to request time off, go to Washington DC, and demand they read you the Omnibus Appropriations; there is plenty of room for improvement. This way they can lie straight to your face and not behind a camera. Make sure they read both to you, there is a civilian budget and a defense budget. They're not very long but tell you the complete US budget.

Politicians have a job, they have a job people. Their job is to make our lives as easy and enjoyable as possible. While we are waking up at 5:00 am, taking the bus to work, breaking our backs for 8-10 hours and unable to buy enough food or purchase healthcare, their job is not being performed. When do they wake up? How long do they spend working to make your life better? They don't. They make a comfortable space up there and fight each other. Ask them what is wrong with their state, county by county. 

Leave marijuana to the states. This cuts off 70% of illegal substance importing and provides industry for many states. We like controlling the supply chain in our state lines. Furthermore, retailing and production of the medicine belongs to the state and the people choose whether or not they want free access to the plant. We do need a federal agency to collect taxes from sales and monitor production and health data. I bet if Joe Biden's son could make a billion dollars off Marijuana, he wouldn't be criticizing the medicine. Or wait, is he trying to make a billion from redistributing our market control? I seriously think you need to step down and stop wasting valuable political resources. Your campaign funds could be better used for American interest. You do not talk with my Democratic Party before launching media campaigns. Who are you consulting with? Do they speak English? People, next time you observe manure on television, turn it off. Even Fox News will stop perpetuating waste if we disengage. They will do anything for us to turn the TV back on. By the way, have any of you tried to contact Hannity? I did, to no avail and all I got was Russian hack attempts from New Jersey on my mobile network and a lot of advertisements. It is not my fault that I am keen to DDA breeches, but what about the people? A DDA breech is when a foreign entity undermines our mobile network. What this means is that Russian Space technology is conflicting with our sovereignty, to put it in a nutshell. But this is a classified project that I will take to Senate and resolve without the people having to worry about who is hijacking their data while they are trying to watch old Disney movies. I just want you to know, that I know, what is going on and I will resolve it. The US will police space and maintain order. We will take down satellites that cross into our air space without asking questions while launching satellites so sophisticated, other countries will think aliens built them.

If someone wants to make a lot of money, create application software that restricts network usage to a single mac address. Norton filters, we need stronger defense. We cannot allow virtual networks to host anyone but ourselves. Personally, I am fed up with letting multiple users piggy back on my network privileges.

*Update: I just saw the new Electric Ford Mustang Sedan for $40,000. If electric cars take off and replace combustion engines on a large scale, we will close the economic gap caused by crude refining. We will not need a 3,000,000 barrel a day capacity refinery. How long will it take for the electric car boom to create a noticeable dent in gasoline consumption? Depends on how many people buy electric cars. We will lose jobs in the oil and gas sector, but the industry lost will be replaced, to a limited extent, with new industry in electric motor vehicle manufacturing. The better question is how many electric cars need to get sold to eliminate gasoline importing. 

Saudi Arabia is already selling their largest oil company for 1.7 trillion; this is 300 billion less than the appraised value. I suppose they are trying to get out while they are ahead. I wonder who will purchase a pile of metal in the middle of the desert? Probably Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway. We all saw Wall Street swell up and that means incredible cash volume for those who own our stock market, literally. Will we see Ford go bankrupt and the electric car saved for those in the top income brackets? Maybe not, $40,000 is a great price point, plus you get a several thousand dollar rebate bringing the price down to around $33,000.

What if China buys the company? Any money we save in our trade agreement will be lost when we buy our refined crude oil from them. The same end result occurs if Russia buys it. I do not believe any other country has the capital nor risk management capabilities to make such an acquisition without a collaborated effort. What is our best bet? Sell 25 million electric cars and forget about overseas oil refining. As you can, there is a lot going on in 2019. 

It will be very interesting indeed to see an overseas investment that does not pay off because the people choose their future; the game will hot be rigged this time. We'll play Candy Land by the rules, just like my mom made me do.

If the electric motor takes over the market, the Saudi refineries will be better off being recycled into train tracks for the Americas.

In my campaign travels, those who work in electricity production and distribution earned in the $40-50/ hour range. That's about what a welder makes after expenses and the best part? They stay right at home, deer hunt, work cattle and raise their family. God bless you Trevor.

I have yet to see a reason not to build a zinc smelter. It is okay to swap industry, it becomes harmful when you take industry and do not replace it.

Monday, November 18, 2019 4:08 AM

Who do I look up to?

When I am campaigning, I get asked the same questions over and over. One of my favorites is when I am asked about my political techniques and general style. So, I'd like to share my answer with everyone who may also be curious.

When it comes to Oklahoma politics, Senator Rabon, Representative RC Pruett, Governors Stitt, Henry, and Walters. These people I admire and respect for their commitments to the state. Senator Rabon has been one of my best friends my whole life and Representative RC Pruett is one of the most generous men I have ever known; his grocery stores in our poorest areas continually provide quality food products for the people. Governor Stitt and I are both Cherokee politicians and we share a tribal bond. Governor Henry's daughter was a good friend of ours while at OSSM and she never minded hanging out with the Oklahoma nerds. I met Governor Walters when raising some money for the Oklahoma Democratic Party recently and he and his wife are some of the most humble Oklahomans I know.

People may be confused why I would raise funds for the party and not my campaign; the Democratic Party cannot support me until after the primaries. I suppose you can call it confidence. I also am fully aware of our struggling Democratic bank accounts and was more obliged to line their coffers. I am only as strong as my party so helping them supersedes helping myself. After June 30th we'll see where the cookie crumbles.

I also really enjoy reading what Representative Emily Virgin writes. She is a very intelligent person and has a gentle way about describing intense issues that come up.

When it comes to federal politics, I need to build a relationship with Representative Kendra Horn; I hear she is very influential and I would like to team up with her.

Representative Dan Boren and I became friends when I was 15 years old and he was taking congressional district two. He brought medical equipment to our poorest area and I always respected him for that. He also wrote me a citation when I was 18 that meant a lot to me as a young man; I was also a recipient of the Boren Award that eased the burden of my freshmen year in college.

I've never met any of our US Senators, they have always been very elusive. I have been looking forward to meeting Senator Inhofe, but have yet to encounter him in Oklahoma.

As far as my political approach, I am much more old school. I like Alexander Hamilton a lot. I write like him because he has a very unique style. Alexander Hamilton consistently wrote about major issues using high diction. What is particularly special about this is that he was educating the citizenry because within his prose, he defined words and by reading, the population was constantly being educated; their lexicon was always expanding. That is what I try to do.

I am sure that as my political career grows and I am elected into positions this list will grow, but for now, these are the people that have the largest influence on my political strategy.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 8:35 PM

A Revelation I had

*Before reading this I want my audience to know that our lowest class of citizenry knows more about politics and the US Constitution than I could have imagined; they may be more in tune to the US Code than our own politicians. When it's violated, they completely give up hope in Democracy.

I know everything about Oklahoma industry and what our issues are. I want to visit with those who are experiencing a new beginning, from the bottom. We will connect together and lift ourselves up, I know it.

I'm leaving in the morning and headed to Tulsa. I'm going to visit homeless shelters and spread the word of democracy. There's 7 months until the primary election, I caught up on 250 years pretty quick; I'm not worried about a couple months on the road.

The goal of this campaign is to determine how to lift the spirits of every single Oklahoman, I know this means going to the darkest places. So starting in Tulsa, I will find the people at their lowest and figure out how to shine light inside. I will reach congressional district one by going straight to the heart.

The saying typically goes "never discuss politics and religion" but that's what I'm going to do with my brothers and sisters of Oklahoma. I'm going to John 3:16 first, I hope there's room for me. We will also need pen and paper so I can teach math and science to anyone willing to learn. Let's see how many GEDs we can get and how many people we can get enrolled into college. I wonder how many entrepreneurs there are there who just need information. Let's see how many lives we can turn around simply by bringing the light to them, instead of them searching for the light.

*I know I am capable of great things. WHile I'm young, scrappy and hungry, I'd rather put all this energy into doing something beyond money; I want to change the world. Too often in this world, we choose money over people. What happens when we choose people over money?

*Update 11/14/2019: I'm in a room of about 160 homeless Americans. I've talked to Vietnam Vets that were drafted, full blood Ponca Indians, recently released prisoners and tough old men. It is hard convincing them I am not a corrupt politcan. They have voted time and again for people whom they believed would make a change, but they were lied to over and over and that broke many of them. I directed some to the tribes and to food distribution for a good job. Others are content where they are. After chapel and we break bread, I will return home to OKC. But I'll be back. I will gain the trust of these people. If you want to help this class, donate technology to the shelters. If these people had access to computers and a little guidance, the numbers would be going down, not up. They will come to the shelter, they may not go to the library.

*****Special shout out to Andrew: congratulations on being released and I wish you would look into a career in food distribution. Check for "selector jobs in Tulsa" and you'll find a place.
***Kyle, check into becoming a Reverend. You have the Holy Spirit and this will allow you to run your own Church. I'll see you guys soon.

*Update 11/15/2019: In the last Tribal Finance Consortium, there was an expressed need for a larger rural labor force to continue the current industrial expansion. I noticed shelters in Ada and Durant, but if there is a need in a more isolated location, I recommend building a scaled shelter and advertising the open positions in the big city shelters. They will relocate, save money, and buy real estate, cars, food, clothes and become part of the middle class.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 1:58 PM

US Senate: a Federal Campaign

I have been speaking to an increasingly larger number of people in the 18-24 age category. Something I am discovering is confusion between state and federal legislature.

A United States Senator works on a national level; we work with the US Constitution, federal agencies, other countries, and our rule book is the US Code. There are only two of us for every state, and we represent our state's need on a national level. We serve a term of six years; this is a long commitment to excellence and upon election, we are relocated to the United States Capitol Building in Washington DC.

State Senators work with the Oklahoma Constitution, state agencies and are confined within the boarders of our state. There are 48 Oklahoma State Senators and they represent the needs of their district. They serve a term of four years and meet at the Oklahoma Capitol Building in OKC.

Our state's limiting factor right now is federal representation of our needs. We have a trade deficit, too much and also too little federal agency involvement; we need a better balance.

We also have a major issue with big industry using our state, our resources, and our people not for Oklahoma enhancement, but for personal gain. The scope of this corruption stretches beyond the United States and money that should be funnelled into Oklahoma is going to risky third world investments and private bank accounts.

What better opportunity to fix our problems than with a Senator who will plug these holes in our economy? I speak Spanish, Chinese, French to an extent and have working knowledge of a dozen more languages. I learned Azerbaijani, greeted the foreign minister, and was invited to Baku; I did this in two days.

It takes me ten minutes to read a financial report and determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Big industry is under my spectacle; they won't be able to pull the stunts they are pulling right now with me in office. Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, and many more states write to me in respect of my campaign and are on the same page. I won't be alone in Washington.

Not when 20 republican representatives have already declined another election and we have over 60 Senators being replaced. The people have had it with corruption. We just want a fair chance to enjoy life and do what we do best.

We are fixing our national government, and I am a champion of many of these new ideas that were silenced before I spoke out and broke through the glass ceiling. We're gaining momentum by the hour it seems.

With this being said, turn now to your state offices. Look who is corrupting your district. Look for who is not fulfilling their campaign promises and elect someone new. A sign of someone who needs a new career trajectory is someone who acts as if the republican party is invincible and can do anything they please without ramification; someone who tells you a Democrat can't win. This is not a republican state. This is Oklahoma, and we are a democratic state, we are a democracy. An Oklahoma Democrat is not an intense liberal like we see on the East or West Coast; we are more conservative in the central United States. An Oklahoma Democrat is someone who is tired of being bullied by the establishment. Someone who wants a level playing field in business and someone who wants the messes left behind by irresponsible industry cleaned up and the environment protected. An Oklahoma Democrat is someone who wants their Senator to represent their needs, not someone who tries not to trip over their lies and webs of deceit. We have not been properly represented in a long, long time; our economy is proof of this fact. We are making a serious turn around, and it started with this campaign; the campaign to unite all 77 counties and all 38 Sovereign Nations with one intention, to Impact Oklahoma.

We need a team of like minded people in OKC, just like we need a like minded team in DC. I'm telling you right now that after some of the conversations I've had, our state government is just as self interested and corrupt as our national government. Imagine a politician who runs as fast and hard as he can in one way, toward the light; I am that politician.

