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77 Series: Beaver County

                                                          Leave it to Beaver

            In my last published essay, I wrote a proof on the importance of being tough when it comes to external energy resources. I want to get into how I came up with that theory to begin with, but I feel that Beaver is a quiet town and talk of microscopic examination of prokaryotic cells and how they relate to an economy may be silly. So instead, I want to talk about Beaver County. There is an interesting motto that the town of Beaver has; they say “No man’s land – Every man’s town”. Back before statehood this town was a hub for fur trade and you could acquire just about anything you needed from the brave settlers that ventured out to the small fur-trading post in 1879. I wonder if Frenchmen were there still trading and how many different tribes came and went. There are ruins from plains Indians they say. But you have to know someone to get in.
Maybe one of the readers is like me, eager to learn; has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. I wonder if Ross Rizley knows anything about them. I could not help but notice that a politician came from this area. He was a U.S. Representative from Beaver County but never became a Senator. Nevertheless, he was appointed under Dwight D. Eisenhower to be a judge, he had a law degree from Kansas. Timothy Leonard is a United States federal judge with senior status, pretty prestigious. They were without a doubt, in no man’s land. What I find admirable is the fact that it was every man’s town as well. They had a Presbyterian Church built in 1887 that very well may be the oldest Church in Oklahoma Territory. They built a small general store, had a restaurant, a small cattle operation, a salon, post office and access to the Beaver River and the Canadian River. As far as a town could be considered, it was every man’s town. There is nothing else you could possibly need in Beaver Oklahoma, unless of course, you need more people. Out here, there are three people per square mile. Could you imagine?
            I struggle as a representative trying to understand what Beaver County could need. The population decline tells me that your youth are taking flight and pursuing their dreams, their passions. Perhaps joining the military or going to college; maybe just trying things out in the big city. I wonder if the community is bothered when they do not return. Would you like to see an influx of people? Would you like to increase traffic and commerce? Is that a priority in your life? It is ok if it is not, no one judges on your opinion. Besides, you’re in a perfect situation where you could not care at all about what was going in the world around you and guess what? No one else would notice. Perhaps one of you will write me one day, when I am in Washington D.C., as a U.S. Senator, and tell me what you guys think about your county, where would like it to be, or if it is just fine the way it is. But I need help in order to get there. On June 30th, 2020, I have the primary election that I will need to win in order to advance to the November 3rd 2020 election, where I will face off against the Republican Incumbent.
            I wrote a book called Sometimes it is that you can find on Amazon. It will tell you everything you could know about me up until this campaign; I really think you will enjoy it. I will send a couple books to your library in case any of you are curious about who I am. I would enjoy knowing you had the ability to choose either way. So, just like the title says, I am going to leave this one to Beaver.

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