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77 Series: Grant County

                                                    We will need a Grant

       Since I have begun the 77 Series, a consolidated economic project for Oklahoma, I am beginning to feel more and more like an archaeologist. With a hammer and a little chisel, I am slowly chipping away the old layers of sediment. Then with a soft brush and magnifying glass, I am slowly wiping away the remaining dust and what I am uncovering is an old, strong, economic machine. What is missing is the light to power it back up and luckily, I lit a torch in Caddo County that is only glowing brighter and stronger. As I continue with the 77 Series, rediscovering the old industrial beast, the scope of the economic undertaking becomes more and more apparent.
       I am entitling the work compiled thus far the “District 3 Project”, or Project D3. I will work with the local newspapers in this area and publish these essays, spreading them to the local chambers of commerce, where the local business owners can read and think as well. Something must be done to bring back balance, and I feel strongly that this work is providing the map in which my hypotheses will become theorem, and with your support, law. My name is Bevon Rogers and I am running for United States Senate in 2020 as a Democrat. Oklahoma is a closed primary state, so you will have to be registered as a Democrat in order to vote for me in the June 30th Primary Election.
       Thus far, Project D3 includes bringing cotton back, the cotton gin, as well as a textile mill for the local apparel companies to maximize their margins, enabling higher wages and undoubtedly increasing sales volume. The mill will provide textiles for any number of businesses that wish to manufacture clothing and access cheap raw materials. I also encourage the creation of factories to produce any one product, such as a line of toys, glass bottles, or a simple candle holder made from a plastic mold and painted. Currently, I am suggesting the people begin designing processes that will produce a product. One example is a metal mold, cut from any machine shop already existing to manufacture Oilfield equipment or farm equipment. The Dandee Manufacturing Company in Guymon may possess such capabilities. We will need access to cheap supplies, like the plastics that come from our crude. Which, by the way, will produce some of the highest quality plastic on the market; there is a Philips Petroleum cracking plant in Guymon too. The petroleum cracking process breaks down the hydrocarbons and just a few processes will give us a variety of plastics to use in toy building and such. I want our brilliant engineering students in our universities to build the designed processes that our citizens thought up. A class of mechanical and electrical engineers can easily build a machine as a semester project. I know Texas Instruments and Siemens have the complex microchips and other technology to mechanize the processes. We will have state of the art manufacturing processes while our students are learning valuable skills. The technological advances with 5G, cloud foundry, and block chain will revolutionize the world once they have an emerging industrial complex to begin building upon. This will evolve with the 77 Series and I have yet to find a suitable hub for technological collaboration that will provide this service. Perhaps it is in another district.
      Our agriculture is doing well in Project D3, when it is wheat, winter wheat, or sorghum; I need to learn more about our alfalfa. We need to open the market for Oklahoman hogs for Oklahoman farmers. I want to also close a market for chicken not raised in Oklahoma. This would mean that our processing plants will use Oklahoman chicken and Oklahoman hogs. As an economist, when these markets are adjusted, two things are going to happen and it is fair that everyone is aware. When the hog market opens, pork prices will adjust up or remain constant depending upon our farmers. They will go up proportionately to our production; they will increase should we produce less, and the price will remain constant should we produce around six million; that is the current state consumption. Here is a link to hog information:Hog Website
     Understanding what the issue was with our chickens was not as simple as the hog situation, but I got to the bottom of it and actually derived an economic proof as to what happened with the United Stated chicken industry. I will publish that as soon as I can. Essentially, the market control over chicken is vastly underestimated and it would take federal legislation to bring market equilibrium to the chicken industry. Should we open the market within our state, the impact would be so small that the market would not reflect it whether we satisfied our state consumption or not. However, federal legislation would bring market change because when 50 markets open up and fifty markets are created, the price for chicken would instantly jump up to around $20 a chicken; I am estimating based on calorie-expense per ounce of meat as well as the numbers from the National Chicken Council, a site that compares wholesale and retail prices for chicken, beef, and pork; here is there website:Chicken Website

     Energy is a big concern of mine as well and I strongly encourage wind farming in Project D3. The abundant energy that can be harvested will facilitate industrial growth. This has nothing to do with coal and I encourage the coal industry to support green energy as well because we will continue needing electricity produced by coal, and our state economy will grow from using less where we can, and exporting to those who need it. As a state, we should not import any Oil and Gas, or Coal. It hurts the value of our assets and the state loses money because we can produce it ourselves and have enough, even then, for exporting. On the federal level, this will help preserve the industry and protect against market collapse; I have already posted that proof and it goes with the 77 Series essay on Texas County.
     The railroads that once connected our nation, Mexico, and the Pacific, as well as the East and the West, have collected a lot of dust over the years. This is a relatively new discovery for me as an economist and I am going to continue learning the old trade routes and I believe in a railroad system to be built in Project D3. I would like to see Canada, the Pacific, the East coast, and Mexico all connected. With your support, I can do great things for the state of Oklahoma and while you all are rebuilding home base, I will be making sure nothing prevents our progress in Washington D.C.
     Grant County could benefit greatly from designing a small factory to produce value from some of your farming products. Alva has a company in Woods County called Valued Added Products; they employ 24 people, use wheat to make frozen dough, and they had $3.8 million in sales back in 2018. The oats, alfalfa, and corn produced in Grant County can be used to make foods for the state and eventually export. Energy rich food bars can be made from your oats, corn can be used to make corn meal and sold by the fifty pound bag. A person could do this in their home with little to no capital and charge prices that undercut market competition. Just design a process and reach out to your farmer. Nutrition labels are simple enough to obtain and packaging can be a plastic bag. I am going to research alfalfa more and write about what I discover in the Noble essay. But I would like for Oklahoma to distribute food throughout the state with its own company and I suggested Woodward County take on the distribution project because they have capital for the diesel trucks and a large warehouse with a commercial refrigerator and freezer that will be required. The more food products we can fill the warehouse up with, the better.
     Railroads will continue to be discussed and we may need to draw up a new railroad system that connects our factories, refineries, farmers and mills to the rest of the world. Should we decide on a plan, I am sure we can get a grant from Washington D.C. for the economy boosting Project D3. The 77 Series is still evolving and I have a lot of counties left to explore but this essay is a milestone in that the vision is becoming clearer and our economic machine is beginning to take shape.

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