2020 is a big year and we all feel it. God bless Oklahoma, God bless the United States, and God bless Democracy.

*I commend Oklahoma legislature for an outstanding 2019. This message is to raise awareness of our weakest links. Thank you.

Sunday, November 10, 2019 1:46 PM

Money and Politics

When I first decided to run for US Senate, I was sure I would need a lot of money; all the top senators had millions at their disposal.

That is far from true. Utilizing technology, family connections, and being at the right place at the right time has proved invaluable.

I doubt I will have to raise any money, in fact. I may try to raise a thousand for bill boards before the election to direct people to my website. But at 30,000 visitors with an average time on the website as high as 20 minutes, by June, a billboard may be unnecessary.

You must be curious as to why money is so important to other campaigns. I am too. I suppose when you have to employ people to do your job for you, it gets expensive.

Right now I am just below $500 in total spending. That is used for transportation, my website, and my US Senate cards. Have you seen one yet?

I have been trying to explain how this is a new era in democracy, and it is. I am just concerned why some organizations value candidacy by the amount of capital they raise; it makes you wonder what's in it for them.

We are trying to take the money out of politics; political power comes from compassion, influence comes from money. A strong candidate in 2020 puts money in the pockets of his or her constituents, not the other way around.

I have reached out to LULAC, I made many friends with Latin Americans at their conferences growing up and am wanting to host the organization in OKC to further expand trade in South America; Peru was thrilled at the resources we offered them and the word will get around.

I have several multi-billion dollar projects being organized for the state and am constantly promoting health and education.

What are you doing with all that money being raised? I see no other candidates at critical Oklahoma events and meetings. I hear no ideas nor research presented. Perhaps some of the senatorial candidates should seek state offices because the industrial train has left, and your are all still waiting at the station.

If gun control is a pillar of your campaign, address it at the state level. The second amendment is going nowhere for a long time.

If economic reform is a pillar of your campaign, do something for the Oklahoma economy. Teach people how to make money, how to start a business and how to seek assistance.

If climate control is a pillar of your campaign, talk to the Ivy League research scientists then try again.

Campaigning is more than tshirts and free food. It's raising up the spirits of every single Oklahoman and ensuring them that there will be a better tomorrow.

*The greatest part of this campaign? It's being done on an American designed smartphone, BLU. It stands for Bold Like Us.

*Update 11/13/2019: I spoke with a big appraisal firm run out of Tulsa to get sponsored for my license and the former State Representative said absolutely not because after I was trained, I would compete in his market. That's fair, in a way I thought. But the conversation continued and he went on about how politicians often run simply to raise money for themselves or some other goal. That, now, is not fair. By the way, sir, I'm a lion, not a tiger.

Saturday, November 9, 2019 2:58 PM

The Will of the People

I am having a difficult time clearing the land; my chainsaw won't start, the brush won't burn, and I am sitting here looking out the old farm house window at all the possibilities: if only I had more capital and equipment.

I requested funds and use of my grandfather's tractor to help me get off the ground, but I have not heard back from him. He may still see me as a city boy, or "Yankee Doodle" as he used to call me.

As our state continues to expand, and your grandchildren come to you for help getting started, take a chance on them. Remember who helped you when you were getting started. Do not create anymore barriers than my generation already faces building industry.

Agrarian communities, like ours in Choctaw County, thrive when the people come together. When we pool our resources and knowledge, we grow and we expand as an industrial force. No agrarian culture has ever been successful when there has not been a concentrated effort among the community.

Brazil is a perfect example. Their community came together, recognized opportunity, then shared resources to become one of the fastest growing agriculture communities in the world.

So I sit here, breathing fresh southeast air, and meditate. I was reflecting on all the conversations I have been having with people throughout the state of Oklahoma and there is something I realized; the will of the people is not a wide spectrum as one would think.

The people want the same things. Our capacity to give the people what they want is all too often undermined by conflicting interest.

Something I wish for all Oklahomans to know is that we all have just about the same wants and the same needs; our state is much more unified than is seen in our national politics.

As a United States Senator, I will represent the will of the people exclusively. And the closer we get to the elections, the more I discover exactly what the will is. In Oklahoma, it's finding your industry, building your economy, protecting your environment, and improving your health and focusing on your

Something I also would like to mention is age in politics. Our politicians are often much older to the extent that they are parents or grandparents of the country. What is special about a young candidate is that he or she is like the child of the country. We listen to and respect our elders and we would never undermine their health and well-being.

I would be delighted to be Oklahoma's son; I will listen to and respect my elders and their wishes while looking out for our children in the home.

There is no suit I won't put on, no crevice I won't shine light into, nor a situation I will not investigate. I will be everywhere listening to everyone that has a concern about Oklahoma.

The days of black curtains hiding secrets and sweeping things under the rug to worry about later are over. When you see something you don't like, something that hurts Oklahoma, tell me and we'll fix it.

This state is only going one place, and that is all the way up.

Friday, November 8, 2019 5:57 AM

Azerbaijan, Oklahoma, and a little Peru

The Oklahoma-Azerbaijan meet and greet went really well last night. Minister Karimov commended Oklahoma on the quality of our agriculture products and we all certainly welcomed the highest ranking Azerbaijani official to ever visit the state.

The first person I met at this meeting was a Peruvian who represents many interests back in his home country. He was concerned about the protests in Chile; they are disrupting their commerce and the gentleman was anxious to make new contacts to help his situation.

Luckily there were Oklahomans to help create a sense of support and offer expertise to illicit clarity in how we will pursue commerce moving forward. Present were Generals, Lt. Colonels, Majors, and a Lieutenant from the Army. I had not seen Lieutenant Webster since our college days and it was great to reconnect with an old friend. Colonels from the Air Force also attended to offer advice and support to our foreign friends.

The meeting was primarily aimed at sharing agriculture knowledge: technology, equipment, and cultivation methods. OSU is heavily involved and a professor from the institution is working diligently expanding our relations with Azerbaijan. 

The take home from the meeting is that the state is expanding our commerce and we are building new relationships with some incredible cultures. Also, Oklahoma is now number three in cotton production and we are the 9th fastest growing economy in the nation. 

We are doing very well and all Oklahoman's should be proud of the momentum we are building. We will continue this trajectory and continuously improve. 

Azerbaijan is a beautiful country in a very special place and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to build new relationships with this Nation.

Thursday, November 7, 2019 9:41 AM

52 Trillion is Inaccurate and Arbitrary

I am studying Azerbaijani in preparation for the Oklahoma-Azerbaijan commerce meeting to expand trade. Being back in OKC for a couple days, I have internet and Fox News. I have no technology on the farm right now so I try to catch up on global events when I can.

I do not wish to undermine my Democratic friends, but please do not promote awfully high Healthcare costs when you discuss Medicare for all. This is a complex topic, but I will explain.

First, we cannot tally up the operating costs right now. Several large health systems do NOT report properly to the SEC and we do not know what they need. So giving the number of $52 trillion is a guess unless St. Jude is whispering their financials to you.

Secondly, Medicare accounting is COMPLETELY different than current accounting. Hospitals bill thousands of dollars for X-rays, CAT scans, and even more for surgery that are actually free once the equipment is purchased. These will not be reimbursed under Medicare for all so you must take that into consideration.

Also, we will not pay more than manufacturing costs for medicine. Possibly a couple points more to encourage economic growth. But we will not pay big pharmaceutical companies 3000% markups to fund healthcare.

With this being said, take another approach to your figure; 52 trillion is just plain wrong here.

Also, when your are discussing Medicare for all, make sure insurance, big pharma, and big health are not in the room. Medicare for all is going to upset a lot of people that make their money by extorting the healthcare system in the United States.


Thursday, November 7, 2019 12:51 AM

Oil, Gas, and Metals: Truth by the Numbers

The US is doing well, true. But we can always improve and if Oklahoma builds its metal refining industry and we expand our refining capacity, our state will seize this economic opportunity. What is stopping us? Funding? We can sell bonds. Legislation? I am running for US Senate and I see the economic potential and will not stop pushing for these multi-billion dollar opportunities for Oklahoma. 

I hope the voters are with me. It is not in our interest to allow the nation to give away money when our engineers are capable of designing and building these facilities. 

It is important that our state begins seizing opportunity where it exists. I fear that another state will fill these gaps before long and I am tired of seeing Texas and Louisiana dominate the crude refining industry when Oklahoma's third congressional district could benefit greatly from industrial expansion.

I promise you our Devon engineers can refine crude oil from national production cheaper than it can be refined and shipped thousands of miles across the ocean. 

I promise you we can organize Oklahoma engineers and build a zinc smelter that is environmentally friendly.

I promise you that if we underwrite $25 billion dollars in bonds they will sell and the state will build these facilities and pay out the coupons and when the bonds reach maturity, Oklahoma will have new assets in its balance sheet and a whole lot of cash flow.

But I also promise you that we will have to fight for this because powerful people will stand in our way. That does not bother me because I am younger than they are, I am smarter than they are, and when I am 50, I will still be pushing for Oklahoma and they will not be here.


Wednesday, October 30, 2019 6:29 PM

Rethink Your PAC

I will not go into specifics, I just want to shed light on a pattern that I am noticing while diving further into American Politics. 

I am discovering that some groups are rallying support for a particular cause and then misleading their members; they are not doing what they say they are doing. Essentially, they are distracting consolidated interests, taking their money, then lying about their representation in congress. 

If you have been donating to the same PAC year after year with no legislative results, you should rethink your investment. 

Investing in the wrong PAC hurts our democracy; it misuses political resources. This results in extinguishing political support in areas that need it, mostly in industry. 

Friday, October 25, 2019 5:33 AM

The OCC and Railroad Compliance

I have been thoroughly studying the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and I have to admit, I am awestruck at the amount of responsibility the OCC takes on. I am aware that the OCC has a human capital deficit, but there is a clear and present need for railroad tariff, fee, and service regulation.

No where in the OCC's 2018 Annual Report was information in regards to railroad oversight or regulation aside from crossings. The Staggers Rail Act of 1980 was aimed to allow rail dependent shippers to have access to other lines at fair rates, as well as ensure fair rates are offered to those lines that lack access to competitive rail services. The ICC, now the STB, is responsible for protecting those who use railway for their shipping needs. 

But the STB consistently rules in favor of the larger railroads and ruled that rail companies need not offer competitive rates to their customers and that they could deny customers access to a competing railroad. Since 2004, rail freight has increased two and a half times that of truck rates and the railroad companies are seeing record profits despite the downsizing of the rail industry to the point where it may not be able to meet the needs of our country. 

As a United States Senator, I will work with the Freight Rail Customer Alliance and the Surface Transportation Board in order to remedy these issues. But before then, I want to bring up a couple things.

First, the United States Code is divided in 53 titles and is published by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the U.S. House of Representatives; it is the permanent law of the United States. I have a lot of reading to do, but if the STB will not mediate price and service, I believe we can initiate litigation with the federal courts providing evidence that Title 15 - Commerce and Trade is being violated.

Secondly, if we seek injunctive relief for the decades of economically damaging freight prices, only the United States can bring the suit against the STB. The Surface Transportation Board is almost invincible, but not entirely.

I will leave railroads at that for now. Here is a link to what the government intended for the railroads to do: Title 45 - Railroads, CH 17

Title 45 is not positive law. Imagine if Congress made it positive law next week by sponsoring a codification bill that says: "Title 45, Chapter 17 of the US Code is now positive law." Imagine what that would do for the economy. 

By the way, the United States is defined in Title 15, Chapter 26 (c) to include "any of the States, the District of Columbia, any territory of the U.S., and any insular (fancy word for island) possession or other place under the jurisdiction of the United States." 

Thursday, October 24, 2019 5:20 PM

Big Things Happening in Oklahoma

From the Oklahoma Department of Libraries website, I was able to sign up and receive newsletters from just about every organization and agency that operates for the state of Oklahoma. I am so thankful for this service because I am able to stay on top of all developments made in the state.

I want to share some of these developments because they are incredible and are reflecting the momentum we are building as a state.

1. Oklahoma State Department of Education approves $3.29 billion for our education. This is about $220 million more than last year and we are definitely showing the world where our priorities lay.

