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77 Series: Kay County

                                                      Oklahoma will be O Kay

      My name is Bevon Rogers and I am running for United States Senate in 2020 as a Democrat. The state is a closed primary state, so Republicans cannot vote for me, only registered Democrats. I have a vision that I am making a reality. My vision is an industrial Oklahoma with new factories, new refineries, increased energy production, new markets for our farmers and new railroads to bring our products to the rest of the world. This is essential for our state as our nation begins to rebuild the economy. Federal legislation will need to be adjusted for this to manifest and I want to be the person in Washington D.C. writing the new rules for our collective industrial benefit. I am compiling essays written on the economy for Oklahoma’s 77 counties into a work called the 77 Series and so far, the counties of Oklahoma’s 3rd congressional district have the blueprints for what I call Project D3, an outline for a new industrial enterprise in Oklahoma. The work takes time as I carefully evaluate the history of the counties, assess the industries, and analyze economic opportunities. The vision is constantly evolving as each county presents new and unique obstacles that must be overcome and I want to be on the legislative end making sure nothing prevents our progress as a state and as a nation.
      One of the first things I do as I begin searching for ways to build an economy is what existed before the economy tanked. For Kay County, the Zinc Smelter played a major role in the production of Zinc and helped the economy of Blackwell thrive. However, today there only exist an unacceptable level of toxins and a broken economy. That is frustrating as an Oklahoman and the only thing we can do about it is overcome the mess left when our smelter did. I know that a Zinc mine reopened in New York and they entered the $100 billion a year industry and I want for Kay County to do take part in the action, Blackwell needs it. Here is a link to a document that every Oklahoman should see, especially those in the mineral industry:Mineral Document
      China now produces the largest amount of Zinc and their production makes up close to 35% of world production. The United States produces 35% of what China produces, roughly 900,000 short tons as of 2014. Australia has so much in its reserves that the world need not worry about Zinc; we should seek the economic opportunity to market our Zinc reserves. The numbers are published for 2018 if you navigate through the document I linked and find the 204 page United States comprehensive mineral production book. I will be reading this thoroughly as the 77 Series develops because I know Oklahoma has enormous mineral deposits and I want to ensure Oklahomans are able to participate in the mineral markets fairly and for us to gain the most economically. The current situation with our Zinc is that all of our ore is being exported and we are importing the refined Zinc. The margins are enormous when you refine metal and we are losing an atrocious amount of capital by having another industry outside the United States sell us our own minerals back.
      The question about the toxins being released will certainly be raised and some may argue that another country dealing with the toxins benefits our country. But what if those other industries enhanced their processes and there was not an issue with toxins? What if our geniuses could design processes that refine Zinc ore without so much pollution? The effect of replacing an import has tremendous economic impact, especially when it is to the tune of a million tons of metal. If we pay $1 billion for an import, we lose $2 billion because of lost economic opportunity. When we manufacture and refine, we make $2 billion when we replace the import with home production. We make another $1 billion should we export surplus. During 2018, about 25% of our refined Zinc was recycled in Zinc smelters by galvanizing residues and crude zinc oxide recovered from electric arc furnace dust. Those numbers are from the Mineral Commodity Summaries 2019, a publication of the U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. Geological Survey. I need to research Zinc further to find the economic opportunities that are present. I would first like to see what is necessary to replace our smelter in Kay County to safely and consciously refine Zinc for the United States, bringing the billion dollar industry to the Oklahoman economy and providing jobs for the people.
     The vision I have of an industrial Oklahoma includes a rail road and Oklahoman minerals should fill many of the carts pulled by the trains to Canada, all over the United States, Mexico, and through to the Pacific. I speak great Spanish and would love the opportunity to work with the President of the United Mexican States, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to complete such a project that opens a new avenue of global trade right through the heart of Oklahoma. I speak a lot about certain markets opening for Oklahomans. I will write the proof behind expanding market entry for people to raise chickens in Oklahoma after this essay, but I want to ensure those who are employed at the chicken plant in Ponca City that nothing is to be feared with market expansion. The processing plant is not the issue, the buying and selling of poultry is distorting the market. Once chicken prices rise upon the market expansion, allowing new participants, wages will certainly be expected to increase as well.   
     Like many issues we encounter on our road to economic recovery, this will entail legislation. Luckily, when presented in a logical and direct manner, sound economics backed with mathematical proof make sense. Our nation needs total economic reform and I want to be the economic voice of reason, with your support. I speak of numerous economic opportunities throughout the 77 Series, and I am confident that bringing Zinc refining back to Oklahoma is an important part of Project D3. Do not be afraid to design your own processes for other manufacturing either, Kay County. With cheaper Zinc, many opportunities will be created for manufacturing pharmaceuticals, plastics, inks, soaps, batteries, textiles and electrical equipment. As our economic mechanism continues to be built, Zinc will take on an increasingly important role and I would be happy for Kay County to be the site for this component of Project D3.

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