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77 Series: Canadian County

                                                          Canadian Reindeer

     My name is Bevon Rogers and I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020 as a Democrat. In order to support me in the Primary Election on June 30th, you will have to be a registered Democrat because Oklahoma has closed primaries. I have been closely examining each county in Oklahoma to discover where the weak links are in our state’s economy and I have compiled each economic essay in a project called the 77 Series. You can find the series on my campaign website, As I began writing essays on the counties in Oklahoma’s third congressional district, I began to piece together Project D3, an economic endeavor to raise the median per capita income of the congressional district by 30%, or $15,000. In order to do so will require legislation and a whole lot of industrial grit; I am the perfect man for the job.
     As I have been researching each county in the state, focusing on the 32 counties that comprise Project D3, I have not come across city recycling. This is something I feel is important in every community. In order for this to be practical, there will have to be collection locations and a centralized hub where a reclaiming facility will be created. This endeavor has massive implications and could include many states as well as Mexico in project scope. In Hawaii, the citizens recycle scrupulously and there are gas stations that pay $0.05 for every plastic bottle, aluminum can, and glass bottle. However, they do not have any reclaiming stations on the islands so they must ship their recyclables overseas in order to have them actually recycled. That is an issue we will have to work out federally, but as for Oklahoma, We could establish a new recycling enterprise that extends over a thousand miles in any direction, and offer our citizens a cash payment at the gas stations that collect the recyclables and relay them to a reclaiming facility.
     The history of Oklahoma is rich and deep; Spanish Conquistadors once roamed all over the state, establishing supply chain activities that were perpetuated with each new occupant. When a conquest began, small warehouses were constructed and operated as stores and salons and correspondence stations were created. The French, English, and Spanish met at these forts and towns that sprung up as trade increased. The Native Americans played a significant role as middle men throughout the development of these small economies that connected the Old World. I believe in retracing these old trade routes as a means of establishing the new industrial trade that will be built in Oklahoma. We will be distributing refined metals and bringing in metal ores as well as distributing products of refined oil. We will be collecting cotton for our textile mills and shipping our textiles throughout the nation, Mexico and Canada. Our new manufacturing bases will transport goods too and our farmers’ chicken, hogs, and cattle can reach new markets.
     The outskirts of Oklahoma City will be an ideal place for the commingling of railroads that bring the new industrial production to a central distribution hub. Warehouses will be constructed to house goods and a new supply chain capital will be the result in Canadian County. A location for a reclaiming facility for aluminum, plastic and glass will need to be constructed and I believe Canadian County will be right considering transporting the recycling materials will be most efficient by train. The organization of this facility and its supply chain channels will enable collection centers to pay the participants for collecting the materials; these can be at gas stations or any business, all you need is containers and a scale and a route to a railroad.
     The Canadian El Reno, or Canadian Reindeer has significance, El Reno is Spanish is reindeer. At one time believe it or not, this may have been a trading post for the Spanish and the French. I think a lot of people forget how much trade was going on in Oklahoma from the 1500’s until the 1900’s. The Native Americans used the Canadian River to transport food and furs; this was the supply chain of the early Americas after all, the rivers. Railroads took over and built the communities throughout Oklahoma, but as our industry disappeared, so did the use of these trade channels. But as we build our economy again and with the development of Project D3 and the other district projects underway, we will need these trade routes once again. The railroads that crisscross our state and connect all of our communities will be more active and stronger than ever; our communities will thrive because of it.
     Since there is only about a 15% Spanish population in Canadian County, I will only write 15% of this essay in Spanish. Spanish Conquistadors, French and English explores all had established trading posts throughout the state. To celebrate Democracy and our Republic that exist today, I will hold a rally on May 5th, 2020 in El Reno. I believe that our new industrial Oklahoma will be heavily involved in trade with Mexico and into South America and this will greatly benefit the Americas. I wish to earn your support and represent the needs of our people in Washington D.C. There is a great amount of economic opportunity to be seized, and I want to ensure that our legislative needs are met to encourage the growth of prosperity in this region.
     Que sólo hay un 15% de población española en el Canadian County, sólo escribiré el 15% de este ensayo en español. Conquistadores españoles, francés e inglés explora todos habían establecido puestos comerciales en todo el estado. Para celebrar la Democracia y nuestra República que existen hoy, celebraré una manifestación el 5 de mayo de 2020 en El Reno. Creo que nuestro nuevo Oklahoma industrial estará muy involucrado en el comercio con México y en América del Sur y esto beneficiará enormemente a las Américas. Deseo ganarme su apoyo y representar las necesidades de nuestra gente en Washington D.C. Hay una gran cantidad de oportunidades económicas que aprovechar, y quiero asegurarme de que se satisfagan nuestras necesidades legislativas para fomentar el crecimiento de la prosperidad en esta región.

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