2. $1.7 million in school safety grants to help ensure our students are safe on campus. This includes developing a task force that seeks out and remedies behaviors exhibited by students that would otherwise evolve into trouble. 

3. Oklahoma's credit is on the rise and we were upgraded from stable, to positive. We all know how difficult and daunting increasing credit scores are so this is a major development for Oklahoma world wide and will make us more competitive in global finance. 

4. Oklahoma City police are training Oklahoma businesses and other organizations how to detect terrorist activity and to help the state keep out entities who wish to do harm to the nation. This is really special as our police force are taking on another responsibility; they are helping us keep out the bad guys. 

This is the real Oklahoma and we should all be proud of our state officials and legislators for working so diligently to reveal Oklahoma's true magnificence. 


Tuesday, October 22, 2019 11:00 PM

YouTube Channel

I created a YouTube Channel called Bevon Rogers and the link is on my homepage. 

I hope to reach the public and give them a better idea of who I am as well as form an open dialogue for citizens to express their ideas and comment on the ideas expressed throughout my campaign page. 

At some point, we got very detached from our politicians and I want to restore that closeness: closeness entails a level of trust. I want the people to know me and trust me to represent their needs above all else. 

I also want the people of Oklahoma to know that politics is not just for a select few. Politics is for everyone and politics is fun. 

I am at a unique position in my life; I have a real opportunity to use my intelligence and my personal values to restore trust in our nation's politics. We can make serious changes in 2020 and with your support, I will be the person with the pen in Washington D.C. that writes for all Oklahomans.

This is not a short term commitment I am making to the people. I am choosing to make this my life's mission and I will never stop improving the state of Oklahoma. 

Friday, October 18, 2019 2:31 PM

Railroad Barriers and Supply Chain Control

In Oklahoma’s third congressional district, there is an opportunity to install a textile mill and purchase a virtually endless supply of raw cotton from our neighbors in Texas. However, establishing a cotton industry in the state is proving to be more difficult than expected. First, we are expecting little production in the state and must source the cotton from out of state. Once we possess the cotton, we have to carefully navigate state regulations for building our processes. But buying the raw materials and installing a legal process is not where we are blocked; we are blocked from utilizing the national supply chain to obtain a competitive advantage.

Railroad companies, the large ones that span across North America, have a long history of using rates to control the national supply chain. From the mid 1800’s into the 1900’s, the United States Congress and several presidents tried earnestly to prevent railroads from controlling industry; it is evident in 2019 that the US railroad industry needs restructuring. I say this because we built the railways to foster industrial expansion, now we must restore them for our national economy to thrive and for us to reach our true industrial capacity.

The Surface Transportation Board is the governing federal agency over the railroad industry and we must work with them to ensure our smaller, younger businesses can be successful. 

There are several ways in which railroad companies control distribution within their networks. When you visit the rail company websites, you will be able to locate their tariff policy, rules for shipping with them, and their fees and penalties and other service costs; some of these rule books are 65 pages, some are only 11. No matter how elaborate their pricing and tariff policies are, each company has about the same fundamental concept for shipping; they charge their own tariffs for interstate commerce within their network, they charge their own switching service fees, and they have a long list of charges for various penalties and other options.

The Class One railroads have enormous power and they can control the nation's supply chain through rate manipulation that dictates activity. This is only one component of the railroad barriers; there are more practices that prevent the national supply chain from flowing.

Railroad companies have a switch fee that is charged every time a railcar changes from one rail network to the jurisdiction of another. This is not necessarily an issue with the larger customers who travel long distances on the same network and stop at the nation’s largest cities to unload and reload freight. This becomes devastating for our rural routes that switch over and over to reach their destination; the switch service fee is typically hundreds of dollars per carload and accompanied with the tariffs, can cause a business venture to fail.

Lastly, a citizen must be a shrewd businessman in order to play in the railroad industry. There are fines for leaving an empty railcar on a return trip and the switch fees still apply. There are also demurrage charges for not emptying your freight within a specified time period and penalties for being overweight and fees for carrying hazardous materials. As you can see, it is impractical for small businesses to incorporate railroads in their supply chain given the dominance of the largest networks and the current cost structure for the US railroad industry.

For Oklahoma to industrialize to capacity, we must create a set of rules for our nation’s railways. I completely agree that networks, the distinct rail industry jurisdictions, are important to enhance safety and promote organization across North American routes. However, these networks cannot use their tariffs to control the industry. We also cannot be penalized for switching networks; the switch service fees limit market access and combined with tariffs, prevent comprehensive industrial participation in the United States.

The penalties for being overweight, returning empty railcars, or being late unloading cargo is acceptable as it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they do not interfere with the railroad’s operations. I am aware that this approach to expanding our nation’s industry will bring about a level of economic loss for our railroads, but the subsequent industrial expansion will help compensate for the loss of revenue, especially among the smaller tracks. Our citizens must have affordable access to railways and they must have complete autonomy when determining trade routes; we can give them this competitive advantage by breaking down the existing distribution barriers.

The railroad industry is complex and I have rolled up my sleeves and dug in. I will be discussing railroad utilization more with some of my mentors in the business to thoroughly understand the limitations so that we can overcome them with legislation. One thing is certain; it is critical that our businesses are able to transport raw materials and finished goods throughout North America via our railroads. They must be able to dictate their supply chain needs based on their operations and our railroad companies need to be service providers instead of service deciders.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 1:34 PM

National Patient Identifier Repeal Act

There is an act that was sponsored in Capitol Hill that will prevent citizens from having a social security like number assigned to them for their health information.

I must first give some background information. In 1996, government passed legislation that required patients to have a unique identifier so that their health information would be tracked across healthcare facilities, and states. 

This was never enforced and there was never national data collected on healthcare cases. Each time you go to a new healthcare facility, you are enrolled with their own unique identifier.

This makes research on cancers, diseases, and other illnesses very expense and any consolidated effort to eliminate health issues among our citizens is nearly impossible.

In order for the United States government agencies to locate and eliminate exacerbating elements in the environment, we must be able to know exactly where the cases are coming from. 

For example: Sally is six years old and develops a cough in a small town in Kentucky and has to go to the doctor. By age 8, she can no longer participate in youth athletics because she is always tired and her parents take her to a big hospital in Louisville. There, they detect a malignant tumor growing in her chest and send her to St. Jude's in Oklahoma where she is enrolled once again with a unique identifier. 

This means that professionals have to track everywhere she has been treated. We must be able to see where the health issues began in order to help prevent more cases like Sally. When her unique identifier is run, we have to know about each of her visits from any facility or we will overlook the root cause. 

The cure for cancer is going to be finding the isotopes that exist in our environment that the body absorbs into cancer. Not enforcing the unique identifier legislation of the past 23 years has built enormous barriers for research and discovery. 

Not only should this repeal act be vetoed, but our patients should have their unique identifiers so patients health can truly be assessed.

People must understand that health is a big business. Administrators will lose their jobs if their hospitals do not keep their beds full and this is a major issue in private health. I want to empty hospitals, not fill them up and I will as a United States legislator. 

As a U.S. legislator, I swear that I will defend the health of our population by breaking down barriers that will subsequently allow our scientist to remove cancer causing elements from our environment. I will also demand that the president of the United States enforce proper SEC reporting from our Hospitals. 

Politicians wonder why there are not more active voters. They wonder why the population is not more engaged in our government. I can tell you right now that it is because the government looks bad; the government looks unorganized and it is disgraceful when we live in such a strong Republic. 

Our government needs to carry themselves as who they are; our elected officials are the most powerful people in the world. Elected officials are the smartest, most dedicated, and most compassionate people. They have the ability to erase any issues and concerns that our people encounter. That is our job; that is what we are elected to do. 

When I am in office, we are only passing legislation that improves the quality of life for our citizens and all of our legislation will be enforced as required by the duties and responsibilities of the oval office. 

2020 is all about restoring the United States; we are the best country in the world and we are coming back. We are rebuilding our industry and fixing the economy. We are protecting our environment, improving our citizen health and focusing on education. 

Monday, October 7, 2019 5:56 AM

Trade Balance and Agriculture

I have been doing a lot of research on agriculture in my endeavor to start a farm. I have learned how to make milk, cheese and yogurt from a cow; I have also learned how to grow vegetables indoors and am seeking out various fruit species to clone. My goal is to provide my entire family tree with their meat, dairy, fruit, vegetable and grain needs. Then, I will see where the difficulties are for getting farming products to market so I know where to begin legislating for U.S. agriculture. 

There are a lot of good tax benefits for farming and I will post about my experiences as I uncover them. As for now, I know that cultivation is a rewarding experience and I want to ensure Oklahomans are able to participate fairly. The best way to do this is to farm myself as the campaign is building and I am in between news recording and business discussions. 

Anywhere I go, I pay attention to where products are coming from. Over the weekend, I bought tomatoes from Mexico and bell peppers from Canada. I created a negative trade deficit for the United States but it made me realize something; I realized that our trade balance occurs at the point of sale. As soon as a purchase is made, the balance goes one way or the other. 

Our retailers have all the power when it comes to trade balance. They have the power to stock our shelves with products from anywhere in the world. This is incredible with globalization and you can buy anything you want from anywhere in the world at any time. This only becomes a setback when we buy more from overseas than we do domestically.

With our current inventory management technology, we know at any given time how much of any product is being sold. I propose using this ability to balance trade. This concept is not completely developed, but I have the basis for a solid argument. 

I propose balancing trade at the point of sale; we can balance trade from our retail outlets. We should require our retailers to have at least a zero trade balance and encourage a positive trade balance. Within the inventory management software, there should be a breakdown of U.S. goods and goods from another country. At the end of every month, the total sales of U.S. goods sold must equal the total amount of non U.S. goods sold. 

This can be done when retailers have a balanced inventory. They can have 50% United States products and 50% from anywhere else. When our largest retailers do not even hold 10% of U.S. products, it hurts our economy because that means our country is losing more money than it is making. By balancing the trade at the point of sale, we accomplish a lot of good for the national economy. 

I do not mind buying produce from our neighbors, but I do believe an Oklahoman can satisfy our domestic needs year-round with the right business model. If a bell pepper can travel thousands of miles into my pizza, it can definitely travel ten miles. I want to be the legislator to ensure this is possible. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 1:57 PM

Busy Quarter Four

Since I have completed the 77 Series and have an understanding of the needs of Oklahoma industry, I am now aiming to build a cattle ranch in Hugo and am working on the business model for a textile mill in Arapaho and a new flour mill and a new lumber mill in the state.

Naturally, this takes a lot of networking and pulling together resources. This is primarily what I will be doing for quarter four of 2019 through quarter one 2020. 

I will also be reaching out to the Democratic Party of Oklahoma and helping them any way I can over the next year to promote their ideas and share my own. 

Please enjoy reading through my literature and if you have any comments or ideas please reach out to me at

I will be editing and compiling the initial economic research from the 77 Series into a book for Oklahoma citizens; please correct me and help me expand if you feel there is more to your county's economic situation. 

Thank you everyone for your support and I look forward to seeing you out and about in Oklahoma.

P.S. I will respond to out-of-state letters ASAP. This is aimed primarily at the gentleman from Wisconsin and the REGIS Initiative. I like this idea very much and I definitely believe a collaboration is necessary to reach our food production requirements in our communities. 

Saturday, September 21, 2019 1:42 PM

Saturday Thoughts

I have had a few thoughts today:

1. I am not interested in accumulating massive personal wealth nor owning businesses, that is distracting for me. Rather, all I am concerned with being the most competitive nation in the world and ensuring our citizens have the best health and education. I love economics and I have a passion for science, math and art. I am also a writer and I want to serve the state as a United States legislator so I can ensure obstacles do not prevent our people from accumulating wealth and owning businesses. I also want to use health science to improve our health through improving our environment. Our education will also receive more funding than ever as our industry expands to capacity.

2. My father passed up an opportunity in the late 1990's and early 2000's to be an internet service provider and to take over software application development in the beginning phases of web based applications. He chose not to because he was quickly climbing the ranks in civilian government and was comfortable with his work-life balance. He now builds entire health systems for Sovereign Nations and they are staffed with the best health professionals while providing free health care to tribal citizens and never thinks twice about not going into information technology. My idea on providing healthcare in the U.S. stems from his healthcare model for Sovereign Nations. 

