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77 Series: Alfalfa County

                                                        Wheat Barely Alfalfa

            There’s no barely in Alfalfa County; there is a lot of sorghum, winter wheat, and a whole lot of Oil and Gas. I am a huge proponent of the Oil and Gas industry and would like to see a fair market price for the county’s production. Should we stop purchasing from other countries, you would see a rise in your mineral royalties because the hydrocarbons being produced are worth more at the refineries. Given that Woods County is right next door, and they produce an equal volume of Oil and Gas, a small refinery is not a bad idea to supply Oklahoma its needs. I am a man of industry and am working to build factories throughout the state and a refinery next door will be a major asset for all of us.
            Alfalfa County is a really special place. The United States Medal of Honor is a tough achievement, and Harold G. Kiner was born in Aline. He used his body to shield a German grenade in World War 2 to protect a room full of American Officers and Soldiers. Our state is full of heroes. With the income being so low in his hometown, it would be a service to him to bring a refinery in with processes that clean your oil, making it usable gasoline. The rest of the by-products can be sold to companies that need them; like a plastics manufacturer to make a variety of plastics used in toy manufacturing and such. Natural gas could be separated, the process is rather easy. That would supply our butane and propane needs. This would do wonders for our state’s economy and we have the welders to build the facilities, the trains to transport our products, and the people to use them. Refinery jobs on the coast pay really well; the average income of the workers is $70,000 a year. We just need the people to put the pieces together and get the project off the ground. It would help to have a legislator like me in office to help remove barriers. My name is Bevon Rogers and I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020. I am running as a Democrat though and I will need your support in the Primary Election on June 30th. Oklahoma is a closed primary state, so Republicans cannot vote, only registered Democrats.
            I am also an advocate for wind energy and Alfalfa County is in an area that is ideal for wind energy production. If the wind farms do not make it into your county, I am sure the cheaper electricity prices will. This will not harm our coal industry at all, they will have more exports and this brings in more money to the state than selling electricity to its people. The name of the game in 2020 is doing what is best for the county because then the state excels. When the state excels, the country excels. We will excel, starting right here with the counties of Oklahoma. Each county in the state is blessed with resources and good land. With some ingenuity and Oklahoman genius, new machines are going to be designed and built in our state. Globalization is real, and we join the fun once we decide to compete and use our genius to eliminate our poverty. I am an economist and I have an eye for markets. My experience helps me determine what actions must be taken to open markets, close markets, and share markets. Right now in Oklahoma, several counties needs markets open for them to enjoy a higher standard of living and higher per capita income.
            I am just the man for this endeavor. There was an old railroad in Alfalfa County that would run from Kansas City through Texas, all through Mexico, and then reach a port out to the Pacific. It was called the KCM&O railroad and in 1925 it reported 330 million net ton-miles of revenue freight and 8 million passenger-miles, according to Wikipedia. That is substantial and does not exist today. I believe that project should be back on our radar as our manufacturing base returns, we build new refineries, and our relationship strengthens with Mexico and together we boost trade throughout the Pacific. Railroads are the easiest, quickest, and safest forms of transporting large volumes of Oklahoman exports, so of course they are the least expensive. I would like to see Byron grow like it did when the old railroad was first built, and all it takes is a little pro-action.
            I spoke of being a man of industry, and one other industry I am focusing on is textiles. Oklahoma was once a large producer of cotton and it can become one again. A new textile mill in Caddo County will be great for our state and we have enough cotton from our neighbors south to make a legitimate run at clothing production. I would also like our smaller communities to participate by growing as much cotton as they would like. The plant is perennial if you get the right seeds and it only takes 350 cotton balls for a dress shirt. Cotton gins are small machines that easily separate seeds from cotton and one could be store under you kitchen sink. I would like to establish a pick up schedule twice during the harvest season to bring statewide cotton to the mill and give the growers a check in return, or clothing. Textile manufacturing is so profitable and it would be an incredible achievement to provide quality Oklahoman clothing to our families that need it, without it hurting the operation.   
            When I come and visit I want to see the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge. Typically, a wildlife refuge is for the protection and preservation of life; animals and plants and other native species. But in my scientific experience, a salt plain is only good for producing salt and very little life, if any exists. Upon close examination, Alfalfa County may be a producer of salt as well. This would help our farmers and provide another economic opportunity for our state by bringing it to Texas, Mexico, and the Pacific via railroad.
            I really like Alfalfa County, I really do. There is so much going on and so much potential everywhere in Oklahoma. We have the people, the land, and the resources to make it possible and I really hope I can have your support in the 2020 election. As our Oklahoman business men, engineers, ranchers and everyone else in between come together and these projects are underway, you will need someone on the legislative end to break down any barriers that should exist and that may be accidentally, if not purposefully, prohibiting such economic growth.   

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