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77 Series: Seminole County

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     It is actually a long drive down highway 44 from Tulsa to the Oklahoma City area. There are long stretches of little agricultural activity. There is enormous economic potential in these fruitful areas; we need to seriously look into why we are not more engaged in hemp or cotton production. Wewoka was home to several clothing manufacturers, cotton farmers, and peach orchards. However, the only industry still going is oil and gas and ranching. The population was hit hard during World War 2, just like many of other of our Oklahoma communities. This becomes an increasingly larger problem when the community never rebounds. Wewoka has seen continuous decrease in population despite being in a prime location for fruit cultivation and manufacturing. Seminole County had a population of 80,000 in 1930, a 235% increase from 1920, but in 2010 the population is just over 25,000.
     Oklahoma’s 5th congressional district is different than Oklahoma’s first congressional district; the first congressional district does not have the same signs of lingering economic hardship; as I evaluate Seminole County, we are seeing similar trends of economic decline as we experienced in the third congressional district. The median per capita income is low in Seminole County, but I have long since left the current census data behind; it is not as useful as one would assume; it figures median per capita income as a county’s population as the denominator and total United States gross domestic product (GDP) as the numerator. I use industry in the area to asses economic strength and I am struggling to determine where Seminole County’s economic strength is.
     The eastern portion of the fifth congressional district, Seminole County, is much different than Oklahoma County. There is so much land, such fertile land, and I do not know what the congressional district is waiting for. We are smart in Oklahoma, especially in Oklahoma’s fifth congressional district; just look at our reflection seismology in the early 1900’s that found our oil formations and all of our research facilities in Oklahoma City that lead the world in health science technology. There is a unique program I just discovered that is available to everyone in the state called “pick your own”. This website directs citizens to their nearest farm where they can pick their own fruits and vegetables. I hope you are as amazed as I was when I discovered this valuable resource. I like that the people have access to this resource; as an industrialist, I am also interested in how I can help the Oklahoma economy by bringing these fruits and vegetables to market and export them out of state. I will be visiting many of these farms in order to speak to the farmers and to get a feel for the struggles they face in their industry.
     My name is Bevon Rogers and I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020 as a Democrat. In order to support me in the Primary Election on June 30th, you will have to be a registered Democrat because Oklahoma has closed primaries. I have been closely examining each county in Oklahoma to discover where the weak links are in our state’s economy and I have compiled each economic essay in a project called the 77 Series. You can find the series on my campaign website, I have been designing an economic endeavor to decrease the crime and promote new businesses for our people in Oklahoma’s first district. I named this Project D1 and I will have a project for all five congressional districts. My intention with these projects is to find our industry, build our economy, protect our environment, improve our health, and focus on education. In Oklahoma’s fifth congressional district, I want to build on the scientific research establishments in the area and expand our marketable agriculture.
     Something I need my readers to understand is that I am researching all 77 counties within our state; I have a binder with 77 tabs and I am gathering information about every industry our state has and looking for ways to improve our economy by either expanding existing industry or replacing lost industry. I also have a second binder with 38 tabs, for all of our Sovereign Nations in the state because I believe it is essential that the entire state works for the good of its citizens. This is a massive undertaking as it takes an extraordinary individual to compile and process such large volumes of information; I then must win a tough election to take what I have learned and act on it in the United States House of Congress. I am passionate about this, and I will continue working with my state regardless of the election outcome.
     When I worked in commercial food distribution, I knew all of our largest suppliers. When I go grocery shopping, I keep an eye out for where our foods and other goods come from. What I would like to do is ensure more of our Oklahoman foods are making it into these markets and that our goods are sold in our stores. Please forgive me if I am barking up the wrong tree so to speak, I am new to being an industrial developer and I just bought my binders and dividers; I could be misguided. But right now I feel as though our farmers struggle getting their fruits, vegetables, and livestock sold at fair prices; I am unable to determine through my initial research if Oklahoman’s are even able to take their produce to market outside of a “farmer’s market”. I feel right now that we are not getting our fair piece of the pie and once I finish the 77 Series, I will be on the road visiting all these farmers and industry participants to see what issues they face. One thing is for certain, our productivity is not reflected in our economy and that is primarily why I began this campaign to begin with.
     I believe Oklahoma City can be the science capital of the world; we are already well on our way with one of the top primary learning institutions in the world. I will begin designing Project D5 for Oklahoma’s fifth congressional district after I evaluate Pottawatomie County. I was unaware that our fifth congressional district went so far east and that Seminole County has fallen behind economically. I will be working diligently on this congressional district as I have a close bond to Oklahoma City; I want to make sure that we have the best state in the United States and for us to achieve this title, we need to be the best in every industry. 

     I was trying to buy pizza boxes and they were way to expensive to make a business with so I began looking into recycled cardboard and it lead me to researching a cardboard reclaiming facility in South Africa. The processes were intense, but I believe Oklahoma City can take on recycling cardboard, plastic, glass, and aluminum and seize enormous economic opportunity doing so. We will quickly find ourselves supplying paper resources to surrounding states and we can take it further with creating a box manufacturing plant within the reclaiming facility. This would enable Oklahomans to have access to cheap packaging material. Furthermore, we can refund citizens who bring recyclables in; we can pay them their five cents for plastic, aluminum, and glass and we can recycle the materials in congressional district five. This is a relatively new concept for me, but it is on my radar and we will be moving forward with this project as Project D5 develops. 


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