1. We have set salaries for the entire health operations and have fixed costs. 

2. We can forecast inventory for medical supplies and we source from the most competitive supplier.

3. We use technology for health records, human capital management, and to connect to our patients. 

4. We focus on patient health and well-being and a good day is a day where no one comes in.

5. The government of the Sovereign Nation pays for this operation and as they become more efficient, they see increased allowances for new equipment and new health departments; typically revenue from the tribal enterprise grows faster than the financial needs for the health operation.

There is no room for misguided economic decisions and with the right people running the sovereign government, the model works perfectly; the citizens are healthier and the cost is controlled with a continuously improved budget that enables expansion.

3. My last thought is on a new view of trade, strategic trade. I believe when we expand trade into Northern Europe, we should focus not on the currency transaction, but actual trade. I would like for Oklahoma to offer our raw materials in exchange for equipment, valves, high-tech plastics and even gold and silver. I am researching the Polish economy now and finding goods we can trade with our raw materials to observe the most financial gain. I am going to research all twelve of the new markets I discovered and continue building my industrial agenda so that these new trade routes can come to life. 

Saturday, September 21, 2019 10:12 AM

New Trade Routes, New Trade Partners

"The purpose of trade is so that we never have to travel to our destination with an empty vessel." - A 1600's Dutch Captain

I have discovered 12 countries that we need to expand trade with in lieu of China. I believe we are already working on Australia, because President Trump was visiting with the Prime Minister and it was clear that the Australian government views the United States as a brother country. 

The European nations include: Austria, Poland, Den Mark, Norway, and Finland. We need to figure out what they need and supply that demand competitively. I will explore the European economy and see where Oklahoma can improve a process in their industry; this will likely require innovation, but we are that innovation.

*I am anxious to see what the IR Spectroscopy results yield for the composition of our chat piles in Ottawa County; there are various minerals in the chat and perhaps they could use some. This would help fund our clean up project and reduce the volume in which we must dispose. I believe OSSM's chemistry department can have the students run the samples from the chat piles in lab and produce the results; there is no need to spend a fortune on discovery.

The South American partners include: Chile, Peru and Ecuador. These are developing countries and we can easily supply them with cheap coal through Oklahoma ports or via railroad; the furthest we can go by railcar is the southern tip of Mexico. So for now we will need a barge to cross the Gulf of Mexico. These markets will prove to be most valuable when we provide them with cheap electricity; we will ensure their facilities create clean energy and the environment is not impacted. 

South Africa is the tenth new market we can expand into. We may need to invest in large ships for transporting large quantities of building materials to the African Continent. Perhaps the Navy will allow us to temporarily use an Aircraft Carrier. We can stack our shipping crates on the deck and your captain and crew can operate the vessel. One thing we need from South Africa is its cardboard reclaiming facility and box manufacturer. We need their engineers to build us a copy of their equipment for use in Oklahoma. 

The last two countries will require the reader to have an open mind; the last two countries are Iraq and Turkey. We will not trade weapons or exacerbating elements with them; we will only trade food, textiles, building materials, and natural resources. I understand that these are unstable nations, but what better way to bring stability to a nation than through developing its economy? We have the best middle man in the world who can assist us; Dubai will handle all of our trade between the two countries; we will not use U.S. supply chain, we will use the Dubai supply chain, using U.S. goods. We will limit their cut to 3.5%; they will take 99.9% if you let them, you have to be assertive. 

We can easily focus on developing these markets once we know what dominoes we have; I can tell you right now that we have all the good ones. 

We will have to take a break from China and stack up several trillion dollars before we tangle with dragon again. Ten trillion dollars or so is nothing for the United States. Once our industry expands to capacity and we plug all the wholes in our economic vessel, we will be the only ship in the industrial sea. 

Friday, September 20, 2019 9:13 PM

Dinner with Australians

I am actually a little bit jealous that President Trump got to hang out with the Prime Minister of Australia tonight; they got to have zucchini flowers and all sorts of contemporary culinary dishes.

The guys looked good in tuxedoes. 

I was also impressed with presidents Trump's strong stance on the tariffs today and I realized something.

I realized that perhaps I have learned something from the Republican Billionaire; we must be confident in our decisions, our confidence creates a sense of assertion and our opponents recognize this.

This is a strong tactic that I have never explored, but I actually believe it will work.

Sometimes we must show that we mean business; sometimes we have to grit down and ride it out.

I am going to take that value on as my own. I am going to be assertive like President Trump and I am not going to let anyone push me around when I know in my gut I made the right decision. 

Here's the video from the evening, pretty cool: Australian Dinner

Friday, September 20, 2019 4:14 AM

The 77 Series is Complete

I have finally finished my economic evaluation of Oklahoma's 77 counties and have designed five congressional projects that I will begin bringing to fruition as I campaign for United States Senate. 

None of my ideas are impossible, not in our Republic. I am firm in my belief that our vision is just; we want to see Oklahoma be the best state in the United States. We have the people, the land, and the resources. Now we need someone to bring everything together and I am that man.

My work thus far is a living project; we can edit and adjust our objectives and other aspects of the projects as more information is released and we make progress. But one thing is for certain, we have examined our counties and it is clear that we have work to do in order to restore our strong Oklahoma economy.

I am going to take a breather over the weekend, but starting next week I will be traveling the state and beginning to put the pieces together. We are on our way to a new industrial Oklahoma and it is a pleasure to be working with all of you during this new era of Democracy and Oklahoma stability.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 11:06 AM

You're a Yellowdog Democrat if:

1. You're money is older than Donald Trump's money.

2. You're money is greener than Donald Trump's money.

3. You make more in retirement each year than you did while you were working.

4. You have traveled the world; probably a few times by now. Also, you actually took your children to the beach on vacation.  

5. You have real estate investments in multiple states to diversify your risk.

6. You have owned businesses, land, law firms, clinics, hospitals, banks and insurance; everything in your town was/is owned and operated by one of you. 

7. You know your grandchildren and great grandchildren are the future, but you just do not know how yet. Your grandchildren play polo and wonder why it's not more popular; we are trying to get more players by building the economy. 

8. You like to play dominoes or card games; some of you have slot machines in your game room for practice or arcade games for the children and an indoor pool. 

9. College sports are preferred over professional sports. We like boxing because it reminds us of the Golden Glove days. 

10. You may not like them, but you know what fried frog legs taste like, you like oysters on a half shell over ice, we stopped eating caviar when it was beluga caviar, and people just like us for who we are; we are compassionate. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 7:58 PM

Most Fun I have Ever Had

I want to let my readers know that this is quite possibly the most fun I have ever had in my life; going through all of our counties and piecing together what is wrong, when it went wrong, and devising plans to get us back on track.

I found out that we have an abundance of fruit and vegetable farms in our state; look at this website and see where you can go and pick fruit at your leisure:

Fruit & Vegetable Picking Guide

I know where I can find plants that I can propagate and begin my own orchards and I am planning to borrow a large storage space to experiment with over 30 species as I travel the state talking to people and industry participants.  

One question I must ask the Oklahoman's who read this is why are we unable to market our fruits and vegetables competitively in our stores? 

People may not know, but this is something I am going to be uncovering. I must find out why our market participants are left to only farmer's markets and why we do not distribute Oklahoman produce nation wide. 

I am a supply chain man and I see potential for building an entire fruit and vegetable distribution system in our state. This will enable our Oklahoman produce to be in our restaurants and grocery stores. 

The beginning of this project is going to be the establishment of a food distribution warehouse in Woodward County; from there we can fill our commercial refrigerator and freezer with Oklahoman fruit and vegetables for retail sale.

I can organize this but we will need the people to clean up their orchards and be prepared to expand their operations; further help will be given to our farmers who wish to cultivate year round through agriculture education and development packages. 

Nonetheless, I am thrilled that I will be eating well on my road campaign; I love peaches, blueberries and blackberries. 

*Last Note: I am beginning to realize that I need to focus on the things that make Oklahoma a better, stronger state first and foremost. I get carried away with many of my ideas and prematurely attempt to apply them on a global scale. From now on, my scope is going to be Oklahoma and our business partners; until I have tenure in the United States Congress, I should not be making assertions as to what is best for our nation globally; I will represent our needs first and focus on what is best for our nation in the future, after we have healed as a state.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 10:30 AM

Oklahoma Industry Focus

Here is a new facility being built in Beaumont, Texas that will bring thousands of high paying jobs utilizing the State's energy sector. 

High-Performance Polyethylene Line

This is part of a $20,000,000,000 Gulf Coast campaign building industry in the area.

This is something I am trying to build for Oklahoma; we need our own manufacturing hub for our crude oil products to be sold on the global market. 

If we are not beginning projects like this in Oklahoma, that means our state's natural resources are being used by other state's for their economic gain.

As a state, we really must expand on our oil and gas activity.

We must expand all of our industry, really. Here is a map of early 1900's cotton production in the United States:

When you drive along our highways, keep an eye out for what industry you see. In Texas, when you look left or right while driving many of their highways, all you see is agriculture. In Oklahoma, we see a lot of open fields not being utilized.

The focus is not only on cotton; in order for cotton to be the most economically viable, we will have to use our cotton in processes that make our own fabrics and textiles. We will have to build the industry from the cotton seed to the clothing.

Hemp is proving to be four to five times more profitable per acre than cotton, and cotton is twice as profitable as wheat. Right now Europe is leading the way in hemp manufacturing innovations; they are building machines to turn hemp fibers into valuable textiles. Here are a couple hemp businesses that we can replicate in Oklahoma:

Romanian Hemp

Colorado Hemp

We have a lot of ranchers in our state, and I am in no way discouraging the use of our fertile land for ranching and harvesting hay; what I want is for the state to expand our agricultural portfolio to include fruit orchards, hemp farms and cotton farms; on top of this, we need the manufacturing base that turns these raw materials into marketable goods. Right now, we have much more land than livestock and we have economic opportunity abound.

I believe that many of our land owners are also the mineral owners and so a great deal of our land resources are undervalued; the big land owners earn royalties from their minerals and with a little herd, they do not need to be concerned with expanded industry.

I come from a long line of ranchers and I know the game in Oklahoma. I would like to ensure confidence in our ranching communities that with legislation, their cows will be worth more money as they will find it more profitable to keep their yearlings and sell full grown heifers to the processing plants. When this takes affect, our ranchers will be eager to reduce the acreage their cattle walks, greatly increasing the acreage for expanded agriculture.

As a matter of fact, it is in our ranching interest to make sure that our state has a beef processing plant for our state's domestic consumption. It creates economic waste shipping cattle north, then back south for consumption. We will see significant economic gain by allowing our farmers to sell grown cattle directly to an Oklahoma processing plant; the beef processing plant will create a solid 300 jobs or more; the number of jobs will jump to the thousands should our plant be large enough to process Texas cattle as well. Just like most of my industrial agenda, this will require federal legislation in order to make this endeavor feasible; if it is feasible, it is possible.   

I also want to make it known that after our cotton seed or hemp seed is removed from our harvest and the oil is pressed from the seeds, the remaining shell of the seeds is a nutrient rich feed for livestock. 

Our state desperately needs industry for economic survival. The businesses in our cities can only do so much and it is through growing and harvesting raw materials, then manufacturing and retailing with them, that we will thrive economically. 

In 2020, we are going to up the ante; we are going to use a higher proportion of our available acreage for industry. 

And we are going to be working on building bigger refineries and more processes to make full use of our natural resources. 

Monday, September 16, 2019 6:11 PM

Wall Street Won't Like Me; But That Is Ok

We should not allow Wall Street to piggy back on our way to Congress. 

There are a lot of changes coming to banking, finance, and insurance in the United States; I hope Warren is a good accountant.

That is what our president needs to be doing. 

We congressmen and congresswoman are starting to see the vision and it is important that we are not influenced by Wall Street, or any other concern over health insurance, we will not be using this in the near future, and it scares some people, but we have lots of good jobs in the United States and more coming. 

Also, it would be wise for these establishments to be on the lookout for state bonds for industry development; they may not be the 20% expected by our savvy investors, but they will help our country and yield sufficient interest bearing coupons.

Last note: once we cut defense spending and we have an influx of former military transferring to civilian status, we will need to make sure they have access to business building capital and help with property ownership; I have a plan for that as well. 

