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77 Series: LeFlore County

                                                LeFlore: Choctaw, not French

    The French had a big influence in our state and much of the southeast, almost solely for trade, never conquest, and many of our Native American families in the southeastern portion of the United States carry French names, the Choctaws especially. During the removal in the early to mid-1800’s, the Choctaw tribe ceded their lands to the government and by the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in 1830, the entire tribe had a new home in Choctaw Territory. As the tribe was settling into the new area, building schools and industry, the Civil War came through and Pocola was a site of a Confederate and Union conflict, the Battle of Devil’s Backbone. When the battle ended, the development was torched, and we started over again.
    By the late 1800’s and carrying into the 20th century, our raw materials would give rise to new industry and railroads were built for the abundant timber and coal and our resources were carried by train to the Gulf Coast and shared throughout the world. What the Choctaw tribe focused on in lieu of economic development was the re-establishment of their academies that were burned during the Civil War. Now, as we make our way through the 21st century, the Choctaw Nation has proven to be a major driving force in economic development, citizen health, and education.
     Counties that boarder states have an immediate advantage over our counties locked interiorly; LeFlore County has many attributes that lead an economist to see the economic potential of the area. Already, cities such as Poteau have seen a population increase of nearly 500% in a hundred years. This is consistent with the dedication of the Choctaw Nation to provide jobs, healthcare, and education to the communities. What I would like to do is foster this growth and development through legislation. I would like to ensure their needs are met so that resource utilization is optimized, and the population continues to be enhanced.
     My name is Bevon Rogers and I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020 as a Democrat. In order to support me in the Primary Election on June 30th, you will have to be a registered Democrat because Oklahoma has closed primaries. I have been closely examining each county in Oklahoma to discover where the weak links are in our state’s economy and I have compiled each economic essay in a project called the 77 Series. You can find the series on my campaign website,
     Choctaw Nation has a major influence on our southeastern counties; they are the number one employer in the fourteen counties of Choctaw Territory. They have hospitals, entertainment enterprise, and organized sovereign government and are building global enterprise just like the Cherokee Nation and the Chickasaw Nation; each tribe is expanding operations to include an increasing amount of global trade partners. For information, look into the tribal enterprise, not the nation itself. Our tribal nations are concerned with health, education, and citizen stability. Our enterprise is comprised of the businesses that enable us to provide these services to our people and to research, you will need to look outside of our tribal boundaries. Here is the Chickasaw Nation industrial complex, it is quite extraordinary:Chickasaw Nation Industries
     Just like our tribes are thriving, so can our state as we continue to work together to provide jobs, build industry, and increase our standards of living. As the 77 Series continues and we further develop Project D2, we will need to keep in mind the existing infrastructure that our Native Americans have developed during our economic drought experienced as a nation. We have industrial parks all over the southeastern part of the state and the foundation exists to facilitate growth in industry. We have the resources, we have the structure, we now need legislation to open up the state to new market participants. We need those entrepreneurs and industrialist with the time and dedication to see the vision, find their industry, and develop it. We are on the cusp of new levels of prosperity and I wish to represent the state in Washington D.C. next year to ensure our needs are met.
     I want to be in Washington D.C.; to me it means that our state has an intelligent and driven person to bring about the right changes. I want to champion our values moving forward; I want to represent the grit, ambition, dedication, compassion, and vision of Oklahoma. I am focused and I know that we are headed in the right direction because I can see our nation coming together. I can see how our people want change and how we are hungry to be global leaders of commerce. We are competitive by nature; no one came to the United States for an easy life. People came to the United States for economic opportunity; they knew that with hard work and dedication there was a way. It is time in the U.S. for us to restore that way and enable the people to take rocks and wood and build an empire.

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