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77 Series: McCurtain County

                                                   McCurtain County Gold

     My political agenda is not limited to agriculture and industrial development; I am also concerned with our banking on a federal level. Currently our state is split and we belong to two federal reserve banks. Choctaw, McCurtain, and Pushmataha counties belong to the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank and the rest of the state belongs to the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. I do not believe anyone is to blame for leaving out Oklahoma, but I do believe it is time to be included in the federal banking system and to have our state’s own Federal Reserve Bank.
     My name is Bevon Rogers and I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020 as a Democrat. In order to support me in the Primary Election on June 30th, you will have to be a registered Democrat because Oklahoma has closed primaries. I have been closely examining each county in Oklahoma to discover where the weak links are in our state’s economy and I have compiled each economic essay in a project called the 77 Series. You can find the series on my campaign website, I have been designing an economic endeavor to increase the health and life expectancy of our people in Oklahoma’s second congressional district. I named this Project D2 and I will have a project for all five congressional districts.
     I had an idea on what to do about our chat piles in Ottawa County. If we take samples from strategic points all around the mining debris, and we take it to a chemistry lab, we can use IR Spectroscopy in order to determine what the chat is comprised of. I can do this at no cost should my former PhD holders allow me to use their equipment for a weekend. I will then have a mapped out analysis of where the toxins are and what we can do. I could possibly use a boring machine to get samples from deep within the chat piles, but I have a lot of friends and I can probably have this done at no cost as well; compassion is power. We will need to know this first to determine what we can safely do with the toxic debris. I believe we may even find use for the chat should we refine it and then dispose of the waste. One way or another, we will get rid of the chat piles and restore the mine; should the mine still have economical deposits, we will begin to mine and refine those metal ores. We will not have an environmental impact, either; we should know now that allowing for an environmental impact is not economical, nor is it healthy for our communities.
     I know that we have issues throughout the state with our hazardous waste disposal. It is difficult to find where the locations are because there is not a resource that points out where all of our toxic waste is located. I want the people to tell me what they know when I come to visit their county seats. I have an outline for each of the 77 counties and it is my full time job to ensure that everyone is taken care of sufficiently, and I strive to ensure our state is 100% hazard free; this means no lingering toxic waste and no processes that produce hazardous waste. We will not allow businesses to come into our state unless they follow this vision. There are companies that are capable of operating without environmental impact and those are the ones we want in our state; if you cannot operate with environmental consciousness, we will take someone who does.
     As our state’s industrial complex builds and we have abundant, cheap electricity, a well trained work force, and railways and waterways ready to transport raw materials and finished goods throughout Canada, the U.S., Mexico and South America, we will have an influx of businesses wanting to establish themselves in Oklahoma. We will have to be firm on or environmental impact threshold; our threshold is anything above zero; we do not allow our environment to be impacted and the health of our citizens threatened. I have produced billions of barrels of crude oil with no environmental impact, period. We can do anything without environmental impact; we must find those who feel the same or risk hazardous waste creeping into our communities.
     I titled this essay “McCurtain County Gold” because it was once known for its gold production or hidden Spanish gold; the real reason is not known. It may be because of this idea: We will need three or more 24” lines in order to bring in the crude oil over production from Texas. We may be able to build one 60” line, but that is both expensive and risky. A 60’’ line is slower and takes more time too; for our refinery project, we need speed and efficiency. We should focus first on meeting Oklahoma production of crude oil, then immediately seize opportunities in the Permian Basin, the Eagle Ford Shale, and the Haynesville- Bossier play in East Texas. We do not want to build one line because that means that a disturbance will cease operations until the compromised line is restored. It is also beneficial to build the lines in phases because after phase one, the refinery begins working and we can begin recouping our investments. As the other lines go live we can significantly increase our refinery output. I have another idea that can be expanded on as well. The lines could tie in to Cushing originally, effectively expanding the federal reserve of oil. From there the 3,000,000 a day of crude oil and be sent to our new refinery, using existing distribution channels to facilitate the refinery’s operations.
      I know a whole floor of engineers at the Devon tower and I know they would love to jump on an opportunity to develop Oklahoma industry. The investment will be huge and the oil and gas industry is still recovering. We will need to bring in all of our oil and gas companies who own and operate leases to be in on this. If together we do not have the capital, we will have to form bonds to sell on a global market to complete the funding for our modern marvel. I have discussed these in earlier essays. I believe we could have a 12 year maturity, 2.5% on $500,000 bonds and 3% on $1,000,000 bonds and pay annual coupons. We can open these up on a global market and quickly raise $2-$5,000,000,000 for our needs. Oklahoma has good credit and after we open our own Federal Reserve Bank, we can draw the bonds up off our state’s capital, property assets included.
      I do not wish to scare any of the 38 Sovereign Nations within our state with this bond project. It is not an any way or form a method of credit lending as our property is not used as collateral in the bond. Rather, the investors are investing in the profit potential of our project. Their only risk is that we do not complete the project and they do not receive their coupon payments. Being that Oklahoma is so developed and experienced, they will have confidence that our refinery will go up and we will pay their annual coupons. Then, once the bonds mature in 12 years, we will pay back their final coupon and the initial investment. Our property and existing assets will in no way be risked for this endeavor; it will only be the investment of foreign and domestic capital. I can help arrange this for Oklahoma as a United States Senator.  

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