Monday, September 16, 2019 1:02 PM

Last News Item Until I Finish Project D1 and Project D5

There was a question asked in one of my courses taught by a Millennium Prize winner. 

If you were given 100 miles of fence, how could you design the pasture in order for cows to have the most grazing area?

Everyone had answers; some suggested building the fence alongside a hill or mountain in order to increase the effectiveness of the hundred miles of fence line.

Other mathematicians concluded that the only way is through making the pasture a circle, as it yielded the most area.  

What the correct answer is, and what the 2020 Democrats are trying to do, is to make the circle fence line, but allow the cows to graze outside of the fence; that is the correct answer.

We need our people to have the maximum acreage for their thoughts, and for their productivity; we achieve this by allowing our people to have access to the pasture outside of the 100 miles of fence, not to be constrained to the inside.


Monday, September 16, 2019 12:18 PM

The Law of Diminishing Marginal Product

I promise I will finish the 77 Series, but I have to relay thoughts as they come. 

For our adults our there who took Macroeconomics, you must remember studying the Law of Diminishing Marginal Product.

Initially, the more inputs (government spending) increases the output (global force, defense, etc..). There comes a time, however, when the inputs have an increasingly smaller affect on the outputs.

We are encountering this with our United States defense spending; we are no longer seeing anymore output from our spending. 

Essentially, the more we spend on our military in 2020, the less output we will receive because we have reached and surpassed our productivity from the investment.

We are now in a time where we can gain substantially more from investing our capital within our boarders; we need to invest our capital for the health and well being of our citizens. This is one major reason why I am running as a Democrat; I believe in investing in our citizens over our military, in 2020. 

Here is a link to refresh yourselves on the economic principal: Diminishing Marginal Product


Monday, September 16, 2019 11:37 AM

The New Left and Right

Democracy in America is changing in that our bipartisan Republic is coming together to tackle the problem of our economy.

We are letting go of radical ideas to focus on a shared vision; the vision of a stronger United States.

The extremes now are the left extreme, which is a completely free industrialist nation and the right extreme, which is a completely regulated industrialist nation. 

Our common ground is environmental awareness of our operations, the practice of solid economic principals, and duty to our promotion of citizen health and education. 

So the only debate is to what extent do you want market participation in U.S. Industry? 0-100% and that will define whether you are blue or red. 

The red will need to protect existing industry from over industry.

The blue will be new industrialist that build until we reach those boundaries.

I have reached those boundaries prematurely and it is because the red team needs to better protect over industry.

INDUSTRY: noun meaning economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories.

OVER INDUSTRY: economic concept where industry experiences overproduction; we need limits for how much one can produce to expand market participants. Also when raw materials are not refined domestically, we are over industry in that we buy our own refined raw materials as imports. 

*September 16, 2019 Update: After reviewing many of the Democrat and Republican promotions and political positions, I have determined another new left and right; you are blue if you would like more civilian spending and less military spending: free healthcare and federally sponsored programs for our citizens, not more military uniforms and expensive warfare equipment. You are red if you want more military spending and les money for our citizens: no free healthcare and limited programs for our citizens.

Monday, September 16, 2019 9:35 AM

The PAC's are Rolling in

As a congressional candidate, PAC's reach out to me. Here is one that wanted to know how I feel about secular government and freedom of thought.

I want it to be known that had I desperately needed support, I would believe what these PAC's told me to believe; I would need their money to support my candidacy so I would take on their beliefs. 

Luckily, I have technology, my intellect, and the support of my state; I do not need money from anyone who wishes to distract me from doing what is best for my state, and my country; that is worth more than $5,000.

I will answer their questionnaire for everyone to see:

1. Do you accept climate change as an occurring event, which is primarily influenced by human activities? No. Climate change is a natural response from nature to all activities. Our forests are capable of absorbing carbon monoxide emissions and preserving our ozone. We can do more for our environment by allowing for more green energy; wind energy, and saving our coal produced energy for the areas that need it, the areas in forests without access to suitable winds. 

2. Should concepts such as "intelligent design" and/or creationism be taught in public school science classes alongside of evolution? I believe these concepts are beyond the scope of primary education; I believe that in secondary school, these concepts should be debated and explored. Primary school is not for deep philosophical topics; it is for basic science, math, reading and the like. There is too much solid science, grounded in truth and fact, to not be pervaded with theory and concept in primary school.

3. Do you support a woman's right to obtain a medically safe, legal abortion as recognized in Roe v. Wade? Yes, but I say this with disdain; the same disdain I would say yes to the right of a man to have a vasectomy. Abortions go back to our earliest days of human healthcare, thousands of years ago. It has always been a delicate topic, but it is a form of healthcare; as such, we cannot eliminate it from our nation's repertoire of human health services.

4. Do you support public funding of school voucher programs that may be used at religious schools? My family and I encountered these in Texas. When there is little or no funding of public education, then these becomes helpful to ensure our children receive a higher quality of education, an education in a private school; the vouchers make it more affordable to get your kids out of a rundown public school system and into a private parochial school. I do want it to be known that I am a strong advocate for education and I will be rebuilding our federal department of education to bring more money to our state schools.

5. Should terminally ill patients have the right to obtain and self-administer palliative, life-ending medication? This is a tough one, so I am going to shed some light on this topic. In my health experience in hospitals and nursing homes, I have had patients beg for me to end their life; they were so miserable, that they asked a stranger to let them expire. I had to endure hearing their pleas and that was difficult for me as a young man; I had to watch them live in complete agony and ignore their pleas. This will take extremely delicate legislation, but we should allow terminally ill patients to expire should they be ready to; this should be a line in our will; we should dictate our ability to end our life before we reach that junction. I do not believe it is suicide if we are already dead; modern science can keep your heart beating and blood flowing, your lungs pumping oxygen, but you brain could have left this earth years before. This is why people must include a "life-ending" clause in their will, to prevent themselves from being a body in a hospital. 

6. Do you support efforts to amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity? This question is irrelevant due to the Equal Opportunity Act of 1972, which bans discrimination on color, race, religion, sex, and national origin.

7. Do you support efforts to restore Section 5 (preclearance) of the Voting Rights Act to prevent efforts to restrict the voting rights of African Americans and other minorities? In fact Section 5 "Preclearance" is actually unconstitutional and should be removed entirely. Section 1 of the 15th Amendment, ratified in 1870 says: "The rights of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude." The fact that Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is even brought up undermines the U.S. Constitution.

8. Do you think that belief in a god is a requirement to live an ethical life? To live a Holy life, one must believe in a God. To live an ethical life, one must adhere to a set of moral principals; they must know the difference between right and wrong. Belief in a God serves as a bridge that connects the two. 

9. What is your religious background, and how do you identify when asked to do so? I already covered this in yesterday's news. 

10. What role does religion play in your personal life, and what influences will your beliefs have on your public policy as an elected official? I also covered this in yesterday's news, except for the impact on public policy. As far as public policy, there is no religious belief that collides with legislation; we are secular meaning separation from church and state. Influencing my public policy due to my religion would be violating our First Amendment; "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." Our laws come from determining what is best for every single citizen of the United States, not from religious belief.

11. Will you agree to speak out and be a leader for the equality of all people, including humanists, atheists, agnostics, and other secular Americans? I will not undermine my current legislative agenda in order to support a concept already firmly grounded in our United States Constitution; this is already covered in the First Amendment and we have many issues in our nation that need to be addressed.

12. If elected, would you pledge to take your oath of office on the Constitution rather than on a religious text? Upon being elected, I will swear in as such: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God." 


So that is that from this PAC. 


Sunday, September 15, 2019 5:51 PM

I like to Break Seriousness with Humor

We have a lot of serious things going on in politics today; I know because I am a congressional candidate and I am in the midst of a long journey to the Capitol Building.

I wish to offer my readers a break from the intensity of my topics of discussion and share some solid Oklahoman fun.

We are cooking dinner at our family home; we are all here together, back again from our explorative days. My sister is cooking and getting ready to prepare our plates.

But she catches me in the kitchen eating potatoes, macaroni and cheese and some of the roast beef before we are served.

She says: "You know that is coming off your plate, don't you?"

I laughed because she cannot be serious. 

But she is serious. And I am going to be served less because my sister has the power, she cooked the meal and she is serving the food.

She also made sure I ate all of my vegetables; they were peas and carrots and that made me wonder where I can find seeds for those. 

This is a solid form of checks and balances. 

I thought some of you might like the humor before the work week begins again. 

Thank you for reading. 



Sunday, September 15, 2019 8:35 AM

I Have Not Mentioned Religion

For the people visiting my site, I would like them to know that I was born and raised Christian; I was Baptized in a Baptist Church in Bakersfield California; I was nine years old when I invited the Holy Spirit into my life and nothing has changed except for my understanding of the light. We started going to an Episcopalian Church in Hugo and we attended Oak Grove Baptist Church for their Wednesday youth service; my daughter goes to an Episcopalian School.

I respect everyone's journey to finding the light, no matter which religion gets them there. I believe that we all share one God, one Creator, indivisible. I witness to those who come to me struggling, and I give them my testimony; my book Sometimes it is details my steering away from, then my return to the light. The same light is what lights my torch that is leading our state's industrial expansion.

As a politician, it is my duty to make sure citizens have the ability to walk through this life and find the light; it is my duty to make sure they are not distracted by economic hardship on their journey to the light. I can point them to the front doors of their community church, but it is not my duty to use my position to deliver a sermon or to publically influence those on their journey. I can however, serve as a beacon of light, those struggling can look at what I have been through and see how the light saved me.

As I close my thoughts on religion this Sunday morning, I will conclude with this:

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son; whosoever believes in him shall not perish, but have ever lasting life." John 3:16

I will also include the verses that I turn to for strength; each project will have a verse we can look to for strength when achieving our project objective. 


Saturday, September 14, 2019 12:30 PM

U.S. Manufacturing, Production, and Cultivation Protection Act

A new piece of legislation that I thought about is the U.S. Manufacturing Protection Act; this will require U.S. Patented products to be manufactured in the United States. 

A product with a U.S. Patent cannot be imported from overseas. 

This will be economically stimulating and create new jobs without harming the United States image world wide. 

We should also not allow toys manufactured overseas to be served with our meals. This is primarily focused on children and their various selection of establishments that serve a toy, typically with a youth meal.

Also, toys served with the meal must achieve the same health standards as a pass afire or a child's teething toy; I thought of this when I saw my nephew with a wind up Snoopy in his mouth; the toy was made in China.

I am in no way accusing China toys of carrying toxins, but I would feel safer if they were U.S. toys, and it would help our economy. 

*I also need to expand on this Bill and include a section for our seed situation. I cannot propagate any seeds extracted from any fruit or vegetable I have purchased or have been given. Nor can I find access to them.

I am trying to start a ten acre garden with a couple orchards on our family property and it is more difficult than anticipated; I need to find apple tree clones and orange tree clones. I am thinking of opening a county store for a variety of cloned fruit trees and offering an entire variety of fruit, vegetable, flower, and tree seeds.

I could clone our family pecans and pears, but I am trying to expand our portfolio of family food resources. 

As always in my suggestions, proceed with caution. I may run into an obstacle that forbids me from possessing an apple tree. 




Saturday, September 14, 2019 11:19 AM

I Read the Omnibus Appropriations

I read through H.R. 3055 and H.R. 2968. There are two Omnibus Appropriations bills; H.R. 3055 covers everything civilian and H.R. 2968 is for the military. You can see for yourself here:

H.R. 3055 - Civilian Budget

H.R. 2968 - Military Budget

My initial thoughts were that of confusion. I have many more agencies to look into and assess how figures are arrived at; that will take time but is my due diligence as a United States congressional candidate.

One thing is for certain, we spend a whole lot of money on our military. If I were your Senator, I would immediately cut military spending and fund healthcare in 2020. I also have a plan for what to do with our returning soldiers. 

I would still need to determine health costs from the SEC because the aggregate data is missing, but I can estimate that total annual costs would total $100,000,000,000; based on conversations with a former Fortune 500 Executive in the industry.

I would also write the budget much better, more clear. They write as a legislator, not an accountant. Luckily, I am an accountant and a legislator; we will make a much better Omnibus Appropriations Bill as soon as I arrive; it might be 100,000 thousand words to explain the numbers, but I can do that in a month; if everyone does their job, I would only have to write 1,000. See my point?  

I love our military, I come from three generations of military Colonels. I would simply to like to decrease our global focus and concentrate more on our citizens. 

Military is extremely expensive and a little will go a long way; a 10% reduction may cover our Nation's health need without affecting our civilian budget.

Someone simply needs to add in a sentence like "transfer of funds from H.R. 2968 to H.R. 3055 in the amount of $100,000,000,000 for H.R. 3055: National Healthcare."

Then decrease H.R. 2968 by $100,000,000,000 with a statement like "Decreased x,y,z, from H.R. 2968 by a total of $100,000,000,000 for H.R. 3055: National Healthcare."

Then create an agency to tell our government exactly how much our hospitals need, and start paying them. But Congress must see improved citizen health.

We are continuously improving in 2020.

*Side note: If I can write 100,000 words of original thought in a month, imagine how many numbers I can add, subtract, divide and multiply. 

And I do not even have to use Calculus.


Friday, September 13, 2019 2:48 PM

Immigrant Skills Recruitment Act

I thought that we could also pass legislation that would enable immigrants to come and fill job vacancies should their skills match need in the United States. 

We can make a website with the Mexican government that has applicant tracking software on a cloud, of course. The Hispanics or other immigrants can apply and agents in the United States can facilitate the process of becoming citizens. 

We can utilize our boarder patrol resources for this project. Once we develop the software, we can use a team to process applications and send them through the onboarding process. Paycom has these capabilities and we could work with them to create this government software.

Friday, September 13, 2019 1:57 PM

Technology and 2020 Bureacracy

*These are serious topics, but I write with humor; it is Friday and I have had a very busy week.

Technology is a wonderful facilitator when it comes to my legislative agenda. We will not need many government employees to operate the new agencies I speak of. Rather, technology will enable teams of five or six to handle the entire nation's health reporting; it is the hospitals that will submit via a government cloud; the teams will just ensure full disclosure. 

As for administrating the defense cut and connecting business models with investment funds, that is easy. Technology and our existing military infrastructure will manager the transition from militant to civilian, as is appropriate. 

Also, we have the Small Business Authority to handle new business owners; the billions in overseas investments is the new piggy bank.

Do not let them tell you my political agenda is expensive; technology and efficiency are not expensive; my legislature will need no more than $3,000,000 a year; that is one day at our refinery. The hospitals already have their financials, they will just be uploaded to the US government cloud. If the county does not submit the information, the president will be required to enforce the legislation. 

* For new writers: semicolons connect independent clauses together like a bunch of rail carts; the thoughts are connected and the reader is pulled along the track. When you use periods, it is like a hiccup and can decrease the clarity of your topic. 

*Side note: I have been looking into the Korean language and I believe I can convince North Korea to build a Republic with Democracy; I really want to be on the Foreign Relations Committee. We could convince the Koreans by trading the North Korean Republic food on credit while they write their constitution; beans and rice never tasted so good. No one will be crossing the DMZ for a while, it is essentially an invisible fence with all of the self detonating mines. The trade deal will include handing over nuclear arms as well; should Kim Jong-in agree to the nuclear hand over, we will include chicken and beef with the beans and rice. Has anyone sent him our constitution in Korean? He could use that and literally copy it.

*I will learn Farsi as well and make a nuclear arms hand over deal with Iran too; we will establish food distribution warehouses for the Middle east as well as connect their Islamic Nations with cheap Chinese broadcasting equipment. We will use their resources to help facilitate this, and they must draw up a constitution. We will have to negotiate, but we will develop their nation by connecting with their culture; when I visit, I will speak Farsi, and wear a traditional robe and turban, as it should be done. I'll bring who ever is in charge a copy of the U.S. Constitution in Farsi. I already know Arabic and can use the same robe and turban in Saudi Arabia; we will need their capital to develop the Islamic Republic.

*We will diffuse the nuclear arms and store the uranium in an ultra safe, undisclosed location; possibly on the moon. We can install lights in the shape of something we all agree on so children can view it with their telescopes at night; the world will know that the we ended nuclear war. It will be safe there, unless the Republicans believe aliens will come and use the uranium against us; anyone else trying to take the Uranium will be caught red handed as we will see their shuttle slowly approaching the moon.  

Friday, September 13, 2019 11:56 AM

Defense Spending Legislation - 2020

I will need to sponsor a Bill in 2020 for a Defense Spending Adjustment. I am going to cut defense spending by 30%.

We have an issue in the United States right now. We do not have enough people in our communities to fill all the jobs we are creating. In Oklahoma, we need 30-40% more employees right now, today. 

We can help this by bringing 30% of our soldiers from every branch home and reducing defense spending only by the salaries no longer paid. 

This may lead to another form of a GI Bill; we may need to provide start up capital for our soldier's small businesses or to buy property. 

This will come from Aflacs $120,000,000,000 invested over seas, as well as any other U.S. insurance companies investing in over seas development. In the new GI Bill, foreign investment is redirected and prioritized by soldiers returning home, and the soldiers already home.

Soldiers or former soldiers who come up with viable business models will receive funding from redirected overseas investments. 

Also, soldiers can receive funding to help buy property should they develop it for agriculture. They will need a viable crop and projected production. 

The remaining soldiers from the 30% defense cut can pick a job, within reason; they can choose their industry and hop right in.

We have the most technologically advanced military in the world. It is so intense, that we can end any aggression without loss to human life. Essentially, we have an invisible shield protecting our nation. We do not need to increase military spending. We can keep our research and development the same, and reduce salary expenses by cutting our personnel. 

This will solve a lot of problems. 

*Good presidential candidates will probably say they will sign this bill, and my other bills. 

I only need to cut $100,000,000,000 to fund healthcare. I am already getting to this figure by fixing our trade deficit.

Last note: This legislation will also forbid government officials from investing in defense contractors or their companies while chairing or serving the defense committee. 


Friday, September 13, 2019 11:25 AM

Healthcare Legislation Act

I had an idea for an Act that will enable free healthcare in six years.

In Congress, I will sponsor a Bill for Healthcare legislation. It will create a new government agency to oversee all healthcare activity from an administrative view. Every state and unincorporated territory will submit county by county financial information on healthcare. 

It will be the president's responsibility to review the consolidated information and ensure full reporting is met, period. 

We can then arrive at realistic figures to fund. From there, all we need is continuous improvement of citizen health.

Then we will be in good shape. 

I am now reviewing omnibus appropriations.

OMNIBUS APPROPRIATIONS: a spending bill that packages many smaller appropriations packages into one single bill. It beaks down government spending in 2020. 

I love accounting and finance. 

Should I find a better one before this one is passed, I will submit it with everyone's corrections. I know everyone is busy.

If I could tally up 2018 healthcare costs, I may be able to reduce expenses strategically enough to fund at least 50% of our healthcare costs in 2020. 

Friday, September 13, 2019 9:42 AM

To all Congressional Condidates:

We need a powerful United States Congress in 2020. We have 33 seats in the Senate up and the entire House of Representatives. Should you run, please do your due diligence, as I have. When you focus on every county in your state, or congressional district, then tell the people what your plan is, they will listen.

You will quickly find yourself being supported and you would be surprised at how little it costs. We do not need offices, commercials, or big teams. We just need a computer, internet, and connections. 

Believe in yourself, do your research, connect the dots, and you will have a new job in 2020. 

When they laugh at you and tell you that you cannot run, that it is dangerous or you have a bad reputation, that is when you close the door and start typing. You know the problems, you know how to get the solutions. 

Solutions will get you elected in 2020. 

*I reserve the 3,000,000 barrel a day refinery for Oklahoma, though; I will negotiate a Zinc Smelter with Kansas. Look into the history of your counties; find what was lost and replace it or renew it.

Friday, September 13, 2019 7:03 AM

The Formula for Success

I hear that our national economy is booming. I implore you to take a look at the counties in your state. If they are struggling as much as mine, then no, our economy is not booming. 

Just because you and your friends and family have bank accounts with more than six zeroes does not mean our economy is booming.

I do not mean to digress from my research, but I must address the funding of our national economy. 

We will not make larger corporations pay more, we will direct their overseas investments back home. They will see dividends on their investment in the United States and it will help fuel our industrial expansion.

We will not make our government pay more for our healthcare, not right now. We will break our nation if we stress it any more financially without making more money as a nation; we must build our industry and produce and refine our raw materials. 

We will not raise taxes, we will have to keep them the same. It is a formula and we know our constants, we must change our variables. As soon as our government pays less and less for all of our programs that keep our people out of starvation and homelessness, we can start redirecting those funds into free healthcare.

For us to have free healthcare we need two things: significantly higher levels of citizen health and enough capital to fund the hospitals' operations. We can achieve this, but we need a legislator like me to expand our nation's industry and bring about the world we all know we can create; we can create a United States with free healthcare and low taxes. 

First we must expand our industry, and fix our economy. Then we will make free health care and decrease federal taxes. It is a process and we cannot keep promoting ideologies that skip step one. 

Last note: Texas is about to have a million more acres for cotton production, once we finish the boll weevil extermination, and it is has more oil and gas than you can shake a stick at; Texas economy will never see a dark day, no matter who is in the oval office. 

*Someone please address the SEC issues, this is President Trump's obligation as president. I cannot assess how much it will cost to provide free health care without financials from the large hospitals. I need 10K SEC annual reports for the past two years; I need 2017 completely redone with thorough explanations on their business operations; just like our oil and gas does, and everyone else.

They may be hard for you to find so here are the links:

2015 Annual Report - St. Jude

2017 Annual Report - St. Jude

Notice the difference between a true SEC annual report and a Trump Administration SEC annual report. This must be addressed.

In order to design a free health care system, I will need to know how much we spend as a nation. I can then create a plan to arrive at those funding thresholds. But like production and industry, one goes up or down. For healthcare to be free, we must be healthier; healthier eating, healthier living. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 5:28 AM

Oklahoma Tribal Finance Consortium

I attended my first Tribal Finance Consortium last night, my father has been going for years and I went with him and our good friend and former Oklahoma Senator Jeff Rabon. I was astounded by the tribal projects, completely and utterly astounded; the economic research I have been doing in the 77 counties to build the congressional projects are exactly what our tribes of Oklahoma are working on.

We are both trying to make Oklahoma the best state by expanding industry, promoting health, and enhancing education. I found my team at this consortium and I look forward to working with them and representing their needs in Washington D.C.; all 38 of the federally recognized Sovereign Nations in Oklahoma.

We will not stop our forward momentum and we will expand the nations' industry beyond tribal boarders. We will have to break down existing barriers and I am the man who will do this as a United States Senator. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 4:08 AM

It's All about Refining

President Trump spoke last night about how we produce the most oil and gas in the world.

We also produce a lot of cotton.

We also produce a lot of metal.

These are called raw materials and the production is great for our economy.

But we need to be refining all of our raw materials.

We need a 3,000,000 barrel a day processing plant in Oklahoma, a metal refinery, and our own cotton industry.

We lose billions and billions because we are not at refining capacity.

Democrats want to bring the United States to refining capacity. That either means production goes down, or refining goes up.

I am an industrialist so refining will be going up.

Monday, September 9, 2019 1:20 PM

Trade with China: A Breakup Story

*Mild humor to lighten the day. I saw I.T. 2 and was traumatized when the little girl met the Clown. 

I feel like our trade with China is like a bad break up. We are upset with them because we tried to help them out, but they took all of our money. 

Now we're upset but it is ok. We're better off without them.

We just need to say: "China, I think we should stop trading with each other for a while." "It's not you, it's me."

"中国,我认为我们应该停止彼此交易一段时间." "不是你,是我."

Add a violinist to play while the letter is being read. 

Invite Xi Jingpin to the White House. If he says no then offer Maui. I know a state judge that could help arrange things. 

It's good manners to break up with a gift.

100 bushels of pecans, 100 bails of our finest cotton and whatever else you guys think will be genuine.

It would be special if we made the bails of cotton into giant Teddy Bears of various colors and characteristics.

And leave it at that.

It's better to not trade, than to trade with a deficit. 

Then we focus on ourselves for a while. Get our economy swole. 

Swole: millennial term for being physically fit and aesthetically appealing through the swelling of muscle tissue. 

Then when we're ready, we will hit the market again. 

Sure, some of our friendship dynamics will change; they will keep some of their friends, we will keep all of our friends. 

In no time we will be friends again and watching Chinese movies. The dubbed kind like old school Jackie Chan. 

In the meantime, let's let our Air Force focus on space, Our Navy focus on marine exploration, our Army do some ground exploration throughout the world or build railroads, and our Marines stay home and make their rounds around our boarders. 


Monday, September 9, 2019 9:59 AM

Random Thoughts

1. I am working on Hughes County right now, but having discovered the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention, I am finding myself floored by Oklahoma history leading up into statehood. 

It is no wonder the state constitution is so ambiguous with numerous appeals and amendments; there was an enormous amount going on and I believe we should have split the Twin Territories into two states, but then again, that would have been worse for the Native Americans in 1907. 

2. Also, I wanted to say that a seat in the United States Congress is something earned. It is earned by a matriculation process beginning when you experience enough life to know what it means to reflect. Then you must take the conclusions from those reflections, and then decide to make a change.

I am far from ordinary and I reflect deeper than you can imagine. I volunteered my mind for expansion through a state funded program and graduated. I have reached unprecedented levels of success in oil and gas; from buying the minerals to producing them and then selling them. I successfully fine tuned commercial food distribution facilities that serviced tens of millions of people daily. I am an industrialist with expertise in global supply chain management, six sigma, and economic theory; plus I mastered Human Capital Management technology, block-chain, cloud foundry, and everything in between. I also speak more languages than I can keep up with. And I wrote a book about it. 

With that being said, I wish to utilize these skills to selflessly help my people through creating legislation that enables our nation's industry to thrive on a global scale. My only interest is my Country's interest, from now until I retire.  

I want the United States of America to be the best nation in the world, bar none. I want the U.S. to be so incredible that European Nations, African Nations, Oriental Nations, Islamic Nations and Russia strive to be like us; I want them to try to keep up with our pace as world leaders. I want them to engage in democracy and enjoy their republics as much as we love ours.

I believe I have what it takes, and that is why I am running for US Senate.

3. Also, I have friends at Google and if their search engine favors me, that's good looking out. 

If they sway 20,000,000 votes, then that's good campaigning. Why doesn't yahoo or bing favor you? Everyone has algorithms. 

4. Also, I think Dr. Phil is a genius; like Sigmund Freud was a genius. I believe Dr. Phil has had the highest influence on American Psychology; not one other institution in the world can compare to his expertise in the field. His name will go down in history as Dr. Phillip Calvin McGraw though, as is appropriate for recording history.

He should be revered as a hero in my opinion and his methods used as instruction for our young psychologists and social workers. I will nominate him for a Nobel Prize when I make it to United States Congress. 

His perpetual uplifting of American spirit has helped entire generations of United States citizens across a full spectrum of handicapping psychological disorders, nuclear family incongruities, and internal personal struggles.

Any American issue in the realm of psychology can be solved through Dr. McGraw's work, or from building upon the foundation which he has created in the field of Modern American Psychology. 

For this endeavor, he deserves to be a world renowned psychologist; he very well may be the top psychologist the world has ever known. 

5. Also, there is no power in money; there is only power in compassion. The more we care about money, the less we focus on our people. The more we care about our people, the less we care about making money for ourselves. 

When you choose your representative, you must ensure they care for the people; you must ensure they have compassion.

Compassion is my middle name. 

Compassion comes from wearing everyone's shoes; from the poorest, to the richest. I have tried on every pair and the one's that fit are in Washington D.C.

Money buys influence. Compassion buys power. 

6. Also, any chance I get, I would rather build railway than road. I like road maintenance, but I love railway development; it is lower risk and higher reward.

Monday, September 9, 2019 5:55 AM

Purple Support

With such high website volume, I wonder how many media outlets read my literature. If any of you do, please wear purple all next week when streaming live.  

The purple represents Democrats and Republicans coming together under a common goal; the goal to repair our nation's economy. 

As the Ohio Congressman said today, our fall session is commencing and we cannot undermine economic principal; we cannot be distracted from the budget in order to chase rabbits.

The Easter Bunny comes in the spring.

Right now, we are in survival mode. There is no miracle algorithm for our financial crisis. Pass a budget that will keep the American Engine running, then pass legislation to open our industry. 

Thank you for the support.


Monday, September 9, 2019 3:58 AM

Martial Law in Chicago

Martial Law is military government. Ordinary law is suspended to address an urgent concern.

In Chicago right now, there is chaos. Children are being killed, people are dying, and no one can stop this; it is a ruthless display of violence, ignorance, and blatant disrespect for human life and the United States government.

I advocate the use of Martial Law in Chicago to restore order in the city.

Should we warn them first, or immediately seize the city. 

Fly a squadron of F-22's over Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

This is our Republic, these are our people. Their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are being stolen. 

Sunday, September 8, 2019 2:39 PM

Chinese Chess

INTERNATIONAL CHESS GAMES REQUIRE GUTS, STRATEGY, AND FINESSE. You must have these to compete or International Grand Masters will beat you every time. 

There is no Chinese Chess. There is only chess and we are playing an intense game with China right now.

We are in the middle game right now, but we are at a disadvantage because we tried to take their rook and instead lost a bishop and two pawns. 

It is ok though, because they weakened their defense with the trade and they goofed by placing tariffs. 

We need to apply offensive pressure on their king in order to level the playing field and take the rook we were after, and a bishop and several pawns.

Should we refuse any Chinese broadcasting equipment and begin manufacturing our own right now, today, we will take the lead position in the chess match. 

We can worry about the tariffs later.

*Broadcasting equipment is TVs, radios, Bluetooth devices and anything that sends and receives signal. 

1. We will need to pull together manufacturers of dozens of components and establish an assembly plant. (Texas Instruments + someone with injection molding capabilities + Liquid Crystal Display from Dell + IBM = a good start)

2. We should make the assembly plant a Just in Time facility. (Call Arkansas at 1-479-273-4000, cancel the current orders from China, and fill the orders with U.S. products)

3. Legislation must not disturb the collaboration as it will likely involve numerous states.



Sunday, September 8, 2019 2:10 PM

David and Goliath Parallel

My father and I had an intense discussion about our trade deficit with China, and the tariffs. The Chinese placed 15% tariffs on our exported pecans into the oriental nation and additionally expanded their pecan orchards in lieu of expecting to no longer source the nuts from the U.S.

What are we doing in addition to expect less imports from China? Not as much as you would think.

It is hard to build industry in the United States. Every time we try to build industry we meet legislation that prohibits us. We cannot refine metals freely, we cannot utilize raw materials freely, and we must jump through hoops to operate globally.

All it takes for David to defeat Goliath is one well thrown rock from a sling, and the war is over. All we need to experience an industrial revolution in the United States is a well intended Senator to break down existing barriers.

I will break down the glass wall that American Industrialists hit every time they try to build our nation's industry with one pebble in my sling; the breakthrough will happen no matter where the wall is hit. We cannot survive economically unless we are free to build industry, no matter what scale of operation.

Right now, I want to order metal ores and enlist scientists to design environmentally safe processes so we can open a multi-billion dollar industry.

I want to place orders on Texas cotton when it is harvested to avoid having to buy the same cotton from overseas, after they prepare it. 

I want to make cheap drywall with our gypsum for export to South America and Mexico.

I want to make processes that refine grain and manufacture my own food products. 

I want to participate in the lucrative hog market.

I want to use our raw materials to manufacture construction materials for state and global export.

I want to build broadcasting equipment utilizing our states existing industrial complex.

But I can do none of these things because legislation prevents me. 

Once the industrial suppression ends, we will have a million new millionaires in the United States. That's better than a room full of billionaires. 

Sunday, September 8, 2019 12:02 PM

I Like River Transportation

As my research continues, I am beginning to be a strong advocate for distribution via inland waterways. Up until the Great Depression, we used this method and built an extensive river transportation system. I believe we will be using the waterways much more with our nation's industrial expansion and all industrialist and entrepreneurs should be cognizant of our inland waterways; many of our larger cities are found along these established trade routes.

More information can be found here: Oklahoma River Freight

We have two ports in Oklahoma, the Port of Muskogee and the Port of Catoosa. Our river transportation industry is in good shape and will be ready to take on our increased productivity. I invite you to research this as well as I am finding it to be quite a blessing for an industrialist. We are concerned with moving heavy raw materials and water is a viable solution for our metal refining transportation needs. 

Sunday, September 8, 2019 8:08 AM

A Man of Focus

I will not be making a presence on any Social Media platform for my campaign. 

I will no longer be using a cell phone.

As each word becomes increasingly more important on my journey to become a United States Senator, I cannot afford to use my words anywhere else. 

My old Social Media accounts are still online and readily viewable. Rather than using them to promote myself, I simply wish to give those interested an unfiltered glance at different chapters in my life. 

Upon completion of my economic research, the 77 Series, I will be visiting areas throughout the state performing field research for our industrial agenda. 

I will then also accept invitations to meet publically, should the engagement not interfere with already scheduled economic development meetings.

As a legislator to be, and as a legislator, I will not mix my political agenda with the people's social networking. Rather, I will promote my ideas only on platforms such as this; now my campaign site and in the future, my Senator page with my .gov domain. 

"You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make the horse drink." 

Saturday, September 7, 2019 10:39 AM

United States Cotton Conclusions

We are presented with many obstacles as a nation in our agriculture industry. I have researched deeply and have ran into some of these hurdles as I outline an industrial agenda for Oklahoma; we will overcome these together in the near future.

Without a doubt, there is economic opportunity in cotton. The economic opportunities are going to be in growth and manufacturing of cotton, from the cotton gin to the dye processes and all the stringing and weaving in between.

We will have to adjust legislation to ensure fair market participation in this industry and to fully seize the economic opportunities inherent, especially in Oklahoma. 

As a whole, the United States is performing very strongly in this industry as we approach the last quarter of 2019; we are exporting more textile than the cotton we produce and are quickly becoming industry leaders in the textile industry, from the bottom to the top. 

However, we can make improvements now that will enhance the economic impact of our cotton industry.

This year, we will produce roughly 1/8 of cotton globally. However, we will account for nearly 70% of the cotton wasted in the world. It is essential that our processes are more efficient as this is an unacceptable amount of "shrink" in our cotton industry. This may be in our shipping methods or possibly in our production, only the industry participants can determine where the 45 metric tons, nearly 100,000 pounds, are being lost.

It is not about the $0.80 per pound of raw cotton being wasted indiscriminately, it is in the $12 per linear foot of fabric or in the $100 denim jeans that the loss reveals the true economic impact; a pound of cotton in America is worth so much more.

Cotton and agriculture as a whole are now a foundation of my candidacy for U.S. Senate; I want to ensure that the industry is open, and fair, and that we are effectively seizing the economic opportunities present in the agriculture sector of the United States economy.

Friday, September 6, 2019 4:15 PM

Cotton News: Pertinent Legal Update

So, as I begin building a cotton industry in Oklahoma I am discovering many things. First off, IT IS ILLEGAL IN OKLAHOMA TO GROW COTTON IN YOUR GARDEN. IT IS ALSO ILLEGAL IN: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. 

Anytime I have mentioned to grow as much cotton as possible, do not do so unless properly licensed. This industry is extremely regulated to the point of market extinction.  

Also, there are 24 REGULATED cotton gins. Furthermore, there is expected to be little to zero cotton production in the state. 

I will call the Oklahoma Farm Bureau in Custer County to get some up to date cotton information. I am attempting a purchase from Amarillo to be delivered by train. 

Friday, September 6, 2019 5:23 AM

Project D2 is Taking Shape

I have examined 7 out of the 26 counties in the scope of Project D2, the economic project for Oklahoma's second congressional district. The northeastern part of the state is much stronger economically than congressional district three. I believe this is due in part to the organized electricity production seen with the Grand River Dam Authority. The organization is focused on electricity production across multiple platforms and thus competition is not inherent between wind and coal, rather the goal to provide efficient and environmentally appropriate energy to the communities. This is something that must be considered in Project D3, an organized approach to energy. 

As far as the objective for Project D2, it is less involved with industrial development so far, but rather on industrial maintenance. This includes the reconditioning project of our state mining operation in Ottawa County. We need to ensure our industrial participants are taken care of as well and I aspire to be their representative in Washington D.C. 

So as we begin to close up the northeastern portion of the state and move further south we will keep an open mind, but for the objective thus far, it is to maintain the economic condition as well as close some gaps that may be present with out of state investment properties. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 10:36 PM

Chinese Pilosophy and My Philosophy

I am big on philosophy from the Roman Emperors, the Ancient Chinese, Native Americans, and especially the originators, Plato and Aristotle. 

Something that the ancient Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu said is: "Doing nothing is better than to be busy doing nothing."

Looking at the state of Oklahoma's economy, especially the disaster in Ottawa County, I am going to push for the EPA to allow us to think outside of the box. We are going to use the most sophisticated techniques, research new disposal methods and we are going to fix this problem and reopen our mining industry. 

If Lao Tzu were alive today, I would write to him in Mandarin correcting his philosophy. I would tell him "Doing SOMETHING is better than to be busy doing nothing, respectively." 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 6:45 AM

Forget Small Plastics, the Money is in Machines

The focus on expanding the Oklahoman manufacturing industry is no longer on simple toys. Rather, we need to build machines. Broadcasting equipment specifically. We need to build our own televisions, radios, Bluetooth devices and the like. We would have to make and sell 1000 action figures to cover the cost of one imported TV. By focusing our economic agenda on manufacturing televisions and radios, we will have a much larger impact on our trade deficit. The goal now is to compete by taking leaps, not baby steps, through establishing broadcasting equipment manufacturing facilities in the counties without industry.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 4:27 AM

Major Issue for an Economist

Upon close examination of the definition of per capita income, based on the census provided by the United States, a major issue has surfaced. It is impossible to hone in on our economic issues with the metrics currently being used. An economist cannot evaluate an economy based on national production divided by a population. We must be more accurate in our census information. We need per capita income to be a quotient of state production divided by population; an even better metric would be county production divided by county population. The problem that was noticed in Adair County is that there is abundant industry, but the population against national production completely skewed the population's per capita income. Without having more precise data, we are less equip to make the right changes. Nonetheless, areas without industry clearly need some, but it is difficult to decipher true economic need without better data for our economist. 

*Project Objectives Are Under Construction Until Better Data Is Obtained. Some Areas Are Much Better Economically, Some Are Much Worse (I anticipate some areas with under $5,000 per capita income). 

***I do not have access to a research center, I need someone from the US Census Bureau to publish a list of County Production divided by County Population, please. You can easily use previous Census Data and it will greatly enhance economic research for everyone. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 1:18 AM

Congressional District 2: Health and Wealth

I have just begun my economic research into Oklahoma's second congressional district and have unearthed some major issues. The area is exponentially more economically active than congressional district 3, yet has the lowest life expectancy and higher levels of poverty. The numbers do not make sense as the population is growing, jobs are abundant, but the health and wealth of the population shows no correlation. This could be due to inaccurate census information, but further research into the remaining 26 counties will help explain what is really going on. Nonetheless, this area is rich in resources and we have enormous opportunity already in creating industry for our people. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 8:30 PM

Federal Financing in the Form of Bonds

As the United States was building the nation's infrastructure in the 1800's, the government issued bonds as a means to finance the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad. The bonds were for 30 years and the coupons were paid at 6% interest. The amount of interest was based on the trust in the economic impact of the project, and it certainly paid dividends. As a United States Senator, I will push for similar bonds to be issued for the development of our industries. Our government does not have the cash on hand to finance the rebirth of our nation's industry, but through issuing bonds, those who trust in our capabilities can help us raise the money we need, and we will pay better interest than you can find anywhere else.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 1:05 AM

The Scope of Project D3

The 32 counties that make up Oklahoma's 3rd congressional district have been evaluated and the scope of Project D3 is complete. As I move into congressional district 2, I will not lose focus on the textile mill in Arapaho and a gypsum manufacturing plant in a similarly strategic location, nor organizing our other industrial projects. Many phone calls and letters for support will be written and I will begin traveling to our county seats to meet with those at ground zero. I look forward to our industrial progress and wish all of those who are struggling the best, sincerely. Please keep a positive outlook as we are making progressive changes. Think of new processes and necessary goods we can replace with domestic production and I will ensure your ideas are brought to fruition. 

Monday, September 2, 2019 8:42 AM

Campaign Still Being Developed

Hello everyone. I am still doing my due diligence and am deeply involved in research; I am studying Oklahoma's economy, legislation since 1776, and global trade. As soon as the 77 Series are complete, I will engage in Social Media and be more active publically. Until I have completed my industrial agenda, I cannot be distracted. Should you have any questions about my life before this campaign, read my book on Amazon: Sometimes it is. (The prose is unedited and I have not reviewed it, it is for story telling purposes and the reader's amusement) I have 30/77 counties researched thus far and Project D3 is nearly wrapped up. Please keep in mind that this endeavor is unfolding before us and is constantly evolving. By the time the dust settles this campaign will be a perfectly faceted stone. 

Friday, August 30, 2019 12:09 AM

Wind Electricity Prices Will Equal Coal Electricty Prices

I know that there is a lot of conflict about producing wind energy because it will outcompete prices for electricity produced by coal. I believe that due to the abundance and ease of harvest, a percentage of sales must be dispersed among the population in whichever county the turbines are located. This is how it is done on the Ulupalakua Ranch in Hawaii and I strongly support this as legislation. Instantly, the people, who are more often than not struggling, will benefit. This will raise the median per capita income, which is the objective of Project D3. This also eliminates the price conflict with coal because electricity prices will reflect the new expense. Electricity prices will remain the same and people will benefit. Everyone wins in this scenario. 

** 9/9/2019 Update: Upon the discovery of the Grand River Dam Authority, this concept is now debatable. With an organized approach to electricity production across all energy producing platforms, the conflict of various production methods ceases as the goal now focuses on electricity as an efficiently and most effectively produced utility. 

Thursday, August 29, 2019 10:09 AM

Textile Mill in Arapaho

I feel so strongly in rebuilding the Oklahoman economy and bringing industry to the struggling communities that I will use any money donated to my campaign to facilitate economic development, as a campaign. My committee is its own fundraising representative with the Federal Election Commission so any fundraising participants who want to bring an industry to Custer County, reach out to me so we can get this started.  

In the meantime, I am going to arrange a meeting with the Arapaho Nation in Wyoming to express the economic opportunity in our state. They now operate Class 3 casinos in Wyoming and have new investment capital. 

Thursday, August 29, 2019 5:43 AM

We are on the Right Track with Project D3's Textile Mill

I did some more research on the U.S. textile industry and found some encouraging information. We currently export nearly $30 billion in textiles, $12 billion between Mexico and Canada alone and it appears that there is significant market opportunity in South America. This also encourages the quest for a railroad that can carry our products through Mexico to Guatemala. I have friends there and may need to explore first hand to see what the conditions are like, but that is promising news. The textile exports are classified as such: cotton, yarns, fabrics, apparel, and home furnishings/non apparel. Further research will determine what the best course of action is for Project D3; given the 9% growth in the industry, we can safely bring two or three textile mills into the state and diversify our manufacturing portfolio. Market trends fluctuate and it would be smart to be capable of satisfying whatever the market demands. One thing is certain though, we need to grow as much cotton as we can where we can to maximize our profit margins. The next step is to determine sites for the new mills, ideally close to functioning railroads for cotton delivery and product export. Let's get one mill going first; it should satisfy these conditions and prerequisites:

1. Railroad access to Texas, Canada and the Pacific.

2. 10,000 SQFT Warehouse, not condemned, but slight restructuring is acceptable.

3. LLC or Corporation with a 30 million dollar insurance policy.

4. Ten flexible employees to help set up the operation and learn the equipment with another 12 pending should we operate 24/7.

5. $2.5 million in capital, this may be significantly less depending on who answers the phone. 

This will get us off the ground in textiles and I can help set up our marketing, human capital management, and supply chain management should someone from Project D3 be ready to own a textile mill.

Thursday, August 29, 2019 1:49 AM

Plastic Manufacturing: Level 1

If I say Interplast as a plastic supplier, I mean Formosa. They were both on the coast when I was in the Eagle Ford and I got them confused. Nonetheless, Here is a link to the leading plastics supplier: Formosa. There is an endless variety to choose from. Just tell them you are an American Inventor and see if they will donate some. Watch this video on injection molding: Injection Molding. Try to make 1,000 simple somethings in different colors and get Wal-Mart, Target, or Dollar General to buy the whole production in one transaction. Just call their corporate headquarters and ask to speak to a "buyer". Tell them you're an American Entrepreneur and offer a fair price. They will buy. Then make another round, trying to improve any way possible, and sell to the company again, or find another one. The people who get this down will be the ones on the forefront of Oklahoma's plastic manufacturing. It will not take long for you to be a plastics manufacturing expert. We need those and that is something you will have to teach yourself.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 10:34 AM

My Stance on Gun Control: Fix the Economy

Just like any issue, there is not one end all solution. There is not one additional line filled out on registering a weapon that can prevent violence. There is not a permit that places a revolver on safety. You have to dive deep and research all of the components that led to a machine being used inappropriately. Was the person mentally unstable? Was the person dealing with stresses that caused temporary insanity? You must ask all the right questions to truly understand what went wrong. I am a strict constitutionalist, I believe in the right to bear arms. So how do we fix our gun related violence? We fix our economy. We fix our economy so our state sponsored behavioral health programs do not lose funding, leaving tens of thousands of unstable patients on the streets without the stabilizing medicines they need. We fix our economy so that the stresses and burdens of life do not push someone over the edge causing thoughtless and emotionless action. We fix our economy so people do not turn to drug abuse and criminal activity as a way out. If you truly want a change in violence and gun related murder and suicide, then start by fixing the economy. Only then can we begin honing in on what is causing increased gun violence. We may discover it is hormonal imbalances from chicken or a toxin from unregulated manufacturing processes overseas that is causing the brain's emotional center to be compromised. We do not know for certain, but no one can argue that a better economy will enable higher patient treatment levels and reduce stress hormones that can undermine an individual's reasoning capabilities. 

** 9/9/2019 Update: I went gun shopping and I can see the confusion now. Guns are for hunting game, limited recreation, and self defense. Military grade or design is unacceptable for commercial distribution, as they are meant for war. To wield a hand gun in public, one must pass a thorough exam to ensure safe operation. We send our militants to a three month training session before they are classified as an arms professional; our civilians need similar training.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 3:16 AM

Finally Found the Chicken Problem

It took some digging, but I finally found the reason why our chicken prices are skewed. I had to coin a new term for the market control, a transopoly. But check out the new page, "Chicken Economics". The proof is a little rough, but I will clean it up over time and expand on the legislative need and industry implications. 

Monday, August 26, 2019 7:03 PM

I am in the midst of an internal debate.

Having read my states constitution, seeing all the contradicting paragraphs, repealed legislation, and superfluous articles, I am beginning to wonder if it may be better for me to start within; to start from scratch. Should I spend a term or two within my state's legislature, I could rewrite the document to solidify our economic position and ensure our state's integrity for all posterity. Then, knowing my home body of legislature was secure, I could tackle the task of homogenizing sound economics throughout the nation. It would require trust in my fellow legislators in the District of Columbia; no longer could complacency reside within. Rather, they must acquiesce to sound economic principle. Shall my elders put pen to paper on their parchment out east, I would do the same back home. Nonetheless, that is my conundrum.

Monday, August 26, 2019 2:17 PM

I filed Form 1 and Form 2 with the FEC, but.

As I was filing Form 1 with the FEC and establishing my Committee, I came across something that perplexed me. As I was entering my bank account information, I was never asked for my account number, nor my routing number. Being that it is an official website of the United States government, I felt like it was a safe place to disclose that information. I hope my government is not shy about asking candidates for that information. I know all my account numbers by heart and would happily give that information; I feel obligated to give that information, ethically. 

Monday, August 26, 2019 7:55 AM

Celebrating Democracy Concert

I am reaching out to Juice World and Lil Skies to organize a concert in February to celebrate democracy. The goal of our project is to promote democracy among millennials and free tickets will be given to the first millennials that provide proof of voter registration. 

Further details will be announced as the project develops. 

Monday, August 26, 2019 3:02 AM

Official Website Launch Date: October 1, 2019, but..

Enjoy watching my Campaign as it unfolds, just know that I am doing all of my own writing, editing, and campaigning. My political campaign is evolving and you can watch it unfold. 

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